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TNA Creative Head Bruce Prichard Suffers Heart Attack

John Bradshaw Layfield revealed on his Facebook page that TNA head of creative Bruce Prichard recently suffered a pair of heart attacks.

“Very happy one of my best friends Brother Love (Bruce Prichard) is ok after suffering two apparent heart attacks this past week,” wrote Layfield. “He’s got two new stents and doctor says that according to his research he actually does have a heart. Very, very happy that my pal is ok. A few years ago Gerald Brisco, who hired me at WWE and is also good friend of mine and Bruce’s, had a heart attack-so apparently both of them have a heart-who would have believed it?”

According to F4WOnline, the heart attack actually took place last week, which caused Prichard to miss last Sunday’s PPV and this week’s TV tapings. Prichard apparently was undergoing surgery to have two stents placed in his heart and suffered the heart attack while he was hospitalized.

  • Jason

    Fair enough CC, but it does come accross that way some times.

  • XX

    they forgot to mention the heart attack was induced by a run in by gunner

  • CC

    You do realise that those guys are probably not even real wrestling fans.
    Hate in the IWC all you want, but dont throw everyone else in with trolls like that.

  • Jason

    Thank you Angry Benny for pointing out the truth about our world. Fans like Heyfit and kamala’s foot are the reasons why the IWC is so hated by mainstream wrestling promotions.

  • Angry benny

    Get well Bruce! poor guy, this had to be really scary, and for the other people on here talking trash you don’t know how life is precious, you may have never had someone close to you die or even given life, Bruce just missed death and survived, and still people jump down his throat, its a sick world we live in, but besides the point Get well bruce and a speedy recovery

  • Logan

    Get well soon Brother Love!

  • Jason

    Only Bruce never left, he was fired by Steph for in a nut shell not being 20 years younger. Bruce has said this many of times. lol

    Get well Bruce

  • Tom… Just Tom

    Me: Get well soon, Brother Love!


    Seriously, hope he’s back on his feet soon.

  • Flip

    Shut up you tool the man had a heart attack. Are you that bad of a troll? I hope someday you’ll realize that as big as a WWE or TNA fan you are it’s not okay to make fun of someone who has health problems and as much crap as I give Jason at least he’s never done that. Heyfit your a disgrace to wrestling fans.

  • heyfit

    thats what you get for selling out & leaving wwe, bruce.

  • Jason

    Get well soon Bruce, the place is not the same without you.