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TNA Impact Wrestling Report – June 19, 2014

We start off with a look at this past weekend’s Slammiversary, where MVP backed out of the main event due to injury and Eric Young wound up beating Bobby Lashley and Austin Aries in a three way main event instead. We go to the arena where MVP comes out with Lashley and Kenny King to say that what happened at Slammiversary was a travesty, and now the Board of Directors reprimanded him and forced him to give a fair main event. He asks who the main event was fair to, because the Board’s way obviously didn’t work, but the Board isn’t here and tonight’s episode will star and be directed by MVP. He calls Eric Young out to the ring, and Young says the only travesty was that he didn’t get a chance to punch MVP in the face. MVP accuses EY of collaborating with Austin Aries to keep the title away from him, but Young says he doesn’t want to wait all night, he wants to come kick MVP’s ass right now. MVP is sure Young would love to attack a guy on crutches, and King snatches the microphone and says that he wants to give the fans what they want and see him take the TNA World Title from Eric Young. MVP isn’t happy that King got hotheaded again, but Young brings Earl Hebner down to the ring and looks like the World Title is on the line right now!

TNA World Title Match: Eric Young vs Kenny King

Young goes right after King with an early flurry and catches him with a Thesz press. King crotches Young on the top rope and nails him with a spinning enziguiri that sends Young tumbling to the floor. Eric’s buddies come out to hold MVP and Lashley off, but King zips out of nowhere to take Young out with a crossbody, then quickly rolls Young in and covers him for 2. King with a leg lariat for 2 and then he gets Young in a rear chinlock. Young gets out of a fireman’s carry and nails King with a flying forearm, but King avoids the flying elbow and hits Shotgun Knees and a bridging cradle suplex for 2. King goes for the Royal Flush, but Young counters to a small package for 3.

Winner: Eric Young

Good opener! I liked the finish too.

We’re back from commercial, and MVP is so pissed off that he and his buddies are smacking the timekeeper around. This goes on for way too long before Young and company come back out to keep brawling with MVP and his crew. The brawl finally gets broken up and an irate MVP gets the mic and says he’s not playing, he’s the Director of Wrestling Operations and that makes him a god around here. No more of people getting involved in his matches, and if Young is going to accuse him of abusing his power, he’ll go ahead and abuse his power and force Eric Young to defend the title against the man who already beat him twice, Bobby Lashley. Also, the Wolves will be forced to defend the TNA World Tag Team Title against Samoa Joe and Austin Aries, and to make sure they fight and don’t make out, he’ll throw a third team in there. He orders Earl Hebner to get out to the ring, and tells him to walk faster when he’s kinda slow getting there. He tells Earl that he had one job, which was to count three on Young, and he didn’t do it, so he’s fired and can take his referee shirt off now. Brian Hebner comes out to try and plead for his father’s job, but MVP says he can lose his referee shirt now or step aside and let his old man leave quietly. MVP asks Hebner if he has something to say, and Hebner says he’s loved this business for 37 years, but people like MVP make him hate it. He says he loves the fans, and MVP says maybe they can take up a collection for him, and kicks Hebner out of the ring.

Dixie and Ethan Carter are backstage, she says MVP’s antics are proving everything she said to the Board, she’s proud of EC3 for his win on Sunday, and he can have the night off because she is ready to have a word with Tommy Dreamer, who’ll finally talk to her face instead of hiding behind his keyboard. Her words, not mine!

Eric Young is backstage saying he’ll defend the TNA World Title all night, but what MVP did to Earl Hebner is too much. He talks to someone on the phone and says he needs him here tonight, then walks off.

TNA World Tag Team Title Match: The Wolves vs Samoa Joe & Austin Aries vs Willow & Abyss

Aries and Willow start the match off, then Joe tags in and mauls Willow. Abyss comes in and Willow springs off his back for Poetry In Motion, but Joe takes Abyss down with the Kokina clutch while Aries gets Willow in the Last Chancery. The Wolves break that up, but wind up on the floor taking stereo dives from Aries and Joe. We see Tommy Dreamer arrive at the building as we go to commercial.

We’re back, and Abyss is smacking Davey Richards up like a mofo. Eddie Edwards comes in and Abyss tries to double chokeslam the Wolves, but they both backflip and double dropkick Abyss, who is blind tagged by Aries. Aries catches both Wolves with a double IED, but the Wolves come back with a nice series of doubleteams. Aries gets trapped in the wrong part of town (for him, the Wolves think it’s a great part of town), but Abyss nails Davey from the outside, tags himself in, and goes at it with Joe. Joe rolls right over Abyss with his usual flurry of offense, then nails Abyss with a flying knee from the second rope. Willow comes in and knocks Joe to the floor, then goes to the top rope and dives on Joe and everyone else in the match. Willow goes for the Swanton on Davey, but Davey gets the knees up and the Wolves hit the powerbomb/lungblower combo and Davey covers Willow for the win.

