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TMZ Reports on Possible Reason Why WWE Brought Emma Back So Quickly

– As noted, WWE announced that they reinstated Emma just hours after they announced she was released due to the arrest for larceny at a Walmart on Monday.

TMZ reports that their WWE sources say “officials quickly realized they overreacted, because their action would open the floodgates to fire a gaggle of wrestlers for fighting outside the ring, DUI and all sorts of other misdeeds.”

  • Solid

    Most of the mall/shopping center security guards just flex their “authority” so it may have been nothing but they’ve made into something, I’ve seen it before.

  • Keith Learmonth

    Yeah, I’ve made the same mistake Emma made before. Walked through the security gates with a DVD under my arm that I just forgot about, and they just got me to go back and pay for it.

    Wal-Mart sounds like they’re really assholes about this stuff.

  • Solid

    I was just thinking it wouldn’t surprise me if WWE gave her a new gimmick where she’s a Kleptomaniac and the other superstars are always looking for missing stuff and Emma is suddenly around. 😀

  • Solid

    Indeed, some of the ones here in Australia at the supermarkets are so iffy that I don’t even bother trying to use them anymore.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Sounds like she made an honest mistake. Arresting her for a $25 item is complete bull sh*t. They should have just stopped her and made her pay for it. Those self checks out suck sometimes.