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TNA Impact Wrestling Report – 5/15/14

Eric Young arrives at the building and says he’s here to talk to MVP. The Mystery Cameraman says he looks like he’s here to do mroe than talk, and Young says he just wants to chat with his boss. MVP’s limo shows up and EY goes after him, but a large security force drags him away, and MVP gets out of the limo with a smile on his face and says he should check his attitude because a guy can get hurt acting like that.

We go to a video package looking back at last week’s closing segment where MVP attacked Eric Young and named himself the #1 contender to the TNA World Title, then EY comes out to the ring and says he trusted MVP and so did the locker room. They were hoping for something different, for change, anything that was better than Dixie Carter. He promised to be a fighting champion and he’s done that, and now he’s going to make another promise: this kind of stuff isn’t going to happen on his watch. If MVP wants the World Title, he’ll have to take it from him, and if he wanted EY in the ring, all he had to do was ask. MVP better watch what he wishes for because Young is crazy and he doesn’t want to wait until Slammiversary, so he wants MVP to bring his deadbeat, women’s leotard-wearing ass out here now. MVP comes up on the screen and says that EY can throw all the verbal jabs at him that he want, and he should be grateful for putting him in the Gauntlet match that put him in the title picture to begin with. He didn’t think Young had a snowball’s chance in hell of winning the title, but it played into his plan because Young became his patsy. Pushing pencils isn’t for him, and he knows where the true power lies: being the TNA World Champion. He’s going to give Young a few more weeks to be the champion, and then he’s taking the title at Slammiversary and sending him back to what he does best: being an insignificant nobody. Young says again that he wants to fight MVP tonight, but MVP says he’d better bring the big guns because he’s not coming alone. Even if Young does get through his security, he still doesn’t like his odds. Young throws the microphone down and goes after MVP.

Dixie Carter is driving around Nashville with Spud and a camera crew, but they pull up to her house and see a table spraypainted “Dixie fears Bully” leaned up against a tree on her front lawn.

We see a video package looking at the recent history between Brutus Magnus, Bram, and Willow, then Willow does a Willow promo telling Magnus and Bram to face him and meet their fate.

We come back from commercial, and Magnus and Bram have cornered Willow backstage. Willow can’t fight the odds and gets beaten down and herded to the ring to start our opening match…

Willow vs Brutus Magnus & Bram

Magnus and Bram work Willow over for several minutes until Willow takes Bram out with the Whisper In The Wind. He pummels Bram with the Jeff Hardy combo and then catches him with a handspring slap in the corner. Magnus trips Willow from the floor and allows Bram to hit a Snowplow, then tags Magnus in and tells him to wait so he can go under the ring and hand Magnus a crowbar. Magnus hesitates and Bram yells at him to use it, but Magnus throws the crowbar aside and goes for the Michinoku Driver instead. Willow small packages Magnus and gets 3.

Winner: Willow

Bram goes nuts on Magnus after the match and yells at him for blowing it, but Magnus just walks off and doesn’t seem to be on board with Bram’s ideas.

Eric Young pushes his way past security into MVP’s office backstage, but finds it empty. No problem, he says, and trashes the place before leaving to continue his search.

We head back to Nashville as Dixie sends Spud into her house to look for Bully Ray and tells the camera crew to film everything so everyone sees what happens.

Gail Kim comes out to the ring and says she’s not here for a makeover or to put on an evening gown, she’s here to prove exactly who she is: the hardest working, most passionate Knockout on the roster. She helped build this division, so she wants the Beautiful People to come out and fight. The BPs come out and say that Gail is a darn good wrestler, but she’ll never be the champ because she never should be the champ. The Beautiful People are what everyone should aspire to be: sexy and tough. Angelina says that on behalf of the Beautiful People, they accept her challenge. Velvet jumps Gail from behind and Angelina says that Velvet will be her opponent tonight, and we’re on to the next match!

Gail Kim vs Velvet Sky

Velvet chokes Gail and hits a dropkick for 2, then tosses Gail across the ring by the hair. Gail leapfrogs Velvet and unloads on her with a series of strikes and a dropkick, but gets tossed to the outside and beaten up by Angelina. Velvet continues working Gail over and stops to check her makeup in a mirror Angelina hands her, but stops too long to shoot her mouth off on Gail and gets hit with Eat DaFeet. Gail covers Velvet for the win.

