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TNA Impact Wrestling Rating & Viewership News

Thursday’s episode of TNA Impact Wrestling scored a 0.99 rating. Impact rebound from year-low mid-0.8 ratings the past two weeks, but returned to the same rating from three weeks ago.

Impact averaged 1.25 million viewers, which was up from year-low viewership the past two weeks, but fewer than Impact three weeks ago.

This year’s Impact following Bound for Glory was lower than previous years. The 2011 post-BFG episode scored a 1.4 rating and averaged 2.01 million viewers. In 2010, the post-BFG show scored a 1.4 rating and averaged 1.9 million viewers.


  • Eric

    I watch tna impact every week since 2004 back when tna was on fsn when abyss w mitchell. james mitchell would do hand signal. say doomsday abyss would hit blackhole slam. tna should bring back james mitchell he great manager for abyss. remember him as manger for wrath and mortus wcw 1997

  • JIR

    Honestly I just watch matches from TNA on the web just because I cant stand some of their talent

  • scooter

    So TNA are putting on quality shows right now and more people were watching when the prodcut was shit… I’ve said it before sometimes internet fans need to put up or shut up, if you like the product make it clear to them that you want to see more of whats going on right now and less of Abyss taking the HOF ring to Mt. Hulkster or whatever!

  • SYM

    WWE Main Event is getting 0.9, go TNA.