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TMZ: Sunny Arrested Again, View Her Mugshot Photo

– TMZ is reporting the following:

“Former WWE Diva Tammy Sytch — who wrestled under the name Sunny — was arrested in Connecticut yesterday … her FOURTH arrest in FOUR WEEKS.

TMZ has learned … Sytch was busted in Branford, CT after an alleged domestic dispute with her ex-boyfriend. Cops determined Tammy had violated a restraining order he had against her.

Sytch was arrested on charges of violating a protective order, disorderly conduct and criminal mischief.

Law enforcement sources tell us … Sytch — who has struggled with substance abuse in the past — appeared to be intoxicated during the arrest.

Sytch is currently being held on a 25k bond and will be arraigned this morning.”

Here’s her mugshot:

sunny new mugshot

  • eric

    The only thing that is accurate is tammy getting arrested in ct. her being a wrestler was wrong. it seems that every women who has been invovled in pro wrestling. is wrestler in tmz brain. kinda sad tmz doesn’t really do any research so they know what they are talking about. if they did they would know tammy never wrestle. to wrestle under name. means u had to get in wrestling ring a wrestle a match. tammy never did that. so tmz was wrong on that. valet/ being manger for a wrestler. Vs wrestling. is 2 diffrent things

  • eric

    The reporting is wrong. Because tammy never wrestle period. when she was sunny in old wwf or ecw and wcw. she was valet/manager for her longtime bf chris skip candio in wwf, ecw and wcw. she never wrestle a single match in her career in pro wrestling. from 1995-2000 which includes wwf, ecw, wcw. she was not wrestler. so never wrestle under name sunny. she was manger under name sunny for chris candio for yrs. so reporting was dead wrong. she never wrestle. I follow her career in pro wrestling. back when she debut in 1995 with chris as skip of body donas in federation yrs. so tmz is wrong!


    What a trainwreck but this might all be calculated to keep her name on the news/dirthseets she’s an attention whore i think she’s doing this on purpose.

  • Robinson

    Fuckin put her in prison or something already dam

  • Max

    doesn’t look like her at all.