Winner: Gail Kim

Nice to see Velvet Sky, once the centerpiece of the division, reduced back to being Angelina’s pet jobber.

The Menagerie is backstage and Rebel tells Knux how great he looks as he gives Crazy Steve a pep talk on their way to the ring.

We look back at last week when Ethan Carter III beat Kurt Angle after his knee gave out, and we see comments from after last week’s show when he said that if that was Angle’s last match, he did a good thing by passing the torch to EC3. TNA has sent him one meager legend after another and he’s beaten them all. He’s the future of professional wrestling because he destroys the past.

Frankie Kazarian vs Crazy Steve

After the ten minute entrance, Kazarian jumps Crazy Steve and dumps him out to the floor, but he finds himself outnumbered out there and gets pushed over schoolboy style. He goes back inside and charges at Steve, but Steve drops down and Kazarian goes spilling back out to the floor. Steve gets his balloons and puts them in the middle of the ring, then goes to the top rope and hits a flying splash onto the balloons and smashes them. The Freak hops up on the apron and shakes the ropes as Steve pantses the referee and Rebel does some great gymnastics. the referee finally has enough and disqualifies Crazy Steve.

Winner: Frankie Kazarian by DQ

The music was playing the whole time, the whole thing was just a mess.

Austin Aries finds MVP backstage and asks him how he’s going to call him out for not being honest after what he did to Eric Young. A giant security guard stands in Aries’ way, and Aries knocks him out, but the rest of the guards swarm Aries and leave him open for MVP to slip in and knock him out. He tells Aries he doesn’t look so tough now, and tells the security team to get him off the property. Unfortunately, MVP left himself unprotected just as Eric Young finds and attacks him. The cameras are rolling, and we’ll see what happens after this!

We’re back and MVP and Eric Young spent the whole commercial break brawling backstage. MVP gets the advantage as we come back, then Pillmanizes Young’s arm with a chair. MVP puts his tie around Eric’s neck and uses it to drag him out from behind the curtain to ringside and drops Young on the guardrail. Young fires back and they wind up on the ramp, but MVP low blows Young and repeatedly kneelifts him in the sternum before shoving him down the ramp. MVP rams Young’s injured arm into the ring apron and then they head into the ring where MVP lets Young get to his feet and tells him to come on. Young comes out swinging, but MVP winds up on top of Eric and pummels him with punches until security comes out to pull them apart. They repeatedly break free and go after each other, but security gets between them again. MVP yells at them to get out of the ring, all except the two guys holding Eric. MVP kicks Young in the ding ding, then tells the remaining security guys to get out of the ring. He hits a divorce court on Young’s arm, then MVP gets a microphone and tells Young that he made his point and gets his wish: he gets his World Title match tonight.

Back to Nashville as Spud sneaks through Dixie’s house, then hides behind a couch when he hears Bully complaining about the crappy wine Dixie keeps here despite all the money she has. Bully finds Spud and the cameraman and takes Spud down to the ground. He throws Spud’s cell phone away and tells the cameraman not to go anywhere.

Ken Anderson vs James Storm

Anderson is in a rage, and goes right after Storm like a man possessed. He clotheslines him out to the floor and rams him into the ring steps, the barricade, the ring apron, then dumps him back inside. Storm catches Anderson with a shoulderblock on the ring apron and then rams him into the ringpost. Storm goes back outside to continue the assault on Anderson, slamming his arm into the ring steps. They go back inside and Anderson catches Storm with a rolling neckbreaker, then hits a Finlay Roll and sets up for the Mic Check. Storm catches a low blow behind the referee’s back and cradles Anderson with his feet on the ropes, but the referee sees that and stops the count. Storm with a DDT for 2, then goes and gets a beer bottle from under the ring. The ring crew must be a real bunch of drunks. Storm chugs the beer and goes to swing the bottle at Anderson, but Anderson ducks and goes for the Mic Check. Storm spits his beer in Anderson’s face as the referee gets rid of the bottle, then he hits the Last Call and covers Anderson for the win.

