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TNA Impact Rating, Aries Deletes Tweet, TNA Attendance, AAO Buys, More

– TNA President Dixie Carter congratulated Ring of Honor on their 10 year anniversary via Twitter:

“Happy 10th Anniversary @RingOfHonor!! Best wishes to you for continued success.”

– TNA X Division Champion Austin Aries took a shot at the company and Sting’s recent cryptic tweet with the following message that has since been deleted:

“I guess ‘I’m done’ is code for ‘I’m booking myself in another PPV main event’. Yet the X-Division champ can’t sniff a main event… #Shocker”

– The TNA live event on February 17th in Huntington, West Virginia drew 1,100 fans while the February 18th show in Beckley, WV actually drew 2,100 fans in an update from earlier.

– Early trends for the TNA Against All Odds pay-per-view have the show doing around 7,000 buys.

– The February 23rd episode of TNA Impact Wrestling scored a 1.19 cable rating, up from last week’s 1.06 rating. This week’s show averaged 1.58 million viewers.

– While Vince Russo had his supporters among the TNA wrestlers, it’s said there was no great depression over his departure but nobody was celebrating either. The feeling is that it’s business as usual when it comes to creative even though Russo has left.

Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Jason

    When TNA goes on the road with there ppv’s they look dif and well produced. You can only do so much in a sound stage. Try taking a production class and you will learn that.

  • mark

    tna ppv’s lack production value. nothing except the name separates it from impact. they need to look at some old wcw ppv’s like halloween havoc. they have the wrestling talent they just lack proper management. if tna were a nfl team the coach would have been fired a long time ago

  • Chris

    I agree with you about Jason but watch yor tone with me boy because all I did was post the truth.

  • Chris

    You two are acting no better then him at this point. lol

  • Bastion boogeyman

    Jason is employeed for TNGay.

  • Chris

    XX not really, according to the WWE business site WWE on avg sells 7,500 tickets per raw episode. Well that is if you add up the gate sells that the WWE release on the business site for WWE. Gereck reported that WWE last sold over 11,000 tickets for an episode of raw back in 2008. They did have 10,000 for one episode in 2011 though via in Mexico City.

  • Chris

    I know he works there, I’ve seem him at the shows Nick. I just hate his ego and the people around him who have even bigger egos. But that aside has nothing to do with what he posted which was based on fact.

    PS: Anyone who wants to give him a piece of your mind can by going next to the merch stand where Don West sells his shit. He is always there

  • Nicholas

    Yeah anybody that believes the crap Jason writers are either moron or just want to believe in some thing that is going right in Tna next thing you going to say is that you believe that he really works for Tna. I me you would think if he did work for Tna he wouldn’t be wasting his time on the internet all day. Because most of the real wrestler don’t have time to deal with the internet.

  • JOE

    I wasn’t talking about the buy rates, I was talking about what Austin Aries said about tna.

  • Chris

    Yes he is, I just wish he would put his ego in check. I swear this guy acts like he is Vince McMahon or Eric Bischoff for the love of man kind.

  • Effmenow

    Love him or hate him, Jason is correct.

  • Jason

    WWE has a hard time selling 8000 tickets for a tv episode and even with the ppv’s they never draw over 16,000 unless it’s wrestlemania.

  • Jason

    WWE never gets above 4000 for a live event, at least not in a long time.

    PPV business for tna is private there for this information on such a topic is bull. They are close on the house show numbers though. Funny enough the one that they said got over 2000 people was really just under 2000 people while the one they said got over 1000 people was very close to 2000 people. Both shows drew about the same, I was there I know.

  • Eric Nixon

    Why does TNA even bother with monthly PPV events? They should do 5-6 a year and spending 1-2 months building them and pushing them to the moon. I guarantee doing that will get more buys in 5-6 PPV events than the 12 they’re doing now.

  • Snark Mark

    7,000 buys? That is fewer people than WWE gets to show up to live non-televised events. Wow. I am not going to pretend to know what the answer in TNA is. With talent like Austin Aries, Alex Shelley, AJ Styles, Ken Anderson, Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle it would be impossible to go very wrong… but here we are.

  • JOE

    What’s up with that Jason??