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TNA Impact **Spoilers** for 10/20/16 and 10/27/16

Here are the spoilers for TNA Impact’s 10/20/16 tapings:

* The Hardys def. Decay in a Lethal Lockdown match to retain tag titles

* Bobby Lashley def. Moose

* The Miracle Mike Bennet def. Mahabali Shera with Maria Kanellis ringside

* Eddie Edwards def. Cody to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Here are the spoilers for TNA Impact’s 10/27/16 tapings:

* Eli Drake/Aron Rex def. Jessie Godderz/Ethan Carter III

* The Hardys came out for a promo. Brother Nero sings his “Obsolete” song. The Tribunal came down to attack.

* Cody & Brandi Rhodes def. Mike Bennett & Maria Kanellis in an intergender match

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