Winner: James Storm

Hey, James Storm wins a match! Good to see the most talented guy in the company get his hand raised for once.

We look back at Sacrifice when Anderson and Christy Hemme sent Samuel Shaw to the nut house, then we go to the nut house where Shaw is sitting in a padded room with a straitjacket on. Someone comes in and tells him that Shaw has a visitor…Christy.

We see another video package of Sanada training to defend the honor of Japan and the Great Muta, then we’re off to the ring for a three way title match…

X Division Title Match: Sanada vs DJ Z vs Tigre Uno

Zema Ion has his ribs wrapped up to sell the bump last week in a nice touch. Sanada and Tigre double team Zema, then go after each other. Sanada gets the better of that exchange, but gets backjumped by Zema. That doesn’t last long before Sanda gets the rolling guillotine for 2. Zema counters a monkey flip by dropping Sanada face first on the top turnbuckle, then chokes the poor guy on the top rope. Sanada fires back with some hard chops, but Tigre Uno finally decides to rejoin us with a flying bodypress, then pulls out several more high flying moves before getting dumped to the floor by Zema. Sanada quickly comes in and pops Zema over with a Tiger suplex for the win.

Winner: Sanada

Back to Dixie’s house as Dixie, who was apparently standing around outside all this time, gets a call on her cell phone. She thinks it’s Spud, but it’s actually Bully Ray on Spud’s phone saying that Spud is a little tied up at the moment, and now she’s all alone.

Back to Sam Shaw, as it turns out not to be Christy coming by to see him, but Gunner. He says he’s here because he thinks Sam is in trouble and needs someone to talk to.

Before we get to go too much further with that, we look back at last week when Kurt Angle was injured again and went back on the shelf.

Back to Dixie Carter’s house, as she says she just wants to talk things out with Bully and make this go away. She finds Spud, then sees Bully standing there asking if she thought it would come to this. Bully says she caused all this, he is standing in her home because of her, and if she never did what she did at Sacrifice, he wouldn’t be as pissed as he is. He asks Dixie if she really thinks he’s afraid of her, then asks if he wants to leave her house and leave her alone. She says yes, so he says he just wants her to come clean and say that Dixie Carter fears Bully Ray. She starts to say “Dixie Carter fears…” and then Ethan Carter III comes out of nowhere and knocks Bully Ray out with a suckerpunch. Dixie crouches over Bubba and finishes, “…NO ONE. DIXIE CARTER FEARS NO ONE.”

MVP and Eric Young are backstage, and they’re…PUTTING ON THEIR WRIST TAPE! The World Title is on the line…NEXT!

We see last week’s confrontation between MVP and Bobby Roode and learn that MVP has suspended Roode until further notice, and then it’s main event time!

Or at least it will be after the commercial break, because Young attacks MVP during his entrance and they wind up brawling on the floor. MVP gets the advantage and does more damage to Young’s arm, leaving him laying as we head to break.

TNA World Title Match: Eric Young vs MVP

We’re back and the match officially begins after MVP spent the whole commercial break beating Young up. He just beats the crap out of Young and drills a knee into the gut, but only gets 2 off a cover. Young is just getting no offense as MVP has his way with Young, but Young dodges a charging Yakuza kick in the corner and finally starts to fire back on MVP. He hits a discus clothesline and a flying forearm, and he goes to the top rope for the flying elbow when Kenny King comes out and shoves him off the top rope.

Winner:Eric Young by DQ

King lays waste to Young and gives him the Royal Flush, then MVP tells the referee to restart the match. The referee says he won’t do it, so King knocks him out. MVP asks him what he’s doing, but shrugs it off when he and King go back to beating Young down. Bobby Lashley’s music hits and he comes running out, but spears Young and is apparently in on the plan with MVP and King. King sets up a chair platform and Lashley powerslams Young through it. MVP says there’s one last element missing, and he takes the TNA World Title belt and holds it high over the motionless form of Eric Young. MVP lays the belt across Young’s prone form and pats him on the head, then slides the belt under his head as if to tell Young to enjoy the belt while he has it.

The show closes with a promo package for next week, saying that things are going to explode when Eric Young, MVP, and Dixie Carter are all in the same place at the same time.