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TNA Impact Wrestling Rating Up Coming Out of Bound For Glory, Eric Bischoff Comments

– Coming out of Bound For Glory, the October 20th episode of TNA’s Impact Wrestling scored a 1.35 cable rating with 2,019,000 viewers. This would be TNA’s second best rating of 2011, next to when Sting returned earlier in the year.

Regarding the ratings, Eric Bischoff wrote on Twitter:

“Ever notice how the shows that the dirt sites put over get the lowest ratings and the ones they bury get the highest? hmmmm.”

  • macho.can

    i watched to see the storm win but that was the worst episode iv seen in a long time! That promo at the start was ridiculous…40 minutes. Then they had a rubbish womens match then…a promo…the first mens match which lasted 2 minutes then a velvet sky promo. Then velvet went to the ring and cut a 10 minute promo. The storm win was great but that show sucked…total nonstop lipflapping!

  • RUSTanator

    the reason the ratings are up is the return of hulkamania!!!!!!

  • CM Mark

    Hardy will be champ again in 30 days…lol. Whatever he is or isn’t, he sells tickets. Sad but true.

  • ice cream bar SUPERstar

    Bischoff bragging about a 1.35 rating is pretty funny.

  • Stone Cold Truth

    Sadly the lowest rated segment of the show was Storm winning the World Title. The highest segments were the Hogan/Sting/Dixie, Knockouts Match and Hardy/Jarrett.

  • CM Mark

    I like the no Hogan on tv part.

  • Ironcross

    @ Mike if tthat happens i’ll jizz a load over my shoulder

  • me

    there’s no accounting for taste i guess.

  • Mike Oxafloppin

    The ratings, I believe, will go up if Storm and Roode are allowed to go balls to the wall with a World Title feud, and Hogan possibly staying the fuck off tv

  • venom

    Bischoff is a dumbas. hmmm. I think the ratings went up because everybody wanted to see Storm win the title. I was one of the few who watched it.