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TNA Announces X Division Rule Changes

– On Thursday’s episode of Impact Wrestling, TNA announced the rule changes to X Division matches that Dixie Carter hinted at last week on Twitter. They are:

* The X Division now has a weight limit of 230 lbs.
* All X Division matches will now be three-man matches

  • adam

    there was no weight limit before it was kind of like the secondary title the IC or Us in wwe the Us in wcw or the tv in ecw

  • Kristopher Robinson

    What was the weight limit before this?

  • adam

    The three way match is cool but I don’t like the weight limit wasn’t the x division not supposed to be weight limits its no limits

  • poko

    I like the 3-way part. Reminds me of Ice Ribbon’s Triangle Ribbon Championship, which is always a 3 person match. Provides for some entertaining spots and keeps more people in the Championship mix. Kind of wish they’d do the same with the Knockouts Title.

  • Omar

    I like how the rules for the three way format produce the rematch structure.