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TNA Impact Wrestling Report – 5/29/14

We start off with a look back at last week when MVP, Kenny King, and Bobby Lashley beat up everyone else in TNA by themselves, then we go to the arena where Bully Ray comes out to say he is obsessed with six people: Bobby Lashley, Ethan Carter III, Kenny King, MVP, Spud, and one other person…that’s right, Dixie Carter are all going through tables! He wants them all to come out and fight him now because he’s putting them all through tables eventually, and MVP comes out to confront this new antagonist. He says Bubba should rethink his position since he doesn’t respond well to threats, and he might want to take him up on his invitation to fight, but it ain’t no fun unless his boys get some, so King and Lashley come out. Bubba has his attention on them and doesn’t see Ethan Carter III and Spud come out of the crowd and beat him down. Now that Bubba is down, MVP comes in and takes some free shots while his boys hold Bully for him. MVP puts the mouth on Bully while beating him down until Eric Young, Austin Aries, and the Wolves run out and chase MVP’s crew off…all except Spud, who tries to hide under the table he and EC3 set up. Aries gets a mic and tells MVP that the numbers game won’t apply tonight, and he suggests 3-on-3 right now. Bubba tells MVP that if he and his boys have any balls, they’ll do that six man tag next. He also wants to remind MVP what will happen to him eventually, and he goes to the second rope, Young passes Spud up to him, and Bubba hits a super bomb through the table. We’ll find out if MVP accepts the challenge after this break!

Austin Aries & The Wolves vs MVP, Kenny King & Bobby Lashley

The action is already underway when we come back from commercial as all six men are fighting on the floor. Aries and Lashley head inside where Lashley easily overpowers the smaller man, and they cut to MVP on the floor where he shoves the camera out of his face as he regains his feet. Nice touch. Aries fires off some kicks at Lashley’s legs to try and chop him down, Lashley tries to charge Aries, but Aries drops down and pulls the top rope down to use Lashley’s own momentum to catapult him out to the floor. The Wolves come inside and double team MVP, who also gets dumped out to the floor, and the Wolves take MVP and King out with stereo dives while Aries comes off the top rope with a double axhandle to Lashley as we go right back to commercial.

We’re back, and Aries and the Wolves have King trapped in their half of the ring. MVP disrupts a double team by the Wolves with a kick to Davey’s back from the apron, and then King lays Eddie out and drags him back to his corner. Eddie winds up on the receiving end of an overwhelming amount of offense from Lashley, who hammers him with forearms and shoulderblocks in the corner. MVP drills Eddie with a running Yakuza kick in the corner and then pops him over with an exploder suplex for 2. Eddie manages to roll through a German suplex attempt by King and tags in Aries, who goes to work on King before getting blindsided by Lashley. Aries tries to nail Lashley with the IED, but Lashley catches him in midair and powerslams him. MVP tags in and goes for the Shining Wizard, but Aries dodges and knocks MVP on his butt with a roaring elbow. Aries has a second roaring elbow for King and then hits the brainbuster, but Davey calls Aries over to tag him in. Aries obliges, so Davey goes to the top rope and hits the double stomp to King, but turns around right into the spear from Lashley. Lashley holds Davey up so MVP can hit the diving Yakuza kick and cover Davey for the win.

Winners: MVP, Kenny King & Bobby Lashley

Dominating win by the Director of Wrestling Operations and his henchmen.

Bram is backstage with Magnus saying he wants the old Magnus back, and he wants him to watch Bram’s match tonight. He doesn’t know who it’s against, but he wants Magnus to watch and feel the violence.

EC3 finds Aunt Dee backstage and rants and raves about what happened at the top of the show, but Dixie doesn’t care because she has very important business with MVP tonight, and she wants him out there while she conducts it.

Tigre Uno vs Bram

Tigre tries a bunch of flippy dippy stuff right off the bell, but Bram just catches him in midair and powerbombs him. Bram gives Tigre crazy eyes before grinding his face into the mat, then delivers several kneelifts to the gut. Bram picks Tigre up by the throat, but Tigre kicks his way free and then promptly has his head taken off with a big clothesline. Bram elevates Tigre and plants him with an implant DDT for the win.

