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TNA Files a Lawsuit Against WWE, WWE’s Lawyer Responds

– TNA filed a lawsuit in Nashville, TN on Wednesday against WWE and former TNA/WWE office worker Brian Wittenstein for interference with existing contracts, conversion, breach of contract, civil conspiracy, unfair competition, and violation of the Tennessee Uniform Trade Secrets Act. They are also suing Wittenstein for breach of duty loyalty.

The lawsuit alleges that Wittenstein, who had worked for TNA previously, gave WWE inside information on contracts and other matters backstage within TNA, and now WWE is attempting to poach talent from TNA based off that information.

Wittenstein worked briefly under Michael Hayes when he was hired by WWE earlier this year before being let go in April. The lawsuit alleges that during this time period, Wittenstein provided WWE the inside information from TNA. However, WWE did not inform TNA that the information was provided for several weeks.

TNA claims that this information was presented on 5/7. Several days later, WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair approached TNA management about being released from his contract. TNA alleges that Flair wanted out so he could return to WWE.

An injunction was issued earlier demanding that WWE & Wittenstein return whatever confidential information retained during his TNA tenure. They were both instructed not to destroy the material.

WWE attorney Jerry McDevitt commented to The Nashville City Paper: “Our reaction is that no good deed ever goes unpunished. What the WWE did here is what you would hope any company would do in these circumstances it found itself in.”

Source: PWInsider, Nashville City Paper

  • Chris

    Yeah sure Hofgen, TNA is so going broke even though they have live wrestling coming on, opened up two new TNA side promotions, own 25% of AAA and have said to be going to 6 overseas markets in 2013. Yes they are so broke. Grow up

  • Hofgen

    Looks like TNA might have found a way to keep the lights on a little while longer, and who would have thought it would be on WWE’s dime. Vince should just buy them now instead of going through the lawsuit.

  • Prince albert

    Chris masturbates to AJ styles matches

  • Tyler(:

    @Poko, hurt my feelings? yes you did, I cried when you spoke about WWE :'( but in all seriousness, TNA should get over it, and WWE should ignore it.

    And fyi, I watch more of the CZW/ROH/DGUSA stuff to be upset by TNA “suing” WWE. Just all I ever see is idiots talking about WWE loyalist shit, when they do they exact same for TNA.

  • Jay

    This kind of arguing is why wrestling fans aren’t taken seriously. Thank you for that, all I want to do is enjoy my grown up man version of a soap opera. Just wait for a verdict and then you can saw what will/did happen

  • Chris

    All I know is that WWE broke the law via inside trading. By law one must give back any private business information with in 24 hours of having it. WWE had it for 3 weeks. WWE is fucked in this case and when WWE is forced to write a check for 250 million via as a settlement you WWE marks will see that I was right.

  • DDP Fan

    Has anyone considered the possibility that a low level worker was threatened by his boss?

    The corporate suits get the info they need and piss on the kid?

    DDP 4 Ever

  • poko


    Did I hurt your feelings, boy? If not, then why are you upset and crying? I watch the WWE more than TNA, so it’s pretty stupid of you to suggest I’m biased. So, yeah, you look kind of dumb right now.

    Look, dude, seriously, the WWE is a massive corporation. It will never love you as much as you love it. Let it go. TNA might be right about the WWE violating the law. The WWE might be right about having done nothing wrong. We don’t know. Anyone pre-judging the lawsuit based purely on which promotion they like the most, as some of the above are obviously doing, is a moron. Now, why does that upset you?

  • poko

    Worry? What do we have to worry about? This isn’t going to affect the fans at all, regardless of who wins.

    And why is TNA going under soon? I haven’t seen anything about that. If you have some links to articles about TNA’s financial situation, then please share. However, if your rationale is that TNA is going out of business “because they don’t make as much money as the WWE”, then stop wasting people’s time.

  • ChrisDV

    Because it’s not like Ric Flair was at a WWE event in the past few months & could have easily had these discussions in person– OH WAIT.

    All TNA have to “prove” this are Ric Flair (A guy with known financial problems) looking to get a bigger payday & WWE returning the information after it was supplied to them. They have no proof of when the WWE received this info, other than before May 7th.

    And that’s the thing – TNA’s argument is heresay.

  • Tyler(:

    I love how everyone always talks about a “WWE Bandwagon/Loyalist Committee shit” – Yet all you do is buttfuck TNA.

