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Several TNA Contracts Expiring Including Top Stars, Madison Wins Title, More

– The season premiere of FOX’s The Cleveland Show with Ric Flair did a 3.8 overnight cable rating.

– Devin sent the following: TNA will be touring in Greenwood, MS on 11/18 and Vicksburg, MS on 11/19. Tickets go on sale via Ticketmaster on 10/7.

– TNA Knockout Madison Rayne won the Dynamite Championship Wrestling Women’s Title this weekend. Fellow Knockout Traci Brooks is the #1 contender to the title.

– Word is that several TNA contracts are set to expire in the next few months. While no names have been disclosed, it’s said that one of the contracts expiring belongs to a current TNA title holder.

TNA’s current champions are Kurt Angle (World Title), Eric Young (TV Title), Austin Aries (X Division Title), Winter (Knockouts Title), Hernandez & Anarquia (Tag Titles) and Tara & Miss Tessmacher (KO Tag Titles).

On a related note, the contracts of Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff reportedly expire the week of TNA’s Bound For Glory pay-per-view in just a few weeks. There has been no word yet about Hogan or Bischoff re-signing.

Source: PWInsider

  • FLOCKA!!!

    @Ic-Y: Matt Morgan in the WWE? LMAO!!!! remember how they used him before

    Motor City Machine Guns would be bad as in the WWE they could most def change the landscape in the tag team scene
    i really liked Pope, and Mikie in the WWE… Anderson not so much

  • Ic-Y

    I wouldn’t want anyone in TNA with WWE except Mickie James, The Pope, Mr.Anderson, Ausin Aries, Motor City Guns and Matt Morgan. And maybe some other young guns. And im suprised Duff Man hasn’t already pissed of someone else before this.

  • CM Mark

    TNA needs to dumb the dead weight that is Hogan.

  • U ain’t Awesome

    Ladies, quit throwing purses.

  • adam

    I doubt AJ will ever be a huge draw but he isnt jeff hardy he can actually wrestle without doing those highspots. Just look when he became a heel he hardly did the high flying moves and he was still entertaining. Now for the other point if Beer Money and Samoa Joe were to leave TNA for WWE that would be huge. THe wwe tag division would get a huge boost with them and KOW.

  • venom


    I agree AJ Styles is a spot monkey. He will never be a draw.

  • muh boy

    duffman likes boys

  • Freakzilla

    Mum jokes will always be funny prickman. You say its official therefore it must be know it all. You know I don’t like Cena thats how this shit started in the first place. Pappaarzi really? Is that the best you can do. Now I know I’m dealing with a lady gaga fanboy. Once I’ve finished my milk your mum can have a glass of mine…straight from my cock and that joke is on the house. Do the world a favour and change your name to gaga.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Your mum jokes really? That takes me back to elementary, at least I now know you are nothing but a mere child with all the immature name calling and whatnot. It was already my first guess but now it is official, I’m not going to fight with a kid… Just go curl up in your Cena PJ’s with a nice warm glass of milk. This is over, but feel free to continue being my paparazzi.

  • Freakzilla

    I thought you werent going to respond to me prickman. Who is this skidmark you speak your old man? If you know who he is. If anyone puts words in peoples mouths its you just like your mum earns her daily living by sticking things in hers.

  • It’ll be interesting to see what happens when Beer Money and Samoa Joe come out of contract, since it’s been rumoured WWE are interested. If TNA lose those guys, I’ll seriously consider going back to WWE

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Forgot to mention, the reason Kurt looks like that is not because he is sick but because he is training for the Olympics.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Hey Freaky. I bet all you people are jealous you don’t have you own personally paparazzi like I do. Freakyboy you never fail to impress me with your lack of intelligence or facts… When have I ever stated I knew it all? What is that, never? These are MY opinions of things I like or don’t like, if you don’t like the way I think that is too damn bad isn’t it. You remind me of a TNA skidmark on another wrestling news site I go to. Same as you, puts words in peoples mouths and claims shit that has never been said trying to look smart.

