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TNA BFG: Sting vs. Hulk Hogan

– We get a promo video for Sting vs. Hulk Hogan. Tenay and Taz talk about how the control of TNA is at stake in this fight.

No Disqualification Match: Hulk Hogan vs. Sting

We go to the ring and Christy Hemme begins the introductions as Hulk Hogan comes out first to a big pop from the crowd. We see Dixie Carter looking on from the front row at ringside with her husband. Dixie looks worried as Hogan enters the ring. Hogan bounces off the ropes and poses for the fans. We see Eric Bischoff’s son is the referee. Sting is out next to another big pop from the crowd. Sting is wearing a red and yellow Hulkamania t-shirt.

Sting wrestles in his Hogan shirt and Hogan wrestles in his Impact shirt. Hogan throws some punches to start but Sting avoids them. Hogan stops and calls someone out… it’s Ric Flair to a big pop from the Philly crowd. Dixie looks surprised as Flair makes his way out in a suit and Hogan laughs. Flair stands at ringside as Hogan and Sting circle each other again. They lock up and Sting applies a side headlock. Hogan drops to one knee but breaks it. Hogan drops Sting with a shoulder and Hulks up at him after throwing his bandana at him. Hogan throws a crotch chop at Sting as the crowd pops. Sting takes off his shirt and squares up. Hogan kicks him and nails a chop and some right hands.

Hogan stomps on Sting and chokes him. Hogan clotheslines Sting and kicks him out to the floor. Sting is brought back in for Hogan to continue the attack. Hogan drops Sting with another big right hand. Hogan throws Sting back out to the floor. Flair attacks Sting with his jacket and then nails a bunch of chops and a low blow, right in front of Dixie Carter. Hogan comes out and hits Sting with another low blow in front of Dixie. Hogan slams Sting into the fan barrier and nails more chops and right hands. Hogan bites Sting’s forehead now. Flair hands Hogan some kind of foreign object and Hogan nails Sting in the head with it. Hogan continues the attack on Sting’s head with the spike object Flair gave him.

Sting is busted open as Hogan brings it back in the ring. Hogan keeps control and struts like Flair. Hogan gets the weapon again but Sting lays him out with a bunch of right hands. Sting chases Flair around the ring a bit and comes back in to Hogan. A bloody Sting drops Hogan with more right hands. Sting goes back outside and chases Flair. Sting catches him, drops him with a right hand and takes the weapon. Sting comes back in and nails Hogan with the weapon. Hogan is busted open now. Sting drops Hogan again after a few shots to the head with the spike. Sting with kicks and a Stinger splash in the corner. Flair gets on the apron but Sting decks him. Hogan turns around in the corner and Sting hits another Stinger splash. Sting goes for the Scorpion Death Lock and locks it in.

Hogan starts tapping out but Bischoff’s son won’t end the match. Finally he does and Sting wins.

Winner: Sting

– Dixie Carter celebrates but Flair enters the ring and attacks Flair. This brings out Immortal and Eric Bischoff. All of Immortal have steel chairs and take turns beating on Sting with them. We see Abyss backstage watching on a monitor. Bischoff’s son takes the steel chair from him. Bischoff takes the chair and cracks his own son in the back, laying him out. Hogan finally gets to his feet as Flair wails away on Sting. Immortal continues the beatdown on Sting. Sting starts asking Hogan for help and crawls to his feet. Sting crawls up in Hogan’s bloody face asking for help but Immortal drags him back. Hogan starts playing up to the crowd. Hogan rips off his shirt Hulkamania style and hulks up. Hogan takes on Flair first and starts dropping Immortal with right hands. Immortal face off with Hogan now but Flair stops them. Immortal start brawling with Sting and Hogan now. It comes down to Hogan, Flair, Sting and Gunner. Hogan throws Gunner out and Sting splashes Flair. Hogan and Sting, both bloody, stop in the middle of the ring and stare each other down. Hogan points to Bischoff, who is in the corner, as does Sting. Hogan drops Bischoff with a big right hand. Dixie Carter cheers on from ringside and it looked like she is crying. Hogan says he’s back and they kick Bischoff out of the ring. Sting and Hogan play each other up to the crowd and it gets a big reaction. The crowd chants Hogan’s name. He and Sting shake hands. Bischoff’s son raises their arms in victory as Dixie hugs her husband in the crowd.