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TNA iMPACT Rating Improves, Shane Helms Signs with Lucha Libre USA

– This past Thursday’s episode of TNA iMPACT scored a 1.25 rating with 1,733,000 viewers. This is TNA’s highest rating since the October 14th show after Bound For Glory. This week’s number is up likely due to fallout from Genesis and the debut of Matt Hardy.

– As seen the other day, former WWE star Shane Helms signed a contract on video for his YouTube page, that would see him return in 2011. It’s been revealed now that Helms has signed with Lucha Libre USA on MTV2. The first season of the show didn’t do to well but they’ve been working on the second season and have action figures coming out soon.

  • Chris E.

    The midget match on the first episode was darn good. The smallest guy flew around like a young Rey Mysterio. Trenesha Biggers (TNA’ Rhaka Khan) came in and powerbombed the little guy from the top rope so her team could get the win. 😀

  • CM Mark

    @Ron ROFL!

    The ratings have improved because someone worth a damn is the TNA champion now.

  • shawn

    and the combo specifically comes with bananna juice

  • Ron

    @elvisD dont forget the grapes!

  • Jon-Jon

    Amazing Kong was on there once, as well. And they also have a midgets division (which isn’t called that obviously lol) that’s made up of real talented competitors. Also, the action figures are already out in Wal-Mart. Alot of people have found them, and they’re 10 dollars for a figure that has an acceossry packaged with it. Then there’s figures with a life-sized mask that costs about 20 I believe.

  • Chris E.

    Yeah Kim, check it out at the Lucha Libre USA website and matches on MTV’ website. It is a decent alternative. Corleone is from Mark Jindrak from WCW and WWE, and Chi Chi is Alan Funk from WCW, Petey Williams (TNA), and Carlito (WWE) makes an appearance as well. Tatanka (who I still think can go), and Helms will debut in season two accorting to Wikipedia. I would imagine this will be Lucha Libre US style but as long as most of the matches are as solid as the first episode, I will be happy.

  • elvisD

    The Matt Hardy Burger :
    White Bread
    Stale Meat
    Tyler Reks Haircut
    No Talent
    Riding the Coat Tails of his brother
    Fatty Inside Layer of Cheese Puffs and Bischoff Goo

    Comes complete with a Side of fries
    G-String he kept from Lita
    And a trusty computer to rant when things don’t go his way! waaaaaaa

  • Kim

    I thought for sure Helms would have went to TNA. He was always a good wrestler and if he can still go he will fit in good there. I never heard of Lucha Libre USA before I will have to look it up.

    And Matt Hardy does not look fat to me. He lost alot of weight and looks like he is trying to get back into good shape again. Now the hairstyle on the other hand needs to go.

  • Rucdogg

    I dont see how everyone is saying Matt Hardy got fat, hes in a lot better shape than he was at the tale end of his WWE run, but lets not forget he didnt get that big gut until he had the apendectomy(spelling?). He looks more muscular tho, no homo, hahahaha

  • Eric Nixon

    Thank God that Hekms will not show up on TNA. I really don’t have anything against him, but TNA there isn’t a single “free agent” out there that can do anything that a current member of the roster can’t do.

  • Chris E.

    I never heard of Lucha Libre USA until I read this article . I watched the first show on Youtube, and it wasn’t bad. The “bad guy” announcer sounds like a tool, though. He doesn’t even make sense on a bunch of stuff he says.
    Helms better find his old WCW self if he is trying to fit in there. The fat, sloppy Helms of recent days could be announcer or water boy but not wrestler.

  • d

    i can see it now matt hardy gets endorsements from burger king

  • drg

    i doubt the ratings have anything to do with matt hardy debuting. id say more like anderson winning the world belt from hardy and the immortal stuff, which would be considered what you called the fallout from genesis.

  • Jigsawkilla714

    dude… never heard of the lucha libre usa. that’s pretty sick how they got PETTY WILIAMS, RELLIK & cARLITO THERE!

  • Juggalo

    Huh… kinda seems a poor choice for Helms, lol. You’d think he could have made that a TNA tryout just based on his connections. It is possible he’s still getting paid more I guess, haha.

  • CC

    So all those people in the know who said Helms had signed a TNA contract really dont know as much as they think.