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TNA Impact Wrestling Rating, Knockout in a Car Accident, Ric Flair Update

– Ric Flair is being advertised for TNA live events in Worcester, Massachusetts on January 20th, Plymouth, Massachusetts on January 21st and Lowell, Massachusetts on January 22nd. Flair is not booked for upcoming TNA live events in Flair Country – the Carolinas and Virginia.

– TNA Knockout Brooke Tessmacher was involved in a car accident last week. She wrote on Twitter:

“Sry 4 being so mia the past few days.. I got in a wreck on my bday and then very sick the day after… Ill be back to normal amusing u soon! I’m am fine from the wreck. Def wasn’t from drinking. It was at 2pm. No drinking and driving!”

– Thursday’s go-home episode of TNA Impact Wrestling scored a 1.07 cable rating with 1,440,000 viewers.

  • Nicholas G

    You know what don’t understand Ric Flair sometimes. I mean he can still be a major player in wrestling just not in the ring. I understand he has money trouble which is why he is wrestling in TNA. But there are other things he can do in TNA manage like he did with Evalution yeah he wrestle a little bit put he was more of a manager. Do color do something else put just don’t get in the ring. It looks bad every times he gets in the ring. Now not bashing Ric Flair at all just feel that wrestlemania 24 was a great send off for his in ring career an he had a heck of a send off party. What more does he want respect Ric Flair a lot just think he could do better for wrestling doing other stuff out side the ring he just looks bad that is all I am saying.

  • break the walls down

    well she has some top shelf airbags to protect her

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Haha, I was just thinking the same about her.

  • Matt

    well she has some top shelf airbags to protect her 😀

  • bonerjams

    It’s a good thing nothing bad happened to that sweet piece of ass.
    What? Ha ha
    Ric flair should retire
    I would have gone the route of heyman and released all the old timers with the exception of the olympic hero.

  • venom

    I was hoping the Flair update to say that he retired for good.

  • Nick is AWSOME!!!

    ha ha only 2pm Matt Hardy would have already been wasted and drunk tweeted 60 plus times and have 3 youtube suicide videos and crashed a car by noon.