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TNA Cancels Live Event, Former TNA Knockout Gives Birth, Names Confirmed for Upcoming UK Tour

– The following names are confirmed for TNA’s upcoming UK tour: Bully Ray, Magnus, Bobby Roode, Samoa Joe, Chris Sabin, Austin Aries, Manik, James Storm, Gunner and Gail Kim.

– Former TNA Knockout Madison Rayne gave birth last week to a baby girl. She tweeted about the news:

“So guess what?! This week @Reaper_3 and I became parents!!!! Life = amazing beyond words!!! Our little girl is happy and healthy at home!!!”

– TNA has canceled their upcoming live event scheduled for the Kemper Arena in Kansas City, MO on September 13th.

  • CC

    Oh, and if figures are to be believed, at many shows in the USA they only get 1000 or so people, but in the UK a few years back they made a point that they set a record attendance of something like 8000 people.
    They also record two shows back to back which saves more money as its two weeks shows.
    If you consider how much money the promoters of the venue charge, I would guess a show thats cancelled is because the ticket sales are bringing in less money than its cost for the venue.

  • CC

    Well apart from the wrestlers and a few behind the scenes bods, they dont ship their production staff over as they use lots of guys from the British wrestling scene for behind the scenes stuff, so they save lots of money on that. I know guys who work the events, and even the camera people are Brits when they are over here.
    Also, I have always been of the understanding that travel and acomodations is something the wrestlers have to pay for, or partially pay for themselves.

    They probably spend the same or more travelling round the USA as they use all their own production team.

  • Kristoffer Binder

    and much more money does it take to send everyone over seas? I am jsut asking, i dk. I’d love to actually see the financials of going overseas and how much money it saves them as opposed to staying here. With that being said, I dont know how many people from overseas actually TNa on a regular basis and would support them week in and week out. I think the better marketing stragety woudl eb to concentrate on your product here, build it then go on tour, or jsut have one yearly tour overseas and one or two times around the US per year. and Build a product like that

  • Jim

    That’s whats good for business!!!! Don’t you watch Raw?

  • CC

    Because international tours sell out and US based ones are hit and miss.
    You go where the money is, and at the moment they can sell out arenas much bigger in the UK and Germany than they can on home soil.

  • Kristoffer Binder

    UMm ok. You cancel US events, where you are based to tour internationally. makes no sense to me

  • Christian Hendrix

    How the Hell were TNA Going To Fill Kemper Arena Anyway (R.I.P Owen)