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TNA Files for Trademark, Update on TNA Pay-Per-View Buys, Desmond Wolfe

– While away from TNA, Desmond Wolfe has been working on writing a sitcom for TV.

– TNA has filed for a trademark on the term “Impact Wrestling.” This all goes with the re-branding that we have reported on recently.

– TNA has been going with the mentality for a few months now that since pay-per-views don’t do too well as far as buys go, they are only going to promote the show for the last week or two before it happens.

While nobody knows exact pay-per-view buy numbers, based on some cable information, buyrates at this point range from 9,000 to maybe 20,000 with top shows, with the exception of Bound For Glory. Lockdown, which usually does good buys, is looking to be significantly lower this year than previous years.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • venom

    ICW would be a good name. That means they won’t change it to that. hogan is the poison of TNA. 2012 is not the end of the world. It’s the end of TNA.

  • Steve

    I agree, Shinobi. I’ve been saying they should change the name to something like Impact Wrestling Federation (IWF) or Impact Championship Wrestling (ICW) for some time. It just sounds right. TNA has a more universal meaning and it has NOTHING to do with professional wrestling. If you were watching TNA and something asked, “Hey, whatcha watching?”, you might be embarrassed to say “TNA!” If you did answer that, they’d think were you watching porn. lol Now if you said, “I’m watching WWE”, they know what that is (obviously). Now let’s go back and say they asked what you were watching and you replied, “I’m watching ICW”, most people would think it was either pro-wrestling or possibly MMA of some sort. The name change NEEDS to happen if TNA ever wants to be taken seriously. And that’s a fact.

  • CC

    Well the great business minds are at work again I see. What brilliant mind came up with the concept that because PPVs are not selling as well as hoped, they will promote them less instead of going over board with promotion?
    Fucking idiots.
    While I have always hated the WWE concept of starting to push the next PPV as soon as the most recent one ends, I understand why they do it.
    In this day and age, every “free” show is just a tool to help build towards the PPVs.
    On top of this, why limit yourself to self promoting through your own shows? Get out there and advertise on every network you can afford and will allow it. Get advertising onto other internet sites.
    WWE didnt get to where it is without a shit load of promotion.

  • luckysalt

    @kannon, sounds like u watch tna a lot bud!

  • Haha! Said the clown

    @ Jay

    I agree completely…I told my buddy I was gonna watch TNA and he thought I was talking about porn…it was a really awkward convo to have in Wal-Mart.

  • Jay

    I have to agree with Shinobi. I’ve thought the TNA name was stupid from day one.

  • kannon

    The reason why I no longer watch like I used to is, No 6 sided ring, bringing in Hardy Brothers, UGLY ASS BELT, they got rid of the X-Division, they let everyone walk around with a non active belt i.e. Matt Hardy and Eric Young, and what is the deal with characters having to be 2 different characters? Suicide is Daniels and Amazing Red in a Masked wrestler?

  • Shinobi

    Let me speak as an unbiased, non-TNA or non-WWE mark since there isn’t many of us on the net these days: This could be a good thing for TNA. Maybe if they drop the TNA name and become “Impact Championship Wrestling” and cut all the bullshit WWE-like storylines and start taking themselves more seriously as a WRESTLING company, they could make it work.

  • Automattic

    Is it just me, or does it seem that for the last couple PPVs, they haven’t had the card set until the last week (2 if we’re lucky) anyway? Kind of hard to promote something that isn’t there.

  • Nicholas G

    @Loyal WWE Mark I agree with you 100%. The fact that TNA keeps going with the same old crap and the number shows it is not working. Been saying it many times already would love to see TNA give WWE a run for it money. But now that seems more of a pipe dream then anything else. WWE doesn’t have nobody in the Wrestling world that can match them an that is not a good thing. The fact that TNA is pushing old WWE guys instead of building new stars like the WWE been doing tells you TNA has no plan on building new young stars. But then again when it comes to Hogan and Bischoff they really don’t know how to build new young stars they didn’t get it in WCW and they are not getting it now. Wrestling fans want something new not the same old thing.

  • Loyal WWE Mark

    Buy rates are low and ppvs arent selling. I hate to say it cause i use to be a tryhard tna fan keyword use to be and it wasnt cause they took away the octagon or because hogan joined because it just got stale i want to see new wrestlers not wwe hasbeens i wanna see new intresting storylines not wwe and wcw ripoffs. aka hogan screws angle. Honestly tna is shooting star up in its high point in the beggining but at the end its all going to come crashing down on them

  • Nicholas G

    In other words TNA is not making any money. Which is why guys like Hogan, and Angle seem so bitter on the internet. Things not going to well in TNA are they like TNA marks may want to believe.

  • Idontknow2

    Perfect, let just not advertise the ppvs cuz they suck anyway, great business mentality.
    Specially considering that the last 3 ppv tna had i found out the same day.