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TNA BFG: Crimson vs. Samoa Joe vs. Matt Morgan

– We get a video package for tonight’s three-way.

Samoa Joe vs. Crimson vs. Matt Morgan

We go to the ring and out comes Samoa Joe. Matt Morgan is out next followed by Crimson. The match starts and they all go at it. Crimson ends up in the corner double teamed. Morgan attacks Joe and takes turns with Crimson now. They continue the double team on Joe. Crimson charges and Joe dumps him to the floor. Joe takes out Morgan’s knee. Joe kicks Morgan around but Morgan catches him with a big side slam. Crimson runs in and gets a 2 count on Joe. Joe fights Morgan and Crimson off, sending Morgan to the floor. Joe dumps Crimson out next and he lands on Morgan.

Joe runs through the ropes and dives onto them both. Joe fights with Crimson as Morgan goes to the top. Morgan leaps down but Joe moves and he lands on Crimson. Joe brings Crimson in the ring and covers for a 2 count. Another 2 for Joe. And another. Joe with big chops on Crimson. Crimson fights back with right hands and a neckbreaker. Crimson with a t-bone suplex and a 2 count that Morgan runs in and steals. They trade pin attempts on Joe. Morgan and Crimson go at it now trading right hands in the middle of the ring. They go to the floor and back in the ring. Joe goes for the Brain Buster on Crimson but Morgan kicks him and breaks it up. Morgan runs with a big boot on Joe but misses. Crimson takes out Joe and covers for the win.

Winner: Crimson