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TNA Hardcore Justice Results – 8/20/14

Stairway To Janice: Abyss vs Bram

They start brawling right off the bell and within the first minute, a ladder gets set up in the corner and Abyss suplexes Bram onto it. They brawl out to the floor and Bram starts working Abyss over with trash can shots. Abyss responds by bringing a pair of barbed wire boards into the ring and bashing Bram’s face into the ring steps, busting him open. Abyss sets the boards up in the corners and tries to slam Bram onto one, but Bram breaks free and bashes Abyss in the head with a trash can lid. Bram sets up the ladder and tries to climb, but Abyss chokeslams him off the ladder. Abyss pours out a bag full of thumbtacks in the middle of the ring, tosses Bram through one of the barbed wire boards, and starts climbing for Janice. Bram tips the ladder over, bending it in the process, and Abyss falls through the other barbed wire board. Bram climbs the ladder and gets Janice, but Abyss catches Bram with a Black Hole Slam onto the tacks before he can use her. Abyss has Janice, but Bram kicks him in the ding ding, swings Janice into Abyss’ breadbasket, and pins him for the win.

Winner: Bram

Wow, didn’t expect that finish. Great brawl.

Ethan Carter III is backstage with Spud and Abyss and says his time in jail provided him with a moment of clarity. His life has been a whirlwind of misery thanks to his Aunt Dee’s demise, but those responsible will be held accountable.

Magnus congratulates Bram backstage, but says that Bram won’t outshine him because he’s going to go through five other men tonight and get back what’s his: the TNA World Title.

EC3, Rhino, and Spud come out to the ring, and Ethan says the most vile act in the history of wrestling happened two weeks ago when his Aunt Dee went through a table. He knows the New York mutants liked watching an innocent woman go through a table, and Kurt Angle had he and his buddies arrested last week when he demanded that Bully Ray be terminated. He has one thing to say to Kurt: thank you. He thanks Kurt for giving him a night in the darkness and a moment of clarity, and his vengeance will come to Bully in due time, but the man responsible is a hired mercenary who he took from the streets: what happened to his Aunt Dee was all Rhino’s fault. Rhino tells EC3 that he might be looking at a dead man if he keeps talking to him like that, and he would rather be dirt poor than listen to another word coming out of his mouth, and he tells EC3 to take his money and shove it straight up his ass. EC3 slaps Rhino in the face, then straight up attacks Rhinand tosses him out to the floor. EC3 rams Rhino into the guardrail, then does it again. EC3 rolls Rhino into the ring and starts pounding him in the face until Spud tries to pull EC3 off. EC3 shoves Spud across the ring and knocks Rhino into next week with a running kneelift. EC3 stalks off as Spud stares after him in disbelief.

Samoa Joe is backstage and says he doesn’t just have a history with Low Ki, they have a legacy written in blood. Joe says Low Ki is supremely self-confident, but a lot of wrestlers just like him brought that confidence and still weren’t able to beat him for the X Division Title.

The Hardy Boys are backstage and say that they are here to prove that they’re here to prove they’re the best team in the world, and better than ever. There’s a resurgence of tag team wrestling in TNA, and they are at the forefront of that resurgence.

We see a video package hyping the Joe-Low Ki match, and then we’re off to the ring for…

X Division Title Match: Samoa Joe vs Low Ki

They slowly circle each other and take their time before Joe fires a kick, Ki catches it and tries a double leg, Joe reverses and backs Ki into the corner. Joe breaks clean and backs Ki into the opposite corner, but Ki catches him in the hanging armbar. Ki releases and starts firing kicks at Joe, but Joe just bowls him over with a big elbow, pummels him with right hands, and knocks Ki into the corner with a leaping enziguiri. Joe catches Ki with a running boot and drops a senton and covers for 2. Ki blocks the Muscle Buster and comes off the top rope with a double stomp to Joe’s back as he’s slumped over the middle rope. Ki fires off a series of kicks, misses another double stomp, but hits the shotgun dropkick for 2. Joe blocks the Ki Krusher and powerbombs Ki for 2, counters the kickout into a Boston Crab, turns that into an STF, and Ki makes the ropes. Ki stops the facewash with a running kick, but Joe runs over Low Ki with a clothesline, sends Ki to the corner, and Ki springs right back out with a Tidal Crush for 2. Ki blocks the Muscle Buster again, but Joe sweeps Ki’s legs out and hits it on the third try for the win.

Winner: Samoa Joe

Awesome match! Did not disappoint at all, and I’m glad they got time to do something good.

The Hardy Boys knock on the Dudleys’ locker room door and asks if they can talk for a minute. Devon says sure and invites them in.

Jeremy Borash asks Ken Anderson for comments on Sam Shaw, and he says he sent Shaw up the river and he’s out now because of Gunner, and asks if he’s an idiot. Shaw comes in and tells him that’s a great way to talk to his friend, and they start brawling backstage as we go to commercial.

