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TNA Hardcore Justice: BFG Series – Brother Devon vs. The Pope

– We go backstage with The Pope. He’s tried reaching out to Brother Devon and his kids but they haven’t responded in a way he was hoping for. Pope says his family respects Pope just like he respects Devon. Pope says his purpose for this match is simple – go out and do the right thing.

– We get a look at the Bound For Glory Series points standings.

Bound For Glory Series Match: The Pope vs. Brother Devon

We go to the ring and out comes the injured Matt Morgan. Christy Hemme introduces him as our BFG Series analyst. Morgan joins Tenay and Taz on commentary. Out next comes The Pope. Brother Devon is out next and we see his kids sitting at ringside.

The Pope takes the mic before the match and says his friendship with Devon means more than them getting in here and beating each others brains out. The Pope lays down and wants Devon to pin him. Devon says he’s going to get the points but is going to take it out of Pope’s ass. Devon tells Pope to get up. They lock up and Devon takes Pope down first with a big shoulder and then a hip toss. Pope tries to pull Devon on him for a pin. Devon pushes Pope and then slaps him. They lock up and go to the corners. Back and forth action with them trading holds now. Devon with another big shoulder. Pope leap frogs and hits a forearm, taking Devon down. Pope goes to work on the arm now.

More back and forth. Devon with a flying elbow for a 2 count. Devon with a headbutt now for another 2. They end up on the floor and Pope runs Devon into the ringpost, right in front of his kids. Pope talks to them, allowing Devon to hit a right hand and bring it back in the ring. Devon with a 2 count. Pope finally comes back with clotheslines and an atomic drop. Pope hits several elbows to the head and a big backhand, knocking Devon on the ropes. Pope runs and slides down Devon to the floor. Pope with a crossbody from the top for another 2 count. Devon comes back with a big shoulder block. Devon charges but misses in the corner. Elijah goes for the Express but stops and gets speared by Devon. Pope counters a chokeslam and rolls Devon up for the win and 7 points.

Winner: The Pope

– After the match, Devon won’t shake Pope’s hand. He leaves the ring, stops and looks at his sons, then goes back in shakes Pope’s hand. Pope is now #8 in the BFG Series with 17 points.