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TNA Impact Wrestling Report – 5/22/14

We start off with a video package looking back at last week when MVP fought Eric Young and was joined by Kenny King and Bobby Lashley. We then go to MVP and his crew backstage, and King picks a fight with Frankie Kazarian. King beats Kazarian’s ass, then MVP asks him if that was really necessary. King says not, but this is…and he gives Kazarian one last shot.

MVP and company head out to the ring so MVP can talk about how he’s a brilliant individual who put himself into a position to take the TNA World Title and give his friends a shot. Power has never been given in history, it’s been taken, and sometimes when you take power, blood must be spilled. He knew when he came back to wrestling that he had to change things up again, and never again in his career would he ask permission for anything. Wrestling is a business about money, power, and respect, and you can’t just be a wrestler and have an outstanding career. You have to be a politician, and he’s the best politician in the business right now because he’s in control. The fans may not like it, but it’s true, and just like the fans say he sold out, he’s sold out arenas all over the world. He’d now like to hand the mic to his young brother Kenny, who says that he thought MVP lost his mind when he told him about this plan months ago, but MVP is a genius. He’ll take a bit of credit for that exhibition match they had, as well as the match with Lashley. MVP takes the mic back and thanks him for his contributions, then talks about the biggest free agent signing in wrestling, Bobby Lashley. Lashley says that playing politics won’t work for anyone, so when MVP came to him with the plan, he stuck his hand out and shook it. He puts all his faith in MVP, whom he considers a visionary. MVP starts to talk about how he is a visionary and indeed a god when the Wolves come out to the ring to say they had a ton of respect for MVP when they were on his team at Lockdown. MVP told them it wasn’t abouot money, it was about heart and fighting for the people who care about them. MVP accidentally calls Davey by Eddie’s name, but he never lied to him: he signed him to be a TV star, gavehim a shot to be the TNA World Tag Team Champions, and gave him an opportunity so he wouldn’t have to sit on any more 15 hour bus rides in Japan. He didn’t cut them in on the plan because he doesn’t think they have the heart for it, and Davey says he’s right, they’re not money grubbing politicians who forgot about the fans who made them. MVP says he can terminate their contracts right now and send them back to the indies where they can work for jabroni promoters for table scraps where they belong. The Wolves go after MVP and his crew, but they’re outnumbered and get beaten down. MVP tells them it’s all about power and control as Lashley carries Davey up the ramp while Kenny King sets up a table on the floor. MVP picks Davey up and tells him he’s sorry it has to be this way, and he holds Davey so Lashley can spear him off the stage and through the table. MVP tells the stagehands that they have a mess to clean up.

Eric Young is backstage, and he’s…WALKING!

Dixie Carter’s limo pulls up to the arena, and out pops EC3 and the big cheese herself.

During the break, Davey Richards got loaded into an ambulance and taken to the hospital.

Eric Young staggers out to the ring, still selling the beating he took a week ago. He starts to cut a promo, but MVP comes out and asks if he has something to say to him. EY says to shut up because he’s going to listen to him, and MVP says that’s fine, and calls his friends out to keep him company. EY says people trusted MVP and he stabbed them in the back, and he doesn’t know much about Kenny King other than the fact that he’s a scumbag, but he’s surprised that Bobby Lashley would do something like this. He asks Lashley what he’s going to tell his son when he asks him why everyone calls him a sellout. MVP says Lashley’s son will be behind the wheel of a Lamborghini when he asks that question because he’ll have learned from his father what it takes to be in a position of power. EY talks about selling out, but he wants EY to know there’s no sellouts here, just people motivated by money. He doesn’t know what motivates Young, but MVP and his boys are motivated by money, power, and respect. Young says the people motivate him, and he’s going to show how they do it in TNA. He goes after Lashley, but gets beaten down just like the Wolves did. Austin Aries runs out and fights his way into the ring. He goes right after MVP, but gets tossed across the ring by Lashley. MVP and Lashley take off, but Aries tells MVP that he’s the only one who saw MVP for exactly what he is, and his cheap suits and fake diamond earrings are all fake, but he feels sort of responsible for his big ego. He tells MVP to look at him when he’s talking to him, and tells him to get in the ring with the common denominator of greatness so he can show him what he really is. MVP says he beat Aries before, and he’ll gladly beat his ass again. As for Eric Young, he’ll tell him who his match is against when he’s good and ready.

Bram is backstage with Magnus and says he talked to MVP and got him a match with Willow in a falls count anywhere match. Magnus says he talks to MVP a lot for someone who’s only been here for a few weeks, then says he’s getting tired of Bram. Bram asks what he’s going to do about it, and Magnus lays him out. Bram says that’s exactly what he’s looking for and tells Magnus to go do that to Willow tonight. Bram walks off and Magnus shakes his head and calls him crazy.