    There is no fucking bandwagon, no fucking loyalists just people expressing the opinion, so people like Poko need to fuck off.

  • Best In The World

    p.s. tna will be going under soon so we wont have to worry

  • eric

    i would love to know how good is flair at almost 70? he is fat old broken down. he can’t move or wrestle as he did in 1990’s. he is not draw anymore. who really wants to see outshape near 70 yr old flair wrestle? lmao i and other fans don’t want to see this old hasbeen who is living in past. flair should just quit business. his time is over!

  • Dflo

    My point is, you don’t actually know any facts. You know what one person is being sued for. Anybody can be sued for anything; it doesn’t mean that they will win. How do you actually know anything other than what TNA states at this point in time? The answer is you don’t.

  • Best In The World

    chris your sounding like a douchbag its a free country let people say what they want and keep quite like really lol

  • Chris

    DFlo when you break a fair trade act you can go to prison and be sued. That is how the law works. WWE had no right to have that information on private TNA business. WWE broke the law the second they did not inform TNA that the yhad private information. Telling TNA after three weeks will be TNA’s case.

    If I was WWE however I would be more worried about the feds than TNA at this point.

  • poko

    Wow, look at how angry some WWE fanboys get over a disagreement between two corporations. Your loyalty to the McMahon name is being questioned, make sure you tell us that the WWE is absolutely right despite knowing almost nothing about the situation! No need for the courts to decide at all! That “the company I like is right because I like them” type of faith is so childish that I really can’t help but laugh.

    Alright, loyalist idiots aside, I have no idea how legitimate this is, but if this guy really did provide the WWE with inside information that they could not have acquired legally, and they did attempt to use this information against TNA, then yeah, they could definitely face some very real repercussions. In that situation, they should have fired the guy immediately and informed TNA about the leak ASAP.

    Still, all of this might be hard to prove. It looks like the WWE’s position is going to be that the situation did indeed occur, but that they followed all the proper steps. It will be interesting to see what really happened, but it could be a long time before we know the truth.

  • DFlo

    Chris, what law school do you go to? It must be pretty amazing, considering that you could tell us the outcome of a the case based off of this article. You don’t even need to read any other evidence, or even hear the other side of the story. I am deeply and sincerely impressed by your law prowess!!

  • Mr. E

    TNA is a private company, all of WWE’s information is public. ALso, TNA could get nice lawyers with the Carter’s bankroll, and if dirt poor people could sue company’s like Walmart and win, so could TNA.

  • Chris

    You guys are fucking retarded, as a law student I can tell you that WWE is in deep shit. They broke not only trade laws but fed laws as well. Not only will TNA get millions from this but the gov will once again come after the WWE for breaking the fair trade act and the insiders trade act.

    You guys have no idea what the fuck you are talking about and it will bite you in the ass

  • OGitchida

    @Prince Albert….. nope, they will start when the Carter’s decided it was good business to hire Hogan and Bisoff..

  • Shawn

    What if…. and I’m somewhat serious here…. this was a storyline. Maybe this was the agreement TNA/WWE made regarding Flair at the HoF. Think about it. WWE did the same with ECW and TNA isn’t even as popular as ECW was. It’s crazy, but doesn’t it seem like an odd lawsuit and just out of the blue. WWE has probably had this kind of info for years and years. Hell, TNA has this kind of info on WWE stars as well. The timing just seems kind of odd.

  • NO!NO!NO!

    cue the wwf bandwagon!

  • Prince albert

    @ chris the faggot, TNA has no chance up against WWE million dollar lawyers, Otunga could prob take down the whole of TNA by himself, TNA is forever learning, TNA will prob end up suing themsevles.

    Knowledge of TNA’s contracts would have little or no value to the WWE. Practically speaking, how many of TNA’s talent would WWE even be interested in?
    In 5 years time, when TNA no longer exist,there will be a video about their inevitable demise and how it began could very well start with this.

  • Mark

    It is pathetic. No point in keeping a wrestler around if he does not want to be the company

  • Prince albert

    Bye Bye TNA, Pathetic haha

  • Myke Ezko

    This just goes to show that the WWE knows they are losing interest with their fans and it is not cause of the wrestlers, it is cause of their supposed “writers” don’t know anything about entertaining their fans.