Winners: The Wolves

Awesome match! Glad these guys got time to cut loose and do something good.

MVP is backstage telling his crew that the plan comes to completion tonight, and tells Lashley to do whatever he needs to do to bring the gold home.

Taz and Tenay bring us up to date on the Twitter war between Tommy Dreamer and Dixie Carter, and Dixie invited Dreamer here to talk things over tonight. Speaking of Dixie, she’s backstage, and she’s…WALKING!

Samoa Joe and Austin Aries are getting kicked out of the building by security, then we go to MVP with the Wolves, telling them that they’re defending their title a second time tonight just like Eric Young. They’ll face two more guys who really deserve a title shot: Magnus and Bram. Eddie tells MVP to be careful what he wishes for, and they walk off.

Dixie Carter and Spud come out to ringside, and she wants to celebrate her nephew’s win and tell Bully Ray that she will never, ever go through a table. She then says that people will always want to hitch themselves to a star and go along for the ride, and there’s a man out there who has been saying some very bad things about her recently to get some publicity off her back. She asks Spud to remind her what his name is, and Spud says it’s Tommy Dreamer, so she asks Dreamer to join her in the ring. Tommy comes out to a thunderous reaction from the fans (who had been booing Dixie out of the building a moment ago), and Dixie says now she remembers who he is now that she sees him. Dixie says it’s good of him to come out here instead of hiding behind 140 characters or his little indy company, and wants him to apologize to her for what he said. The crowd chants for ECW as Dreamer says they’ve always gotten along, but he needs to talk business. They had a business disagreement that blew up on social media, but face it, social media has changed the face of wrestling and television. They first met on Twitter, and she invited him down to her place to watch a football game with her husband and talk about him coming in. They did a great show called Hardcore Justice, she drank beers in the ring with the wrestlers, and she did it for the wrestling fans. He wants to know what happened to the Dixie who sat in the crowd and watched with the fans, because he left TNA and now gets embarrassed to admit what he does for a living when he sees what they do here. She needs to realize that what she does affects the people in the back, the fans, and the fans at home, fans who want this place to blow up and become a huge company, but instead she comes out here and this is the Dixie Show. If she wants her own reality show, go pitch it to Hollywood, because the last time he checked, she’s not a wrestler, and it’s her responsibility to give the best product every week on television. He may run a small company called House of Hardcore, but he travels the world and listens to the fans and the people, and they tell him how wrestling has affected their lives, how he’s helped people get through cancer, and he knows there’s still good in her because he sat there at Slammiversary and saw her in the skybox with her family and pop like a fan when Kevin Von Erich put the claw on, and for a minute it wasn’t about her, it was about the wrestlers. For once in her life, do the right thing and give the fans what they want. The choice is hers, and the wrestling business lies on her shoulders. Dixie hugs Tommy, then knees him in the groin and Tommy goes down in a heap. Spud dances around laughing and pointing, then EC3 comes in and beats Dreamer up while Dixie tells them to get this has been out of her ring and her company. They dump Dreamer to the floor, and Dixie’s music plays.

Kurt Angle shows up at the building and is blocked by King and Lashley. Angle says he’s had two knee surgeries in the last six months and doesn’t want a third, and says he just wants to talk to MVP and that’s it. King tells Lashley to watch Angle while he goes to get MVP, and he leaves as Angle goes “nice pipe” at Lashley.

MVP comes out to tell Angle that he has something important to handle right now, but he’ll be back to talk to him. Angle smiles and says he’ll be here waiting.

TNA World Tag Team Title Match: The Wolves vs Brutus Magnus & Bram

Magnus and Bram jump the Wolves before the bell and double team Eddie, the Wolves turn things around for a moment but Eddie gets flattened by a big clothesline from Magnus. Eddie nearly fights his way free, gets cut off by Magnus, nails Magnus with an enziguiri, then leaps to the corner and tags in Davey, who cleans house on Magnus and knocks him silly with an enziguiri. Davey sees Bram try to sneak in, throws Bram into Magnus, and dropkicks Magnus to make him DDT Bram. Davey hits Magnus with a missile dropkick for 2, but misses the top rope double stomp. He rolls through and goes to tag Eddie, but Bram took him out and no tag for Davey. Davey turns around and catches a chair to the face from Magnus, and that’s a DQ.