Angelina Love is backstage and teases a big announcement, but Gail Kim comes in and picks a fight with her. They get separated as we go to commercial.

The Beautiful People come out to the ring and Angelina says that she did issue an open challenge tonight, but that challenge excludes all former Knockouts Champions. She’s all about building the division, and she has no problem giving a newby a shot at her title, and it’s her honor to give a young up and comer the opportunity of a lifetime. Well, since only one Knockout hasn’t been the champion, I think our choices are a little limited…

Knockouts Title Match: Angelina Love vs Brittany

Angelina jumps Brittany on her way to the ring and proceeds to whup her good. Brittany almost catches Angelina with an inside cradle, but Angelina is out at 2 and goes right back to work on the challenger. Brittany blocks a monkey flip and starts firing back on Angelina. Brittany gets a Russian legsweep for 2, but Angelina catches her with a northern lariat when she tries a handspring elbow in the corner. Angelina goes to the top, but Brittany slams her off and covers for 2. Velvet distracts the referee while Brittany has Angelina rolled up for like a 27 count, and Brittany gets up to pry the referee away from Velvet long enough to count. Angelina has had more than enough time to recover, and drills Brittany with the Botox Injection for the win.

Winner: Angelina Love

Gail Kim runs in and goes after Angelina, flattening her with a pair of clotheslines and then drilling her with repeated punches. Velvet pulls Angelina to safety and they hightail it up the ramp.

Dixie Carter is backstage and says that she’s still the President of the company, and she plans to address MVP’s actions tonight.

By the way, MVP is in action against Austin Aries after this commercial break!

We go to the bar where Ken Anderson asked James Storm for a drink and a game of pool. Storm isn’t down with that, so Anderson suggests darts and golf, but Storm isn’t into that and suggests a drinking contest instead. Oh, this is going to be rich. Anderson tells the bartendress to line them up and make sure they’re cold.

Austin Aries vs MVP

Aries nails MVP with a flying axhandle on his way to the ring, calls him a sellout, and smashes his face into the ring apron. They go inside where Aries keeps up the pressure, climbing on MVP in the corner to drill him with punches, but MVP gets under Aries and dumps him out to the floor. MVP tells the cameraman to line up and get a good shot, then drills Aries with a punch to the face. Aries dodges a Yakuza kick in the corner and starts to mount the comeback. Aries knocks MVP on his rear with a roaring elbow, then hits the IED in the corner and then a second one. Aries goes up for the 450, but King and Lashley run in to cause a DQ.

Winner: Austin Aries by DQ

MVP and company stomp Aries out and King hits the Royal Flush. Eric Young runs in to try and help, but Lashley intercepts Young and gives him the running powerslam. MVP stands over Young and tells him that he’ll announce Young’s opponent now…BOBBY LASHLEY! Dixie Carter’s music suddenly hits and she comes stalking down the ramp. We’ll find out what she wants after this break!

We’re back and Dixie is pissed that MVP has been ignoring her calls, and MVP says she sounds like the rest of the women in his life. MVP says he thought he banned her from the Impact Zone, but Dixie says his actions the last few weeks have required her to be here. MVP asks her what she wants, but Dixie says it’s not about what she wants, it’s about what she can do for him. Bully Ray comes running out and chases Dixie and EC3 off with a baseball bat, but MVP says that he banned Bubba too, and asks why he’s here. Bubba comes into the ring, bat in hand, and says he has something he’s been meaning to tell MVP for a few weeks now on behalf of the wrestlers and fans, and that’s that MVP is a piece of crap, and he’s a piece of crap because he turned on everybody. MVP is standing in this ring because of him and MVP better not forget it. MVP has only been here for a few months, but Eric Young has been here since day one and is someone all the fans love. Young worked his way from the bottom to become the TNA World Champion. MVP says Bubba is tugging his heartstrings, then asks when the guy who threatens people’s children started caring about others. Bubba tells Lashley not to take another step, but Kenny blindsides Bubba and we have yet another 3-on-1 beatdown. Dixie comes back out now that Bubba is down, and EC3 applauds MVP’s crew as they return to the back. Dixie gets in the ring and stands over Bubba and tells Ethan to get the tables. EC3 pulls a table out from under the ring and brings it inside, and sets it up as Dixie slaps Bubba in the face. Bubba backdrops EC3 when he tries to powerbomb him through the table and turns his attention to Dixie, but EC3 clips Bubba’s knee and gives him a spinebuster through the table. Dixie again stands over Bubba and reminds us that she fears no one.

We come back from commercial as Dixie Carter and EC3 are gloating their way across the parking lot when Bully Ray comes running up behind them. They quickly get in their car and speed away just before Bully gets ahold of them.