Winner: Bram

Very dominating win by Bram, who goes under the ring and grabs a spare turnbuckle. Magnus gets a microphone and tries to stop Bram, asking what’s wrong with him. He says Tigre is half Bram’s size, but Bram says it doesn’t matter because the old Magnus would have ripped Tigre’s mask off and kicked the balls off of him. He asks where that Magnus is now, and Magnus responds by saying he should try and prove himself against a more suitable opponent, and suggests he face Willow.

Gunner is backstage and is excited about teaming with Ken Anderson tonight, but Anderson isn’t sure about him hanging out with Sam Shaw. Gunner says they both served and know people who wound up like Shaw, but Anderson says Shaw never served, he’s a creep living in his mom’s basement. Anderson makes sure Gunner’s mind is on tonight and then walks off while Gunner looks conflicted.

Brittany is backstage with Madison Rayne and asks her to be her partner tonight against the Beautiful People, but Madison says Brittany is just going to get embarrassed by them. She knows what it’s like because it took her years to learn how to deal with people like them, and she understands the desire for revenge, but she makes Brittany promise not to have the match tonight and to find another way.

The Bromans vs Ken Anderson & Gunner

DJ Z distracts Anderson and Gunner with his exuberant DJing and allows the Bromans to get the jump on them. Gunner gets caught in the wrong part of town and gets worked over. Gunner eventually elevates Robbie and hits a fallaway slam before tagging Anderson in to clean house. Anderson quickly disposes of Jessie, hits Robbie with the Mic Check, then Gunner tags in and hits the top rope elbow for the win.

Winners: Ken Anderson & Gunner

And there go the former TNA World Tag Team Champions, going down in defeat to two guys who have never teamed before. They’re licking their wounds in the ring when the Menagerie comes out and does their entire 20 minute entrance while the Bromans obediently stand there looking freaked out. the Menagerie surrounds them, and Jessie and Robbie toss DJ Z to the Freak while they bail. Freak hits DJ Z with a spinebuster and they celebrate.

Brittany apparently didn’t hear a word Madison Rayne said earlier, because she hits Gail Kim up to be her partner tonight against the Beautiful People. Gail says it’s game on, and Brittany is SO EXCITED OMG!

Dixie Carter, her nephew, and her crappy entrance music come out to the ring and ask MVP to come out and finish the conversation they had last week. MVP comes out with his boys to find out what she wants, and Dixie reiterates that MVP might need her. MVP says he’s not so sure because he’s in charge, he has the power, people actually respect them, and he faces Eric Young for the TNA World Title at Slammiversary. He feels like they have everything well in hand and wants to know how she can help him. Dixie says she could go back to Nashville, or head to Dallas and meet with the Board of Directors to show them the disrespect and abuse of power MVP has exhibited and let the chips fall where they may. MVP says they seem to have a different vision because he has money, but has access to a lot more money than Dixie. Dixie says it’s dirty money, and MVP says money is money, but money is power and he has access to a lot of it, so he’s happy to play chicken with her and see who blinks first. Eric Young and Bully Ray come out and EY says they enjoy the finer things in life, and nothing would be finer than watching them all go through a table. MVP says that EY has a lot of heart, but not enough heart to beat him, and that’s why he picked him to be his patsy. He’s going to beat him for the TNA World Title at Slammiversary, then he can go back to fishing. EY tries to go after MVP, but Bully holds him back and says there’s a time and place for everything. MVP asks why EY is taking orders from him. He says that he’s seen a lot of tough guys in his time, and he always knew who the bad dudes were because other people told him. Nobody tells him Bully Ray is a tough guy, he’s just another loudmouth New Yorker. He also decided to put Bully Ray and Eric Young in a match against each other tonight with EC3 as the guest referee. Bully says he’s not fighting his friend, and MVP asks if he’s calling MVP’s card, and Dixie asks if Bully is quitting. She says EY doesn’t have the stomach to get down to the depths this war will get to, and she didn’t think New Yorkers quit. Bully says he’ll never quit and unlike Dixie, the fans actually want him here. The fans would love to see her go home to Nashville and never set foot here again, and he will make good on his promise to put every single one of them through a table.

