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TNA Announces Signing of Austin Aries, Prichard Comments on the X Division

– TNA announced the following on their website:

IMPACT WRESTLING officially announced the signing of X-Division star Austin Aries, in what company officials are signaling as the first of several upcoming signees to a reinvigorated X-Division following the success of Sunday night’s “Destination X” live pay-per-view event. If you missed it, watch the replay of the “Destination X” event on your cable or satellite provider!

Aries, who will officially be joining the X-Division roster Thursday night on IMPACT WRESTLING (9pm ET/PT on Spike) earned a contract by winning a four-way match against hopefuls Low Ki, Zema Ion and Jack Evans in an unbelievable bout; IMPACT ZONE fans began a chant of “Sign them all!” after Aries took the win that went worldwide with a #SignThemAll trending topic across Twitter.

“Austin’s unique style and intensity will be a great addition to the X Division,” TNA Vice President of Talent Relations Bruce Prichard said. “Aries brings an arrogance and a confidence backed by tremendous physical ability.”

In addition to Aries signing, Prichard added, “based off of various X Division performances throughout qualifying events on IMPACT WRESTLING and Sunday night’s outstanding “Destination X” pay-per-view, TNA will be signing several new additions to the X-Division roster in coming weeks.

“Our goal now is to reinvent and redefine the X-Division as something unique to all of pro wrestling,” Prichard said.

As for potential new X-Division Superstars, Prichard said that both former and new X-Division names are currently being considered, and that the evaluation will be ongoing.

  • Dave S

    Bring back Petey Willams and Jay Leathal!!!!

  • White mark

    Bring in young, brash, confident x division stars. Hopefully they dont hire Jerry Lynn and Chavo, no offense to both of them but there old and suck

  • Gary

    still yelling bring delirous in…

  • dan

    they need jack evans end of…

  • CC

    The X-Division was the main thing that drew people to TNA during its early years, yet creative under Dixie decided that it was worthless and treated it no better than WWE does with its tag division.
    Now they are suddenly realising that what the fans have been screaming for these last few years, is actually the best direction for the company.
    TNA really is run by morons for them to takes this long to work it out.

  • Marky Mark

    They can only go up from here, DuffMan…. Especially with the X-Division.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    I’d love to see the X-Div get rebuilt but is that really a smart move right now while they have such a huge roster that they don’t even use as it is…

  • venom

    Hogan and friends are in charge.

  • Jay EZ

    It took them this long to atcually use the X-Division that TNA already had? Who is in charge of TNA? Because whoever is in charge acts like they know nothing about TNA’s history.