Falls Count Anywhere: Brutus Magnus vs Willow

They go toe to toe right from the bell and then head out to the floor where Magnus runs Willow into the ring steps and then covers him on the floor for 2. Magnus tries a suplex, but Willow reverses, then rolls Magnus inside and goes to the top rope. He tries a swanton, but Magnus rolls out of the way and Willow hits the mat. Willow is undeterred and hits the Whisper In The Wind for 2. Willow clotheslines Magnus over the top to the floor, then slingshots over the ropes and splashes Magnus for 2 on the floor. Magnus blocks the Twist of Fate and lays Willow out with a clothesline, then Bram hands Magnus the crowbar again and tells him to smash Willow’s head in. Magnus hesitates, then drills him in the gut. Bram screams at him to cave his head in with it,and Magnus goes for it but hesitates again. This time he throws the crowbar away, but the hesitation was enough for Willow to recover and hit the Twist of Fate on the ramp and cover him for the win.

Winner: Willow

Bram looks really disappointed in Magnus and reads him the riot act.

Back to the asylum, where Gunner says he isn’t going anywhere until Shaw realizes he’s not alone and opens up to him. Shaw says he doesn’t know what it’s like in here, and Gunner says that’s where he’s wrong because he’s spent plenty of time in a place like this.

Eddie Edwards is in the parking lot, walking around and holding his ribs. Something tells me he’s going to do something rash.

We’re back at the asylum where Gunner talks about some of the trauma that the recruiters don’t tell you about. He had a friend who lost it, but he was there for him and got him committed into a place just like this, and that’s why he understands exactly what it’s like being here. His friend got better and found himself in the end, and he believes that there’s good inside of Shaw and that he can get better. Shaw asks how Gunner expects him to trust him, and Gunner says for starters, they can try and get the jacket off of him.

Eddie Edwards comes staggering out to the ring holding his ribs. He grabs a mic and tells MVP and his boys to come out and fight him right now. They put Davey in the hospital, but he wants them to come back and try to do it to him too. Kenny King comes out and Eddie goes out and they start fighting on the ramp and around ringside. Eddie gets the better of Kenny until they head back in the ring and Kenny nails Eddie on the way in and lays him out. King gets a microphone and nails Eddie with it, but they go back out to the floor where Eddie starts pummeling him again. Eddie goes into the ring and wipes King out with a dive, then tries to tear his face open. King picks Eddie up and drops him on the rail, causing Eddie to smash his face on the back of a chair, then smashes Eddie’s face into the ring steps. He tells Eddie to tell Davey he said what’s up, then suplexes Eddie onto the ramp. He looks in the camera and tells Davey that Eddie will be in a bed right next to him, then walks off.

We go back to the bar where the drinking continues between Ken Anderson and James Storm. Anderson winks at the camera to let us know that he’s acting drunk but really isn’t.

MVP finds Brian Hebner backstage and apologizes for Kenny King attacking him last week, and he’s going to make it up to him by letting him referee the main event tonight. He says Hebner can make it up to him by doing the right thing out there and not letting him down.

Back to the bar where Storm and Anderson are all drunk and being buddies, but Anderson reveals that he’s been drinking fake beer and isn’t drunk at all. Storm, on the other hand, is completely S-faced, and Anderson proceeds to beat up the impaired Storm, drag him outside, and knock him out by slamming his face into the dumpster.

Jeremy Borash is backstage with Eric Young and asks him if he’s in any condition to fight Lashley tonight, and Young says no way. But Lashley made a mistake by leaving him standing, and he’s going to show Lashley just how crazy he is tonight.

It’s main event time!

TNA World Champion Eric Young vs Bobby Lashley

Lashley goes right after Young, and Young uses his speed to try and avoid Lashley for a bit, but Lashley quickly clotheslines him to the floor and proceeds to repeatedly ram Young’s back into the ring apron. They head back inside where Lashley continues pounding on Young and stretches him through the ropes. Lashley is firmly in control as we go to commercial.

We’re back as Lashley picks Young up for a one armed, delayed vertical suplex for 2. Lashley covers for a series of 2 counts and then locks him in a bearhug. Young gets the boot in Lashley’s face when he charges and then nails him with a flying forearm and a missile dropkick for 2. Young tries to leapfrog Lashley, but Lashley catches him and goes for the powerslam. Young slips out and hits the piledriver, then goes to the top for the elbowdrop. Kenny King and MVP run out and blatantly interfere, but Hebner doesn’t call for a DQ. Lashley hits a spear and the running powerslam for the win.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

MVP gets on top of Young again and drills him with more punches, but Austin Aries runs in and takes King and MVP out with a kendo stick. Lashley just rips his head off with a clothesline, then gives him to King so he can lay Aries out with the Royal Flush. MVP and company stand tall as Mike Tenay wonders who is going to stop these guys.