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TNA Creative Being Very Secretive Lately, Backstage News on Young’s World Title Win, More

– There are many people within TNA, who were apparently once in the know, that are upset at how things are being kept a secret creatively now.

Eric Young’s World Heavyweight Title win was kept a major secret and officials were very paranoid about it getting out. A source observed that officials put so much effort into keeping secrets, if they put that much energy into TNA’s plan of execution then maybe they could capitalize on some things in a better way.

Regarding talk that Young’s title win was a rip off of Daniel Bryan’s win in WWE, the word from within TNA is that the title change was not done because Bryan won and it was done because that was the last live episode of Impact Wrestling for a few weeks and officials really wanted to surprise a lot of people.

Source: PWInsider

  • rumballinthejungle

    You still didn’t read it properly “than even WCW in their dying days” It wasn’t referring to TNA being in their dying days, just that their product is crap

  • TOmC

    NEWSFLASH – WCW doesn’t exist any more, and has been WWE since 2001

  • Matthew Farrell

    I’m anything but a WWE shill; I admit WWE sucks right now and I don’t really consider myself a WWE fan, but TNA is a laughing stock at this point.

  • rumballinthejungle

    If you read what he wrote properly, he said it about WCW, not TNA.

  • TOmC

    Good Grief . . If I had a dime for every time some WWE shill commented that TNA was in it’s “dying days,” I’d be a wealthy man.

  • Matthew Farrell

    TNA is worse than even WCW in their dying days. At least WCW was entertaining to watch, despite the level of suck

  • Keith Learmonth

    Here’s the thing, though: Someone should have seen that everyone was going to see it as a Daniel Bryan rip off. It doesn’t matter how they meant it, it looked like a pre-planned, deliberate rip off.

    If they didn’t want to look like they were ripping them off, they -really- should have changed these plans before that show.

    Things like this are why people treat TNA as the butt of all wrestling jokes now.