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TMZ Reveals $100,000 Lien on John Cena’s Home from Remodeling

– TMZ is reporting that the house that John Cena was living in with his wife Liz Huberdeau is the main reason for their divorce. TMZ says the house, which the couple was remodeling, was sending them to the poor house and the courthouse.

It was noted before that Cena blamed the divorce on the remodel, claiming it caused an unbearable strife between them. TMZ now has documents that show one of the contractors filed a lien on the house for $110,000, claiming the Cena’s didn’t pay him for his work.

Back a few months ago, TMZ revealed a lien on Cena’s home for $15,214.92 from a roofing company. Cena paid off the tax debt and the lien was lifted.

  • Logan

    I hope Cena’s attorney will use the Chewbacca defense.

  • CM Mark


    That’$ all any woman care$ about. $end her a$$ back to the po’ hou$e Cena!

  • mandy

    he has the money, but the gold digging bitch that she is wanted all the work done when he was working on the road, and the reason he didnt pay it was because he didnt want the work done she had it done and he figures she should have to pay it…i dont blame him for not wanting to pay it…the dumb gold digging bitch… work you gold digger and not live off of other people…

  • moo

    just like that American dad episode.

  • hogans irrelevant daughter

    seems like a lot of money for repairs, maybe they were charging John for a lot of shit he had no idea about, He’s not there to see what is going on, so obviously he’s gonna challenge the prices and what have you, his wife was probably like: just pay the man, but what if the work didn’t justify the money, just saying, just because you make a lot of money doesn’t mean you blow it away, look at Scott Hall, Ric Flair, and the list goes one, you stay wealthy by saving your money, Macho Man never ran outta money because he saved about 75 percent of his money, and lived out the rest of his days comfortable, I think thats where the issue is

  • MaNic

    who said that was a problem?

  • dave

    Makes NO SENSE at all!!!

  • Skip

    Projecting our problems on others are we MaNic? tisk tisk…

  • MaNic

    spending to much money on anal plugs again cena? tisk tisk…

  • Bill

    So because he remodeled his house & was short on money a few times, Cena got a divorce? Man, I guess that Cena’s wife only cared about the certain $pecial perks of marrying a main eventing pro-wrestler.

  • If Cena is worth $18m dollars, why doesn’t he just pay the fucking bill ?