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TNA Impact Wrestling Moving to a New Time

TNA and Spike TV issued a press release announcing that Impact Wrestling will begin airing 1 hour earlier each week, starting May 31st. They cited “more available viewers” and “less sports competition” in the earlier timeslot.


Spike TV’s highly-rated two-hour weekly series, TNA’s “IMPACT Wrestling” is moving to a new timeslot. On Thursday, May 31 “IMPACT Wrestling will air at 8:00pm ET/PT, moving from its previous timeslot of 9:00pm ET/PT.

The shift to 8:00pm is predicated on the fact that there are more available viewers in the 8:00-10:00pm timeslot with less sports competition in the 8pm hour.

TNA’s flagship series, “IMPACT Wrestling,” airs weekly on Spike TV and is one of the network’s top-rated series. The show is must-see-tv with young men and currently ranks among the top series on cable on Thursdays with Men 18-34.

The TNA roster features many of the top names in wrestling including Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle, Bobby Roode, Sting, James Storm, Rob Van Dam, and the lovely and lethal Knockouts.

  • Jason

    Pretty much Tom

  • TomC

    You children are absolutely HILARIOUS . . .

    You can’t be PRO-WRESTLING fans, can you? You have to insist it’s WWE or nothing. GROW UP, kids … GROW UP

    TNA is more of what pro-wrestling USED TO BE than WWE is these days. WWE is a cartoon version of it’s former self when it was actually “legitimate” – like 25 years ago.

  • Mongo

    That’s funny sounds like TNA is trying to reach the kids now going on an hour earlier so kids don’t have to stop watching when bed time is called. Next thing you know they will start having idiots who suck on the mic start talking on the mic and terrible story angles, and botched moves…oh wait…they already have those don’t they…

  • GMan

    @jason I’ll admit WWE has gone soft but I’ll CM Punk and Brock Lesnar over Garrett Bischoff and Hulk “Sextape” Hogan. TNA was good when they had matches like Joe, Styles, and Daniels closing the show!

  • SYM

    Look If TNA went Live & Changed the Night of Impact to like Wedsneday they would have a little More Ratings but who Cares about the Ratings & Buyrates. Every WWE PPV in 2010 was at TNA buys & every SmackDown since They Moved to SyFy has gotten less Ratings. Its gotta be ugly before it becomes Pretty. And if you Saw LockDown TNA will soon be Pretty!

  • Myers

    So the thought process is instead of going up against one hour of the NBC & CBS shows, they are going to go up against the full 2 hours? Interesting choice.

  • Jason

    Kids like you need to go to bed. WWE is more your speed via the kiddie product have fun watching that train crash of a show while the adult fan base which is what TNA aims for and gets according to the demo reports watch the adult wrestling show. Kids

  • JohnCena33

    DANG! Looks like TNA will get an extra 7000 viewers. Oh wait Jason will say “We expect to get about 1.2 million more viewers.”

  • JohnCena33

    “Spike TV’s highly-rated two-hour weekly series”

  • SaveUs150FPS

    Dang its sad to see what happened to TNA,before Bishoff and Hogan took over everyone was so excited to see where it was going and as soon as they signed, TNA’s hype crashed so fast. Its unfortunate that they are not succeeding because if they did, it would mean better wrestling for all us fans.

  • The Ryder Revolution

    TNA should just walk to Vinces office and give them the company….They wont be going anywere

  • SYM

    YES! TNA & The Pauly D Project won’t be on at the same Time!

  • ant

    am i the only one pissed about this???? this is gonna directly conflict with my viewing of The Vampire Diaries at 8 o clock. 🙁