Winners: The Wolves by DQ

Bram and Magnus attack Davey after the match and prepare to Pillmanize Eddie’s neck, but Willow and Abyss run out to chase them off.

MVP finds Brian Hebner backstage and says he’s sure Earl’s social security check will arrive soon so he can spend another late night at the strip club, then tells him he’s refereeing the main event and he should be excited, especially since MVP will make sure his paycheck gets signed so he can put dinner on the table.

Taryn Terrell is back, and she…well, she looks fucking amazing!

Magnus and Bram are backstage bragging about getting paid to rough up the Wolves, then Willow and Abyss run in and attack them.

Gail Kim is in the ring and asks us to welcome back Taryn Terrell! Taryn comes out to a big welcome back chant, and Gail says she has to be honest, she didn’t like Taryn or think she had what it took when she first got here. Then they had the Last Knockout Standing match and Taryn opened her eyes because they beat the hell out of each other and gave it everything they had. She was on a mission to prove she did belong and she did just that, and earned Gail’s respect by beating her, and that’s why Gail wanted to be the one to welcome her back tonight. She hugs Taryn, then hands her the microphone. Taryn thanks Gail and the fans so much, then says she took the last year off to have her beautiful baby girl, and to come back and get the respect means the world to her. But even though she won the first match, Gail beat her in the second match, so she thinks they ought to have a tiebreaker to see who the better girl really is. The Beautiful People interrupt this so Angelina can ask Gail who died and made her the boss. She asks if she kicked Gail in the head too hard, because she’s not the Knockouts Champion or the leader of the division, so her opinion doesn’t really matter. Angelina says #goawaygail, and Velvet says holler. Angelina asks if they’re off to the junior prom, then she formally introduces herself to Taryn by suckerpunching her. The BPs put the boots to Gail, but Taryn pops up and beats both girls up and then she and Gail toss the BPs to the floor.

MVP finally finds time for Angle and asks what he wants, and Angle just asks him if he really thinks what he’s doing is the right way to get ahead. MVP laughs because he thought the great Kurt Angle was here to fight him and set him straight, but he comes out here with these Dr Phil mind games. He tells Angle that he can either forget these stupid games and join them, or he can get the hell out of his building. King gets in Angle’s face and says that MVP told him to leave, Angle tells King to get out of his face, but King won’t so Angle knocks him out. Angle turns to Lashley and asks what he’s going to do, but we head to commercial before we can find out. The TNA World Title match is up next!

Jeremy Borash is saying that in the twelve years to the day he’s been in TNA, he’s never seen everyone, wrestlers, production crew, and everyone else, cleared out of the back for one match. MVP says not everyone, then he kicks Borash out and tells the cameraman to put his camera down and get out.


TNA World Title Match: Eric Young vs Bobby Lashley

Lashley controls Young with some basic wrestling to start, but Young quickly clotheslines Lashley to the floor and then takes him out with a dive off the top rope. They go back in and Young escapes the powerslam, but Lashley gives him the biggest backdrop I’ve ever seen, then dumps him to the floor as we go to commercial.

We’re back and Lashley is tearing Young’s head off with a short clothesline before popping him up for a delayed vertical suplex, holding him with one arm before dropping him and covering for 2. Young mounts a comeback with right hands and a flying forearm, then hits a flying bodypress off the top for 2. Young dodges a charge in the corner, but Lashley catches himself and nails Young, goes for the powerslam, but Young escapes and hits the piledriver. He makes a cover, but King pulls Brian Hebner out of the ring before he can count 3. King holds Young for Lashley, but Young moves and Lashley nails King. Young nails Lashley again and comes off the top with the elbow, but Lashley moves out of the way, hits the spear, and covers him to win the TNA World Title.

Winner and NEW TNA World Champion: Bobby Lashley

MVP and company try to Pillmanize Young’s arm, but Bobby Roode suddenly comes out of the crowd and chases MVP and Lashley off. King tries to sneak attack Roode, but gets laid out and then Roode tears his shirt off and dares Lashley to get in the ring and fight him. Lashley looks mad, but MVP holds him back and holds the belt up as Roode’s music plays. Really good show this week!

Source: PWInsider

  • Keith Learmonth

    So… is there even a point in watching TNA PPV’s anymore, considering all the title changes happening on iMPACT!?