    As for you other people, yes I find AJ a spotmonkey. The majority of his matches he is bouncing off the ropes, that has nothing to do with storytelling. Y2J, that is one of the most idiotic defenses ever “You couldn’t do HALF(not have) the things AJ could do”… Do I really give a crap? No, I’m a contractor not an entertainer, it isn’t my job to do any of that nor do I ever care to learn.

  • Pig

    Just more dufus’s tired of reading WWE news on the site have to come to the TNA section to try and rile someone while they clean up from their game of handball with their John Cena sweatbands.

    Now wipe your face and be gone!

  • tombstonepiledriver

    Duffman, AJ is the best thing TNA has going for it.

    Y2J an old broken down undertaker is 10 times better than anything in wwe or tna. To qoute a country song “he aint as good as he once was but he’s as good once as he ever was.

    TNA contracts include all the drugs you need.

  • Freakzilla

    Easy lads prickman aka duffman is a know it all. If he says AJ is a spot monkey must be true.

    People have their reservations about TNA and on the whole they are spot on. To say AJ one of the good things about TNA is a spot monkey is easily one of the dumbest things I’ve heard on a wrestling site. I’m sure all matches have spots, therefore everyone is a spot monkey.

  • jay are

    PLEASE don’t resign hogan or bitchoff!! they are killing tna like cancer! let them retire into the sunset and never be seen in wrestling again! time to get rid of these old farts and let the young guys get their chance. the future of wrestling not the past. the only wrestler to stand up and reinvent himself is sting. it’s like he’s one of the best wrestlers in tna today.

  • scooter

    @Duffmanloveshimsomewrestling Aj Styles a spot monkey now thats funny because it’s not like he uses the high spots at the proper time in a match to tell a good story riiiiiiight?

  • adam

    I say hernandez or eric young. Aj styles isnt a spot monkey he is a good wrestler that can perform awesome high flying moves as well. As for angle i think most of tna is on some form of drugs. Which is why angle isnt going to go back to wwe anytime soon number one he had that contract extension number two wwe does some drug testing so if he signed he would be suspended right away. If its hernadez i wouldnt mind seeing him in WWE i dislike this new take on LAX anerquia isnt that good. He was much better with homicide this group isnt that entertaing because they dong have a leader.

  • Y2J

    @ Duffman Are you high? Jeff hardy is the only spot monkey in TNA and you couldn’t do have the things AJ Styles could do! Taker is old and broken down as hell and im pretty sure kurt is on some type of drug because he looks sick!

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    BigBossman, Personally I wouldn’t care if they top it. I think they could pull out another great match given the chance. Kurt always brings out the best in his opponents, hell he even got a pretty good match from AJ “Spotmonkey” Styles. Same goes for Taker too, for his age he doesn’t fail to entertain at Mania. However I think it would be far too late for Angle/Taker match.

  • mgmike

    lol i feel like tna playing general manager mode on the svr series.. they spent a lo of money on big name stars and now they are expiring.. some people are unhappy.. all the storylines are played out.. all the obvious matches were done right off teh bat.

  • Freakzilla

    My moneys on Austin Aries

  • BigBossman

    I hate to even think you are actually serious about that.There is no way they can top “no way out 2006”.I mean that match was fantastic and 6 years later they couldn’t even come close to the caliber of that match again.It is just like the michaels undertaker 2 at last years mania.It was a good match but nowhere near as good as 2009’s match.It was subpar at best and left me disappointed because i expected the bar to be raised again.More often than not as our favorite wrestlers get older they will hit there head on the bar instead of raising it.Time for taker to either lose the streak or walk away undefeated at Mania.The dawn of the old gunslingers has passed, just ask brett favre, HHH, HBK and kevin nash.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    It would be awesome if it did happen to be Angle, I’d love to see someone with his skill go up against Taker at Mania.

  • Dave

    It can’t be A Double either. Unless the contract he got was a week to week one.

  • scooter

    didn’t angle sign for like another 3 years last year can’t be him if thats the case, pretty sure EY resigned not that long ago too! my guess would be hernandez but theres no way to be sure