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Hulk Hogan’s First Live Appearance On Spike TV’s “TNA iMPACT” Will Be In A Special 3-Hour Live Episode Monday, January 4 At 8:00 PM ET/PT

The biggest name in professional wrestling history, Hulk Hogan, will make his first live appearance on Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling’s “TNA iMPACT!” in a live 3-hour special on Spike TV Monday, January 4, 2010 at 8:00PM ET/PT. Hogan and TNA President Dixie Carter attended “The Ultimate Fighter Heavyweights” Finale in Las Vegas where Hogan made the announcement in an interview with Joe Rogan.

“TNA iMPACT!” will be going against “WWE Monday Raw” on USA Network, the first time two wrestling companies have broadcast live head-to-head since the “Monday Night Wars” in the late 1990’s between WWE and WCW. This “iMPACT!” special will broadcast live from the TNA iMPACT! Zone at Universal Studios in Orlando, Fl.

Hogan’s first appearance inside the six-sided ring of TNA Wrestling will follow weeks of speculation after Hogan and Carter announced their partnership on October 27 at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Hogan has hinted in various media interviews that he’ll have multiple surprises in store for TNA Wrestling fans.

“I knew when I signed with TNA, that it would be important to make a statement with the first episode. Going head-to-head on January 4th, makes the statement loud and clear: Game on!” Hogan said.

“TNA is kicking off 2010 in the biggest way possible with the biggest name in the history of our sport. Hulk Hogan is a pop culture icon, and his arrival will change not only TNA, but the entire professional wrestling landscape. We’re firing that first shot,” Carter said.

Joining Hogan for the three-hour live “iMPACT!” will be TNA World Heavyweight Champion “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles, Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle, Mick Foley, Kevin Nash, “The Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe, “The Boss” Bobby Lashley and “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan.

“TNA iMPACT!” will resume its normal timeslot on Thursday, January 7th at 9:00 PM ET/PT with an encore viewing of the live “iMPACT!” special.

See photos of Umaga from last week ->

  • stockshark

    WCW had how many good years with Hogan and how many bad years with Hogan. And anyone who knows there history knows that WCW was killed by AOL Time Warner not because of low ratings. Even at the lowest the ratings WCW was getting would have kept it on the air on most any channel!!! And if you look at the WWE roster right now and WCW at the end WCW would have been kicking WWE butt right now!! THANK YOU!

  • Juany

    WWE will throw all the meat to the grill
    Vince is gonna knock out TNA so hard that even WCW will feld it.
    Hogan is not enought to go against whatever WWE will be planning

  • bill

    The only thing I am looking forward to, is finally watching an Impact show that has it’s results spoiled two weeks before the episode airs on Spike. Quite frankly that is why TNA has only been able to garner 1.0 – 1.1 rating, who is going to watch a show, when it’s already public knowledge what happens.

    What made WCW/WWE wars so great, was you never knew what to expect. I mean how many people knew that Kevin Nash was going to use Rey Mysterio as a lawn dart in the backstage area?

    Yes, there was speculation but since both shows were live, you never fully knew what was going to happen which played heavily in WCW’s favor for quite sometime. If TNA would go live every week on Thursdays, I would go out on a limb and say it could do a very respectable 2.5 – 3.0 rating easy.

  • dan

    if this is round two of the monday night wars then R.I.P TNA

  • Matt

    Sidewalkgod on Sun, 6th Dec 2009 12:53 AM

    ANyone wanna bet this is the night The Rock hosts Raw?

    I thought this as soon as TNA announced this… would kind of destroy any rating they would possibly get.

  • The Stunner

    Impact could win that Monday’s rating war depending who gets to be SO lucky to host Raw. If done right this could be a good war but with WWE now mostly for kids, TNA would get the 18+ audience.

  • Max

    I’ll be watching iMPACT! instead of RAW for sure. RAW has really, really sucked lately, and I want to see the Hulkster on TNA definately. I also want to see how AJ and Samoa Joe and those guys perform LIVE, when the lights are on bright against RAW. This could be the start of something huge.

  • the_critic

    I will bet money that TNA will do its best ever rating on that night. I hate Hulk Hogan and hardly ever watch TNA, but this could be the spark that starts a fire for TNA. Like tonyd said, I’ll flip back and forth. TNA will have to put on a great show that night though, because Vince will go all out on Raw that night.

  • tonyd

    well….i can say it now….or later….

    MON. NIGHT WARS II!!!!!!


    RAW vs Impact!

    imma be fliping back and forth like i did wit wcw and wwf…

  • biggdaddyt

    treg i agree with you. a 1.1 is all tna can ever do. but if for some reason tna does good and gives wwe the competiton then maybe vince will scrap the whole pg thing and bring back the attitde era.

  • tim

    i dont get why they feel they need to be on at the same time haha. being the cometition doesnt mean you have to directly slit your own throat or theirs for that matter. just counter productive and if you want people to watch just be the alternative to what people offer and on a diff night..its that simple.

  • Anthony

    I won’t be watching tna just because hogan is there. I used to respect him but now that he disrespected wwe in such a bad way and he worked umaga so hard on the hulkamania tour that a day after it finished he died!!!!!!

  • Treg

    Oh, I’m sure it’ll get a 1.1 rating like it always does *rolls eyes*

  • RPM

    They will be testing the waters with this, if it still can’t beat raw then hopefully hogan will stop pushing for a WCW style monday night wars again.

  • Treg

    Oh boy.. I can’t wait for the celebration of WCW’s return :/

  • Sidewalkgod

    ANyone wanna bet this is the night The Rock hosts Raw?

  • Alicia

    yay us! WCW Is back! THanks TNA! Guess what ill be watching…WWE! I will always be a wwe fan. u cant be a wrestlin fan without being a wwe fan. Tna just wants to go down…

  • Dr. Mality

    This is good for wrestling. Maybe it will get WWE to break its dull corporate formula with disposable Ken Doll wrestlers and Barbie Doll divas. I don’t trust Hogan a lick but he’s right when he says wrestling needs a spark to start an explosion. I don’t know if TNA can keep up the pressure in the long run but good luck to them…

  • James Robert (a.k.a. Jim Bob)

    They say it will be in a six-sided ring…. wonder if that’s correct.

  • for real ?

    i highly HIGHLY doubt hulk hogan is going to be able to keep TNA from getting shit on against raw on monday nights, the first show will probably do a decent rating but it wont last and sure as hell wont give raw any competition .. WCW round 2 = down the drain round 2 .

  • Jason

    Yeah,i will be watching IMPACT that night.

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