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TNA Impact Wrestling Rating & Viewership News

Thursday’s episode of TNA Impact Wrestling scored a 1.07 rating, which is down from last weeks 1.15 rating.

Impact averaged 1.42 million viewers, down 300,000 viewers from last week’s 1.72 million viewers. Two weeks ago Impact was slightly below 1.46 million.

On cable TV Thursday night, Impact ranked #41 in overall viewers, #10 among males 18-34, and #14 among males 18-49, which are around the yearly average.

  • Kingalbert

    SYM if TNA was as good as you losers say it was they would be getting much better ratings, 1.whatever is just pathetic for 10 years, get a life, 20th year prob push the 2.0’s in ratings.

  • Austin

    Hogan is great and Tna’s been great, if you don’t like TNA then don’t look at the TNA news idiots.

  • eric

    It would be better if they would get rid of hulk hogan. i am sick of seeing hogan on tv. he is waste of money and tv time. he is not in his prime. or a rating draw anymore. tna needs show him door. this is not 80’s or 90’s anymore hogan!

  • Justin sane

    I’ve watched a few shows lately, the aces and eights thing has been entertaining, and the abyss stuff has been cool too. Im not a tna fan but they’ve given me a few reasons to watch online.

  • Berto

    ^^^^^fuck you sym, Tna totally suck donkey dick and you suck their hairy balls!!!

  • SYM

    Oh my Gawd Cena33 your ass was suppose to be gone from the site, and incase you didn’t notice TNA has been much better in recent weeks, if you really cared about the wrestling you wouldn’t mind a little faulty ratings.

  • JohnCena33

    You guys remember the last episode of WCW? Booker T d. Steiner, then to end there ICONIC FEUD, STING d. FLAIR. That WAS AWWWWWESSSSOOOOOOMEE.

    Robbie E d. Taz
    Eric Young d. ODB in a ladder Match
    Earl Hebner d. AJ Styles
    Mike Tenay d. Taz
    Kurt Angle d. Everyone Else

  • JohnCena33

    Funny, when WCW was at its 10th year they were averaging a 4 in viewership, and TNA is still at a 1, lol.

  • JohnCena33

    TNA’s Future
    1. Vinces Wallet
    2. In the toliet

  • Justin sane

    I helped with the ratings. I left my TV on and left for dinner when I came back it was on spike and impact was ending…