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Will TNA Impact Wrestling Continue to Air Live?

According to a new report by PWInsider, Spike TV has indicated that there are new plans to possibly keep Impact Wrestling as a live weekly broadcast on Thursday nights.

Original plans called for the show to only run for just the summer time, and then go back to being taped on Monday and Tuesday nights.

As of this writing, nothing has been finalized and its just in the stages of discussion.

  • eric

    thing is been watching tna since 2004 when it was on fsc fox sports channel in 2004. bacxk days of amw 3lw team canada, aj styles, raven abyss with james mitchell jeff hardy, monty brown etc thing is tna has always been an alterative to wwe. something diffent that wwe doesn’t do. but not competion. atm tna is having women wrestling and high flying x divison action book week to week basis. book very well on tv and ppv. 2 things wwe doesn’t do well. that is book there women divas or have a high flying divison. divas divison is doa pretty dead at moment. tna needs come out with new ideas so they can give wwe a big run for money. wcw had nwo outsiders thing in summer 1996-1998 for 2 yrs. i and alot of pro wrestling fans. would love to see some company go mainstream give wwe a run for money. Because in 90’s wwe had 2 companies to deal with in forms of competion. paul heyman ecw which was decent company in 90’s brought hardcore wrestling style in mainstream in 90’s went mainstream in 1997 aftre barely legal 1997 ppv. then wcw also big competion with highflying crusierweight divison and also nwo faction which made wwe lose alot cash. wwe had to go away from family friendly product. go more edgy, violence get creative to survie and beat wcw and ecw. wwe doesn’t have it right now. there is no competion atm. which is very sad. shows why wwe only has good raw once every 4-6 weeks. when wwe had competion in 1995-2001 creative writing team on raw had step it up every night. talent writers everyone step it up. it was great time to be pro wrestling fan. wwe is at is’s best when it has competion. i love tna since3 2004. still do. but there are not competion to wwe. in my opinion tna needs new ideas to attract alot viewers peel them off raw go impact on thursday nights. also promote tna alot better. i mean jbl said it best on honky tonk man radio show last yr. when he said wwe can just put name wwe on sign or anywhere people will come. also said he doesn’t know why tna has trouble filling seats and arenas. because kurt angle dudleys, jeff hardy, jeff jarrett all draw money in wwe. well i agree with angle and hardy and dudleys drawing money. i mean angle was in wwe. he draw 54,000 people at wm19 as wwe champion in 2003. jeff hardy draw alot money with all little kids wearing his shirts. also draw ratings. that why wwe put world title on him 2 times in wwe. dudleys were most over tag team in wwe in 2000-2004 when they were there.

  • SYM

    Hey Genius Pena beat you to the News again!

  • Will Henderson

    hope Spike does keep Impact Wrestling live permanent. i enjoy the live nature more then the pre-taped nature.