The Beautiful People are backstage and they’re not scared of Brittany and that title stealer, Gail Kim because the Beautiful People SLAY.

We see a video package looking back at Kurt Angle’s latest injury against EC3, then we see a video from Angle at home in Pittsburgh. The recovery from the injury is going well, and he expects to be back in the ring before too long.

The Beautiful People vs Brittany & Gail Kim

Brittany quickly finds herself in the wrong part of town and getting double teamed by the BPs. Brittany turns things around and catches Velvet with a handspring elbow, but quickly gets dragged back to the BP corner. Brittany catches Velvet with a Russian legsweep and finally makes it to her corner to tag in Gail, who goes to town on Velvet and gives Angelina a shot for good measure. Gail prepares to go for the kill on Velvet, but Brittany tags herself in and goes for something I missed because I was typing. Whatever it was, she missed and Angelina comes right in to drill her with the Botox Injection, and then Velvet covers for the win.

Winners: The Beautiful People

Gail doesn’t look happy over the outcome of that one!

EY catches Bully Ray in the locker room and Bully says that nobody deserves the title more than Eric, but if he beats Eric, he becomes the #1 contender. EY says it is what it is, and may the best man win.

We come back from commercial and Brittany is still in the ring and calls Madison out to explain why she refused to be her partner tonight and why she rejected her. Madison comes out and says her issues with Angelina and Velvet go back years and includes stuff that only the three of them know about. It has to be settled between the three of them and she doesn’t want to get Brittany involved, but Brittany says she’s a big girl and she just wants to be with her. Madison asks her to repeat that, and Brittany repeats that she just wants to be with her. Madison shoves Brittany back and says this just went a little bit too far, and she’s telling her right now that she needs to keep her distance, and she’s saying that in the nicest way possible. Brittany says she’s done nothing but good things for her, and wants to know why Madison doesn’t like her and won’t accept her. The BPs come back out to mock Brittany and Madison, and Velvet says Brittany just felt the sting of the real Queen B, and she knows this because they made her that way. Madison reminds Angelina that she gets a rematch for the Knockouts Title and she’s getting it next week and the title is coming back to its rightful owner.

MVP, Kenny King, and Bobby Lashley find EC3 backstage and he says he doesn’t want any part of the issue between MVP and his aunt. MVP says he gets that and they all get real close to EC# and say that they’re sure he’ll do a good job out there…and by the way, they have his back. Riiiiiiiiiight.

It’s main event time, and Kenny King comes out to cut off Christy Hemme’s introduction and inform her that her services are no longer needed because he is the guest ring announcer tonight. Also, Bobby Lashley is the guest enforcer referee and MVP is the guest timekeeper. King introduces Bully Ray as weighing 742 pounds and being from Hell’s Toilet, NY, while Eric is the soon to be former champion.

Bully Ray vs TNA World Champion Eric Young

Both men hesitate, then Bully comes in and takes Young over with an armdrag and hiptoss. Bully follows that up with a full bodyslam, but Young catches him with a couple of armdrags and a dropkick that sends Bubba out to the floor where he’s attacked by MVP’s crew. EY goes out to chase them off, and they make their way back into the ring as we go to commercial.

We’re back, and Bully is hitting shoulderblocks on Eric and driving him out to the floor. MVP and company move in, but Bully goes out and gets in their faces until they back down. Bully and Eric finally start trading blows with Bubba getting the advantage. EC3 blocks Bully from hitting the Dusty elbow, so Bully just lays him out. MVP, Lashley, and King come into the ring and beat Young and Bubba down…AGAIN…but suddenly, Samoa Joe’s music hits and Joe comes tearing out to the ring to clean house on MVP and company. He traps King in the ring and gives him the Muscle Buster. Guess we’ll call this…


Joe gives MVP a death stare, then we find out that MVP’s firing somebody next week, and Bram will face Willow as well, and we call it a week.


  • Greg

    Can gunner make it thru one taping without mentioning that hes a former marine? Christ everytime hes on the mic or on tv he has to mention the military gettin old man.