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TNA Impact Wrestling Posts Another Low Rating

– Thursday’s episode of TNA Impact Wrestling scored a very low rating of 0.84. This week’s show averaged only 1.058 million viewers. These numbers are way down from last week’s show which scored a 0.99 rating with 1.265 million viewers.

Thursday’s episode of Impact Wrestling drew the fewest viewers since the June 3rd, 2010 episode when it went up against the NBA Finals.

  • TomC

    I see the resident DOUCHEBAG, PrinceAlbert, is still posting his mental midget crap. Nice to see some things never change. – LMAO !!

  • Kingalbert

    lol and the tna fag boy were getting excited and thought it was on the rise, knew it would drop.

  • wcwsaturdaynight

    @Rabid… your right on every thing you have said about the wrestling business, and so are u Eric, WWE is lame, and TNA can’t seem to stay consistent. But in my opinion, TNA has the best chance of breaking the mold, they have it all, the talent, the wrestling, the ok story lines, cool wrestlers, cool and INOVATIVE ideas, they just need that one factor that they need to find, then after that, WWE could be no more. WWE right now is just lying to itself :-l

  • rabid

    @eric … I think it has to do with this day an age… Ive watched a ton of prowrestling cant even imagine how money ive spent on it, and i feel like the wwe has lost something. I feel like they were trying to turn the corner when they dropped the brand extensions but they stalled out after that. Truthfully cm punk is the best thing they have and byfar the most entertaining with the exception of what some of the big names bring…. “Alot of the entertainers” feel generic and punks character feels real and is something a fan can latch on to. Imo if tna could mesh the storylines that they had when jarrett ran things with the longevity and depth of the storylines they have now noone could stop them. Tna has the excitement and now they just need to tweak the substance . I find myself wanting to watch tna more than raw. Ive completely given up on smackdown …. Heres to things looking up for all of pro wrestling

  • eric

    Also i would like to add. wwe and old wcw had no problem hanging with nfl on monday nights. during the monday night wars between wcw vs wwe or back then wwf from 1995-2001 wcw wwf was doing huge ratings. business was great. wcw nitro wwf monday night raw was great. had no problem with nfl on monday nights. because every night creative writing teams and talent step up on wcw and wwf. There is 3 problems i see with pro wrestling/sportsentertainment. 1. no competion for wwe. vince bought out all competion wcw and ecw. 2. lack of talent in wwe. talent pool is not as great in 2012 as it was 10-15 yrs ago. stars in wwe are not as interesting as stonecold, the rock, hbk, hhh, taker, dx, it is not must see tv. 3. writing team is horrible. wwe has people who have no exiperence in business. they have bunch of hollywood writers who have no clue what they are doing. I would rather pop in old ppv vhs tape or dvd from 1995-2007 than watch current wwe. even in 2007 wwe was alot better than right now.

  • eric

    Could tna possibley get rid of hogan? it is not 90’s anymore i and other do not want see hogan in evey damn segment! we get it he is broke! He looks stupid. With his lame nwo 15 yrs old beard. stupid clothes. I agree with cm punk hulk hogan does dress like a teenager. Tna was alot better show. before tna hired hogan ans bischoff. they have nothing new to offer tna. just old stale crap from 15 yrs ago. sting vs hogan bound for glory 2011. that was great match. It was really big ppv buys 15 yrs ago in 1997 wcw. when sting and hogan were alot younger could go in ring. It seems tna is either ripping off old wwe ideas. ex hall of fame, general mangers. or doing old ideas bischoff did in wcw. aces andf 8’s invading tna. is nothing more than old 15 yr nwo angle. tna needs to get rid of hogan and bischoff. tna was million times more enjoyable in 2004-2009. hogan and bischoff need go asap. tna is still in 1’s they needs get rid of hogan bischoff whose ideas are nothing new. They should have hired heyman 2 yrs ago in 2010. Who knows? They could be doing alot higher ratings be in mainstream. heyman is creative genius and made ecw maindtream. tna should have hired heyman. not hogan and bischoff. who bring no new ideas to table!

  • rabid

    Wow so a tv show is up one week and down another… What has the world come too…lol…. Looks like nfl won this week with the low rating at both raw and tna.. looking forward to the go home show on thursday

  • luckysalt

    Not good going into their biggest PPV of the yr