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TNA Concerned with GFW, Dixie Mentions Jeff Jarrett at Meeting, Correction on GFW Event Plans

– In a correction from earlier, it’s October or November of this year that Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling may begin running events, not 2015. The original post has been updated.

On a related note, there is said to be definite concern within TNA over Jarrett’s GFW. We noted last week that Dixie Carter held a meeting with TNA’s Nashville employees about why morale was down and other topics. Dixie also asked why didn’t TNA have a presence during WWE’s WrestleMania XXX weekend in New Orleans. She brought up how Jeff Jarrett was in town and at least had people talking, making something out of nothing that weekend.

GFW is also starting to get attention within TNA as a number of people who were highly regarded when they worked for TNA are now working with Jarrett. Besides NASCAR’s Hermie Sadler, another former TNA worker who is now helping Jarrett is Chris Thomas, who did what was considered amazing PR work for TNA.

Source: PWInsider

  • Drake Davis

    ROH is owned by a media conglomerate. They need to step it up, too, before they have their best talent poached. Having more wrestling organizations is good for talent in giving them choices and leverage. PWG, DGUSA, and others are on that second tier as they aren’t likely to get a “national” TV deal, but they seem to be regarded as quality promotions.

  • Keith Learmonth

    I still maintain that saying “We should have capitalised on WWE’s event” is pretty much admitting “We can’t draw our own fans”.

  • Armitage Soulshroude

    Jeff Jarrett started TNA, as my guess… his new promotion is going to make dust out of TNA. It was his baby, he can make it, he can literally break it.

  • CC

    With the amount of TNA name talent like Daniels, Styles and Sabin no longer contracted to TNA, it sounds like some guys may be choosing JJJ over TNA.

  • drew

    I am excited for a non wwe wrestling show like TNA not TNAimpact where it’s a lot of normal size guys, that way when you get a bigger guy like Abyss it really means something. If WWE is the land of the giants I hope GFW is where the talented smaller guys go. I am so sick of watching Daniel Bryan get squashed even when the fans want him to succeed. With HHH in charge I don’t think wwe will ever fully accept normal size as top card. I think Jeff Jerret has a real shot now that its painfully clear where their mind is and painfully obvious TNA doesn’t know what it is, to be the big thing

  • Shawn Bronald


  • rabid

    That not all that shocking all these individuals in jarretts camp helped make tna what it was an inovatitve entertaining alterative to wwe