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TNA Impact Wrestling Rating from Thursday, Bischoff Comments on Chris Sabin

– Eric Bischoff commented on Chris Sabin’s injury via Twitter:

“Chris Sabin is a class act, a real pro, and will overcome this setback. Keep your chin up Chris, lots of fans behind you!”

– The June 14th episode of TNA’s Impact Wrestling did a 1.02 rating with 1,341,000 viewers.

  • TomC

    Always so much fun and laughter to read the ignoramus comments from the embedded TNA Haters – such as “Maxwell” and “Prince Albert” above.

    It must really bug the crap out of you two children that TNA continues to endure and improve, doesn’t it? CHOKE ON IT, you clowns.


  • poko

    @King Albert

    Er. Actually, his use of a comma is right in that instance. It’s perfectly fine to use a comma to separate three or more elements in a sentence, even with the “and”. It’s called a serial comma.

    This has to be kind of embarrassing to you, but you know what they say about glass houses.

    Now, back on topic, I’m actually kind of impressed by that rating. Wasn’t last Thursday game 2 of the NBA Finals? I’d honestly expected something in the .8 range.

  • adam

    @king albert not really i mean smackdown and raw at times dont get ratings much better then that and there not over.

  • King Albert

    Shit rating, Impact is over.

  • King Albert

    Eric needs to go back to fuckin school, this cunt is retarded, you don’t use and after a ( , ) haha.

  • adam

    The best thing for tna is to do for it to be like it has been the past few weeks have it live. Taking the hogans off the air would be nice as well. The 6 sided ring as entertaning as that was and as much as i liked it it seemed that most of the wrestlers did not like that compared to the traditional ring.

  • Maxwell

    ^No, best thing TNA could do is going of the air.

  • Thumper!

    Going live is the best thing Impact Wrestling could’ve done. Next step. Get the Hogan’s off TV and bring back the six sided ring.