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TNA Announces Matt Hardy’s Release, Shane Helms Goes On The Attack

TNA Wrestling announced Saturday on their official website that Matt Hardy has been released from its roster.

Their statement reads: “TNA today released IMPACT WRESTLING star Matt Hardy from its roster. Hardy was already under suspension from the company.”

His bio was also removed from the website’s roster page. reports that company president Dixie Carter made the decision to terminate Hardy’s contract following his arrest earlier in the day in North Carolina for driving while intoxicated.

Meanwhile, Shane Helms has posted several messages on Twitter in defense of his longtime friend. He has directed numerous obscenity laced messages to users who disagree with him and also attacked for breaking the news of Hardy’s arrest.

“TMZ, a site that profits off the mistakes and downfalls of human beings. How proud they must be. What a bunch of maggots,” he wrote.

Hardy’s girlfriend Reby Sky has also reacted to Hardy’s unfortunate twist of fate. She wrote on Twitter, “It hurts to see anyone I love hurt in any way but I have faith that all will be ok. Regardless of what happens. Thanks for the support.”

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    How long till Helms blames all this on HBK, everything is his fault…

  • nick is awsome says:

    effmenow is really mat hardy the douch that goes by rock is really jeff hardy and JipC is reby sky they are the only one’s that defend the hardys ever just so happens there is two guys and girl hmmmmm. All three of you suck. I wonder what they are all doing at this exact moment 20 bucks says jeff is tryin to sell his baby for smack and matt hardy is geting xtreme by tripin on nyquil and cough drops and reby sky gettin it in the backdoor from the power guy to keep the lights on in there trailer.

  • Oi

    Now just get rid of Jeff

  • CC

    While I certainly wont defend Matt for this, I will say that TNA are a bunch of hypocritical fucktards considering what Jeff and Angle have both done, yet they keep them on their roster.

    It really surprises me that Matt would do shit like this though. Surely a guy like him should learn from his brothers mistakes, not fucking emulate them.

  • Tom… Just Tom

    Next stop for the Hardy’s….. CLEBRITY REHAB!!

  • kevin

    haha there all hicks thats why. lol now matt hardy can be cold blooded in the unemployment line

  • Joe2


    Yeah, I lol’d

  • whocares

    of course one drunk will defend another. Don’t criticize the guy driving drunk when it’s so much easier to attack the reporter that broke the story.

  • da_radio_guy

    “Unfortunate twist of fate” Nice one W-E

  • mark

    I have no sympathy for him whatsoever. Fucked his career up good and proper. Neither TNA or WWE will take him back now. This should serve as a warning and kick up the ass to him !!!

  • Paton

    and I always thought he was the sane and normal one. The guy didn’t realise that WWE was a safe secure job for him and now he is paying for it. can’t believe I wanted this washed up slob as champion

  • Damkat

    never his brother draws…it is sad but true, and as long as they can sell his t-shirts and dvds jeff is safe..

  • Buttercastle

    So when are try gunna get rid of his druggy brother?

  • ChrisDV

    The really sad thing is, Matt & Jeff are both convinced that they’re fine.

  • Automattic

    @Jimbo beat me to the punch. As much as Matt deserved to be fired, it really is sad to see him fall this far. Here’s hoping he actually cleans up his life, not for an in-ring return, but for his personal sake.

  • JIR

    TNA just used this excuse to fire him but lets face it DID they really have anything for him? Was he a draw in his time there? Regardless wish him well in his Future Endeavors

  • Jimbo

    “…his unfortunate twist of fate…” I c wut u did thar.

  • ##

    OK HIP HIP HOORAY!!!!!!!!

  • JipC

    Wrestling-Edge trolls rejoice.

  • cmpunkmark

    what a shame he was getting in good shape