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TNA’s Plans for a Special iMPACT, Hall Update, iMPACT Rating, More

– This past Thursday’s episode of TNA iMPACT on Spike TV scored a 1.06 cable rating.

– Kevin Nash noted on Twitter that Scott Hall is out of the hospital and has been clean for 20-plus days.

– There is talk of TNA holding some shows with former ECW talents in the Northeast part of the country later this year. It’s no secret that ECW’s roots are in the Northeast.

– TNA will be taping a special edition of iMPACT on August 9th in Orlando, the night after Hardcore Justice, and will air it that Thursday night. The line-up for the show will be loaded and feature ECW stars as well as TNA stars. It’s being called by some as a “free pay-per-view”, if that makes sense. The working title for the special is “The Whole F’N Show.” It’s said that the show will not feature promos and backstage segments.

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  • scooter

    people are complain its too good just like they always do whenever wwe or tna give out great matches on free tv

  • Truthiness

    I hate all this “it’s said, it’s said, it’s said” stuff. There’s never any source of who actually said it, that’s just bad reporting.

  • darryl

    no Promos, no backstage, ??? In Other Words. Total Non Stop Action. well it only took 8 years. hahahaha Cant wait to watch

  • governor of connecticut

    yay stealing a quote from John Cena “The pizza is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  • stockshark

    Is ROH still in business? I heard Mr. Coronette already moved on to OVW!! TNA TNA TNA TNA!! Lets see TNA going out of business but wasnt it WWE that had their version of ECW canceled and now NXT is about to go to make room Smackdown on SYFY? Now how sad is that the only channel willing to take Smackdown is SYFY? TNA TNA TNA

  • James Mills

    Hall clean for 20 days! lets give him a nobel prize!

    Nash and Hall are both losers

  • marc

    Promos and backstage segemnts is good for TV Entertainment. It causes drama suspense every key theme to get the audience more involved. The reason there doing it this night is 1. That is what wrestling not entertainment is all about. and 2. It’s only one night of no promos or backstage segments. If they kept it up they would lose there audience. The ratings will rise because of ECW being the number one fan favorite era of wrestling. I think that this night will be historical for wrestling. Should be interesting.

  • edgehead15

    No promos or backstage segments? The IWC dreams are finally coming true. When the ratings come in it’ll be a different story

  • Jon-Jon

    No promos or backstage segments???? ALL wrestling???!!!!! YESSS!!!!!!

  • Treg

    ROH needs to crash those house shows with Jim Cornette haha