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TMZ Reports Scott Hall Hospitalized Following Indy Show Appearance

TMZ reports that Scott Hall was hospitalized following an appearance at a “low rent” wrestling show in Massachusetts on Friday.

The former wrestling champion was taken to a local hospital to be treated for cardiac issues. Hall’s publicist says he will be hospitalized for at least three more days while doctors examine his health.

TMZ reports that Hall is taking ten different medicines for “various ailments.” He was hospitalized earlier this week after overdosing on prescription medication.

Hall appeared for Top Rope Promotions Friday night in Fall River, Massachusetts. TMZ says for “he looked clearly out of it” throughout his appearance and needed ten minutes to get out of the ring with assistance from police officers.

  • KING

    Scott Hall, theres always someone watching….wateva you do, where eva you go, your a star- you cant hide. People are watching, that means kids follow in your example and grown ups wont put up with bad shows which means, no more big bux or bux at all for the bad guy. Trust, take time off, no meds, no drinking, completely pure yourself and enjoy working for the average.(half a year)..McMahon will get you on your feet and make you rich..better hurry, u aint gettin any younger…u could be at Wrestlemania 28

  • Devil_Rising

    At least he’s not boozing again. Sure, he may well be taking too many meds, but they’re prescription meds, and one would hope, that while ten is WAY too many different meds to be on, that they are indeed for legit ailments. A lot of wrestlers, sadly, have died because of too many prescription meds though, like Bulldog. This business takes an absolute wear and tear on your body over time. That epic ladder match alone probably took a lot out of HBK and Razor.

  • mark

    shit scott sort yourself out before its too late. take note Jeff