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TNA Impact Wrestling Rating & Viewership News

Thursday’s episode of TNA Impact Wrestling scored a 0.96 rating, down one-tenth of a rating from a 1.07 rating last week.

Impact averaged 1.22 million viewers, down 200,000 viewers from an average of 1.42 million viewers last week.

Impact ranked #46 on cable, #35 among males 18-34, which was one of the lowest ranks of the year, and #21 among males 18-49.

  • KingAlbert

    Lol, rating do show who has the better product, Theshowoff will be saying Impact will be better then raw even when all the workers have left.

    Notice i say workers and not talent.

  • Stockton Joe

    @Austin – sorry, but TNA has been around for a decade now. I don’t expect huge blockbuster ratings out of them. But right now they’re just treading water – badly. They’re barely breaking even. There have been rumors of financial problems for some time now. It was a year ago (if memory serves) that Panda Energy (sole owners of TNA) put them on a pay/go basis. Since then, they’ve been letting people go left and right. And they’ve been bringing in new people. Usually, when a company does that, it’s to save on payroll. And yet they continue to pay Hogan and Bischoff – and I doubt that they come cheap. So I suspect their financial woes run deeper than they admit.

    I don’t want to see TNA fail. Anybody who give Vince a run for his money is doing a GOOD thing. I just see a lot of warning signs in what TNA is doing.

  • Austin

    It’s just wierd when you guys think TNA will pull amazing ratings when they’ve been a company for like 50 years less than WWE

  • Loopy420

    @sym….. I am impartial to wwe/TNA I’m just a wraslin fan. But it seems like every week when we are reading the ratings you always have an excuse for their ratings.

  • SYM

    Do some of you Genius’ have anything better to do? The VMA’s were going on. There were Celebrities all over the place and there were Promos for it on every channel. Some Wrestling Fans don’t even know TNA Exists.

  • The Showoff

    Too bad the ratings don’t show that TNA is putting on a better show than WWE is most weeks, and this is coming from a WWE fan that just started watching TNA again recently.

  • StocktonJoe

    You think it’ll take a whole YEAR??? They’re jettisoning talent (or talent is fleeing) in wholesale lots. Next thing you know, we’ll be reading about TNA bouncing paycheques. I think it’s probably less than a year. I could be wrong, but I think less than a year.

  • JohnCena33

    TNA in the toliet or Vinces wallet in one year.