We’re back from commercial, and go right into the action…

I Quit Match: Ken Anderson vs Sam Shaw

They brawl out of the back, Shaw tries choking him with his belt, but Anderson hoists Shaw up and hits a Finlay roll on the ramp. Gunner comes out to observe as Shaw gains control and repeatedly rams Anderson into the ring steps. Shaw gets a mic and tells Anderson to quit, but no dice, so Shaw goes back to pounding his face. They go inside and Shaw continues the pressure, catching Anderson in a Camel Clutch, but Anderson won’t quit, and he gets out and starts a comeback with a series of clotheslines and a neckbreaker. Anderson dodges a charge and Shaw crashes shoulder first into the ring post, and Anderson gets Shaw in an armbar. Shaw finally quits.

Winner: Ken Anderson

Anderson keeps the hold until Gunner gets into the ring and backs him off.

Team 3D and the Hardys come out of the locker room, and Bubba says the Hardys had a great idea that will breathe some life into the tag team division, but there’s one more piece and they’re going to go to the ring right now to find out if they’re in.

We go back to James Storm torturing Sanada in his barn. He tells Sanada that he’s weak, and that he’ll lead him to glory, salvation, and revalation because he is Sanada’s light and strength. He says that he will make him the great Sanada, then he kicks the cameraman out again. The Great Sanada will be revealed next week!

Knockouts Title/Last Knockout Standing Match: Gail Kim vs Angelina Love

Gail attacks Angelina as she comes to the ring, but they head inside and Angelina nails Gaim and hits a Flatliner. Gail beats the count, Velvet hands Angelina a cookie tin but Gail ducks it and knocks Angelina flat out to the floor. Gail goes to the top to jumps off onto Angelina, but Velvet nails her with the cookie tin and Gail tumbles to the floor. Gail again regains the advantage and tries to DDT Angelina on the ring steps, but Velvet comes in and blindsides Gail, and the ref has no choice but to count. Gail yet again recovers and gets the ringpost figure four, and yet again Velvet interferes. Gail whips Angelina hard into the barricade, and Angelina tries to run, Gail comes after her with a chair, Velvet grabs Gail, and Angelina hits a Botox Injection that sends the chair crashing into Gail’s face. Gail is in real bad shape, but somehow makes it to her feet. Velvet rolls Gail back into the ring and Angelina goes to the top rope, but Gail grabs Velvet and throws her into Angelina, dumps Velvet to the floor, then hits Angelina with a top rope Samoan drop onto a chair. Angelina can’t beat the count, and Gail retains.

Winner: Gail Kim

Hell of a brawl, and hopefully now we can get on with splitting Velvet off from Angelina.

Kurt Angle is backstage and says that tonight has been a great night of action, but Team 3D vs the Hardys vs the Wolves will happen in a three match series. The first team to win two matches wins the series, and whoever wins the first match gets to pick the stipulations for the next match.

Bobby Lashley comes out with MVP and Kenny King to observe the main event, and MVP says that in Dallas, MVP was supposed to face Eric Young for the TNA World Title, but he got injured and couldn’t keep his appointment. But without hesitation, his ace Bobby Lashley stepped up and said he got this for them, and MVP says he believed in him and told him to bring home the gold, and it’s right over his shoulder like he thought it’d be. Eric Young, Jeff Hardy, and Austin Aries all went down in defeat to Lashley, and now this match will determine a new #1 contender. MVP asks if they look worried, and says that whoever wins the cage match will have already lost, and whoever wins is just going to be more food for the beast. MVP tells the fans to bow down and give props to the true King of New York, Lashley!

Six Sides Of Steel/#1 Contender Match: Austin Aries vs James Storm vs Eric Young vs Bobby Roode vs Brutus Magnus vs Gunner

Okay, the first man to run like a chicken and escape the cage becomes the next challenger to the most important title in the company, got it. Everyone fights everyone, Magnus nearly takes EY’s head off with a clothesline, and Storm goes at it with Aries. Magnus stops Storm from escaping, and we go to commercial already. Okay then!

We’re back, and Bobby Roode and James Storm are going at it on the top rope while Gunner tries to stop Aries from escaping. Roode escapes the Eye of the Storm and gets Storm in the crossface while Aries gets Gunner in the Last Chancery and Young gets Magnus in the Sharpshooter. Aries comes off the cage with a missile dropkick to Roode, but Roode catches Aries with a spinebuster in return. Storm nails Young with the Last Call, Gunner takes Storm out with a clothesline and tries to escape, but Aries stops him. Everyone in the match does a dual Tower of Doom spot, Roode and Young are the last ones standing and they gawk at each other, then both race to get over the top and out of the cage. They do the Rumble 94 finish and land at the same time, and the referees argue over who wins, and of course, we run out of time before we get a final answer.

Winner: ???????????

Source: PWInsider

  • Chris E.

    Samoa Joe vs Low Ki was excellent. Low Ki sells brilliantly. I would like to see them fight a few more times.