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TNA BFG: Full Metal Mayhem

– We go backstage with Jeremy Borash and Traci Brooks in a room with a bunch of kids. Karen Jarrett comes in and gets the kids to leave. Karen tells Traci to never go near her kids again and to put her breasts away. Karen says she has a surprise and reveals an outfit. It’s a custom referee outfit so Karen will be officiating the Knockouts Four Corners match tonight. Karen tells Traci to stay away from the ring, unless she’s in trouble. Karen tells JB to come with her while she gets glamorous.

– We go to a promo for tonight’s Full Metal Mayhem match.

Full Metal Mayhem: Jerry Lynn vs. Rob Van Dam

We go to the ring and out first comes Jerry Lynn. Rob Van Dam comes out next to a huge pop from the Philadelphia crowd. There’s some “ECW” chants as the match starts. They lock up and Lynn goes behind with a waist lock. RVD turns it around and they trade holds. They go back and forth again until RVD takes Lynn down. RVD goes for Rolling Thunder but Lynn dropkicks him. RVD runs into a boot int he corner. Lynn goes for a tornado DDT but RVD counters. More counters and they face off as the crowd applauds.

They end up on the floor after a tumble on the apron and go at it. RVD goes for a kick off the fan barrier and Lynn moves. RVD lands hard and clutches his knee. Lynn pulls a ladder from under the ring and puts it in the ring. RVD gets to his feet as Lynn is sent in the ring. RVD brings a steel chair from under the ring. Lynn runs over and dropkicks the ladder into RVD. Lynn brings a chair and RVD into the ring. RVD springboards off the corner and hits a crossbody, dropping Lynn onto the chair. 2 count for RVD. RVD puts the boot to Lynn in the corner and raises the chair for a pop from the crowd. RVD runs and dropkicks the chair into Lynn’s head in the corner.

RVD props the ladder up in the corner and whips Lynn face first into it. The ladder falls on top of Lynn. RVD runs and hits Rolling Thunder onto Lynn and the ladder. RVD with a 2 count. RVD grabs the chair off a springboard but Lynn dropkicks it in his face. 2 count for Lynn. Lynn props the ladder up on the second rope and drops RVD onto it sitting up. Lynn goes up top and crashes down hard on the ladder. RVD goes to kick the chair in Lynn’s face but Lynn throws at him. Lynn with a bridge suplex for a 2 count. Lynn goes to suplex RVD on the chair but RVD blocks it and suplexes Lynn onto the ladder. The crowd chants ECW again. RVD springboards onto Lynn and the ladder for a 2 count. RVD whips Lynn into the corner but Lynn jumps up top. RVD charges but Lynn comes down with a clothesline and takes him out. Lynn goes to the floor.

Lynn props a ladder up on the fan barrier as people in the front row scatter. They end up on the apron. RVD tries to suplex Lynn back onto the ladder. Lynn blocks it. Lynn tries to sunset flip RVD from the apron onto the propped up ladder. The ladder slips and RVD gets powerbombed hard into the barrier and the floor. Lynn brings it back in the ring for a 2 count. The chair comes back into play and RVD kicks it into Lynn’s face. 2 count for RVD. Lynn is sitting in the corner up against the bottom turnbuckle. RVD lays the ladder across him. RVD grabs the chair and climbs to the opposite top turnbuckle. RVD leaps across the ring and crashes the chair and ladder into Lynn’s face. The crowd chants holy shit as RVD gets the pin and the win.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

– After the match, both men get to their feet and embrace. They raise each others hands as the crowd pops. Lynn hobbles to the back as RVD poses for the fans.

– We see video from earlier today where Dixie Carter arrived to the arena with her husband.