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TNA Impact Draws Highest Rating In Over A Year, Quarter Hour Numbers

Last night’s heavily hyped episode of TNA iMPACT! drew a 1.36 cable rating (not including the overrun), the program’s highest mark since January 4, 2010. The first hour drew a 1.32, while the second hour garnered a 1.41. iMPACT drew 1.8 million viewers over the course of two hours. The show’s overrun featuring Sting vs. Jeff Hardy drew a 1.48.

Here are the quarter hour numbers:

Q1 – 1.52 rating – In-ring segment featuring Dixie Carter, Hulk Hogan, Immortal and Fortune

Q2 – 1.26 rating – Backstage segments featuring Bart Scott, Immortal, The Jarretts, AJ Styles, Kazarian, Matt Hardy, Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff; Beer Money, Inc. vs. Gunner and Murphy

Q3 – 1.32 rating – Beer Money, Inc. vs. Gunner and Murphy; backstage segments featuring The Jarretts and Angelina of Jersey Shore; Velvet Sky vs. Sarita, post-match with The Shore and Angelina

Q4 – 1.17 rating – In-ring segment featuring The Shore, Angelina, Sarita and The Beautiful People; backstage segments featuring Mr. Anderson, Eric Young, Orlando Jordan, Jeff Jarrett, Ric Flair, Kurt Angle and Hulk Hogan

Q5 – 1.36 rating – The Jarretts’ wedding; backstage segments with Hulk Hogan, Jeff Hardy, Eric Bischoff and The Jarretts; Scott Steiner vs. Rob Terry

Q6 – 1.43 rating – Scott Steiner vs. Rob Terry; backstage segments with Ric Flair, Bart Scott and Kurt Angle; Matt Morgan vs. Hernandez

Q7 – 1.37 rating – backstage segment with Hulk Hogan and Mr. Anderson; The Jarretts’ wedding

Q8 – 1.42 rating – The Jarretts’ wedding, limo shot of boots, Jeff Hardy and Sting ring entrances

Overrun – 1.48 – Sting vs. Jeff Hardy


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  • JOE

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  • TomC

    @james10 . . . Why do YOU come here?

  • TomC

    LMAO – Is that supposed to be some kind of “threat,” “thiller?”

    Thanks for the comedy, CLOWN.

  • james10

    why do joe and tom come on here? are they in a special internet club?

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  • TomC

    Keep it up, “view” … a few more intellectual insect comments like your response to Joe and we won’t be seeing much of you around here anymore.


  • JOE

    @theviewshow i feel bad for your mom

  • Bob Rooney

    And just for the record, I am rooting for TNA get better and compete. Good competiton will make both companies better. The only reason I watch impact at this point is because I keep hoping it will improve and give Vince a run for his money so he is forced to improve his own product.

  • Bob Rooney

    The ratings increase was because of Sting. And maybe the whole court case results which went absolutely nowhere, was an entire waste of 6 weeks of storyline building up to it, and was pushed to the side in about 5 minutes. Instead we have all this garbage from “the network”. WWE has earned been doing what they do for years now with the big production and have earned thier stripes in that reguard. It is what makes them the biggest wrestling company around by far. So I agree with adam that TNA should not try to be WWE and compete with that. Stick to being the simple, little wrestling based show and focus on putting on good matches, with thier good talent, instead of focusing on thier horrendously bad creative writing and trying to be a second rate WWE. WWE may be a much weaker problem then its been for quite some time now, but I personally find TNA almost unwatchable with thier terrible writing. And its a shame because they have a lot of great talent. Just bad writers, and idiot president, and 2 old men who have already run one company into the ground.

  • RAMSES 2


  • TomC

    Kind like WWE every week, eh adam?

    I don’t disagree with you, mind you … I’m only saying that BOTH organization seem to be trying a bit too hard and are overkilling it with the attempts sensationalism. let’s face it, the whole “guest host” think last year (in the WWE) was nothing short of stupid – as are MOST of the “diva” matches.

    I do think that this past week’s TNA broadcast OUT OF THE STUDIO was a very worthwhile effort, though.

  • adam

    Tna isnt useless. It just isnt that usefull either. Right now they way they are run is terrible. They were much better back when they were the little show with the 6-sided ring. When they first started on i think it was comcast sports net. But now on the big network were they are trying sooooooooooo hard to get big starts to come its just overkill and not that entertaining.

  • adam

    Good to see them get the ratings up. I also think it was because of them traviling. They should keep going on the move. Also i think they should start doing the show live instead of taping all the time. For the joke that is currently known as matt hardy was he even on the show this week? If he was i didnt notice him.

  • Valo487

    Anytime they try to hype up a big surprise the ratings will go up. The bigger test is whether they can keep the new viewers, and up to this point they haven’t been able to do so.

  • Matt

    next week it will settle back down.

    but it does prove that sting = ratings 😛

  • dlb

    still way too much drama and talking bullshit and not enough wrestling but i think i’m in the minority in how i like my wrestling these days. i totally agree with the rest of you guys, the crowd had a great vibe, definatley should tape the shows in new markets.

  • sid

    Now Now, We all know why the ratings are up
    2 words Matt Hardy LMFAO

  • Jessey

    This is very interessting, after people like buck woodward ripping this episode to shreds, now the rating is over the top. Seems wrestling columinsts have a diff opinion than wrestling fans?

  • Mr.X

    Less Impact Zone + more Impact on the road = Ratings. It actually felt like i was watching a flagship wrestling program for once and not a glorified version of WCW Worldwide or WCW Pro.

  • ##

    last nights show reminded me of WCW’s Clash of the Champions specials they used to have. TNA should at least do 2 tapings a month outside Orlando studios.

  • marcum

    i think that TNA’s raitings will deffinatly increase if they leave orlando studios more often

  • TomC

    I HOPE it also resonates with the TNA management that getting the televised show OUT of the studio is a VERY GOOD THING !!!

  • Good to see the ratings rose near the end of the show. Shows they’re finally learning how to end with a bang.