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TNA iMPACT Rating from Thursday, Details from Abyss’ Dental Surgery, More

– As noted before, Abyss underwent dental surgery on Thursday night after injuries he suffered in a match with Rob Van Dam at the iMPACT tapings. Word is that Abyss will not miss any ring time from the injuries. He had repair work done to his upper lip and had 4-5 damaged teeth pulled.

– Stan sent word that this past Thursday’s iMPACT had 18 minutes and 48 seconds of in-ring action, down from last week’s 35 minutes and 48 seconds.

– This past Thursday’s episode of TNA iMPACT scored a 1.17 rating, up from the 1.14 rating from the previous week.

Partial source: PWInsider

  • DuffmanLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Well 18mins is better than the 9 they had not too long ago lol and if that was Orton who got kicked by RVD, he would have been crying for the ref to stop the match and then get RVD fired.

  • erik

    tna and wwe have very little wrestling matches. it is all talk and promos. in wwe it is cena talking and others wasting people time. In tna it is hogan and his old friends talking about things that happen 20 years ago. I hope roh or shimmer gets a big 3 year tv deal with tnt or tbs so i can see wrestling.

  • venom

    There was only 18 minutes of in ring action because Hogan probably stole the spot light.

  • Cobra

    Every week, the Ratings are down (Although they were slightly up this week but nothing to brag about) and less wrestling.. less than 20 minutes of wrestling is ridiculous. Hogan really did ruin TNA, I’m starting to believe Vince set this up cause I thought TNA was on the right track until Hogan came on board

  • The Great One

    Is everyone missing the fact that in a 2 hour show TNa had 18 minutes of wrestling lol what kind if bullshit is that

  • @Jon-Jon: Very well said.

  • Dannl

    Got to give the guy credit, finishing the match and even the stuff after as well.

    @Jon-Jon yeah, I’d have been crying likea2-year old. The look on hogans face said it all.

  • @ The Man

    Abyss is a OLTBWCKYAWOHTBHB. One Legitmately Tough Bastard Who Could Kick Your Ass With One Hand Tied Behind His Back.

    Major props to Abyss for continuing the match and then wrestling the next night. He is one tough son of a bitch, and he deserves to be highlighted as a main event player. He’s one of the few guys in TNA that has recieved that big money offer from the WWE and has turned it down numerous times to stay loyal to TNA. Respect to Abyss, without a doubt.

  • Shay

    Wow, this wrestling stuff is no joke, I see.

  • Stevie

    @The Man

    What a dumb name. Come up with something better next time.

  • The Man

    Abyss is a srstfg. Stupid Retartd Shit Teeth Fat Giant

  • venom

    RVD was probably high and kicked Abyss the wrong way.