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TNA Impact Wrestling Report – July 17, 2014

Kurt Angle welcomes us to the show, reintroduces the six-sided ring, and calls New York City the wrestling mecca of the world. He throws it to Taz, who puts Angle over for knowing about wrestling, and he says the fans know how important it is to be able to bring it in the ring. He was lucky enough to be part of the most important wrestling revolution in the world many years ago, and he remembers when they were turning that corner, and that locker room is full of those kind of men and women who have that look and intensity. He says the mood is about to change, and he tells everyone to beat him if he can and survive if he lets them.

Bully Ray comes out to the ring with Tommy Dreamer as Mike Tenay wonders if tonight is the night he will make good on his promise to put Dixie Carter through a table. He puts the fans over for their reaction, and says that tonight, TNA is going to grab the wrestling world by the balls and rip them off. He made the fans a promise, a guarantee, that he would put Dixie Carter through a table. The fans say they want tables, and Bubba says he’s going to give them to them. Tommy says they all got their first national exposure in 1997, and he’s thankful and blessed for the fans’ support since then. This feels like a new Madhouse of Extreme, and everyone in the back is ready to go balls to the wall for them.

Ethan Carter III comes out with Rhino and tells Bubba that he’s going to put her through a table over his dead body. Rhino tells the fans to be quiet because he is a Carter, and EC3 says this is a typical New York crowd as they chant that he can’t wrestle. They get in the ring and Dreamer tells EC3 that this isn’t a PG product and New York has never been a politically correct crowd. He says New Yorkers believe in letting their actions do the talking, and he and Bubba attack EC3 and Rhino. The tag match starts us off after this break!

Tommy Dreamer & Bully Ray vs Ethan Carter III & Rhino

EC3 is getting battered back and forth between Dreamer and Bubba as we come back from the break, and finally tags out to Rhino after several minutes of a beating. All four men quickly wind up in the ring, and Spud comes down to ringside to cheer his guys on. Rhino plants Dreamer with a spinebuster for 2, but EC3 comes in and gets rammed into the corner, allowing Dreamerto make the hot tag. Bubba comes in and cleans house on Team Carter, dumps Rhino to the floor, and brawls with him on the outside while Dreamer gives EC3 a death valley driver. He gets distracted by Spud and EC3 sneaks in and rolls Dreamer up for 3.

Winners: Ethan Carter III & Rhino

He look back to earlier today as Bobby Lashley and Jeff Hardy arrived at the arena for their big title match later tonight.

Kurt Angle bumps into Austin Aries backstage and Aries thanks him again for giving him the chance to get his title back and put him in the driver’s seat for option C. Angle says he’s got one more match before Destination X, and it’s up next when he defends the title in an eight man X Division Gauntlet match. Aries leaves to get ready, and Angle looks after him and goes “That’s one tough kid.”

Sanada bumps into James Storm backstage, and Storm slaps him in the face and calls him a choker. He knows Sanada wants to say something, but won’t because his people are disciplined and he’s still listening to his mentor Muta.

X Division Gauntlet Match

Austin Aries unfortunately comes in at #1, and his first opponent is Eddie Edwards. Talk about two guys who got over huge in New York during their ROH days. In fact, the fans chant ROH at them as the bell rings. Bit of trivia for you: Eddie’s first ROH match was against Aries. Not much happens until Manik comes in at #3, and he uses his speed to outmaneuver both guys until Aries hits an STO and hits the power drive elbow. Davey Richards is in at #4 and the Wolves work together to take out both Aries and Manik. They flatten Manik with a version of Total Elimination as DJ Z comes in at #5. All heck breaks loose for a bit until Manik hits DJ Z with a flying headscissors that takes both men over the top and to the floor. Three men left to come in as we go to commercial.

We’re back and Crazy Steve and Tigre Uno came in during the commercial break, then Sanda enters at #8 as we come back. Crazy Steve goes crazy and sprays silly string at Tigre and dumps him to the floor, then he goes right after him. Sanada dumps Edwards and then Richards, and now we come down to Sanada and Aries again and it’s pinfall or submission at this point. Aries shoves Sanada to the floor when he tries a springboard move and then takes him out with a heat seeking missile through the ropes. Aries gets the Last Chancery, but Sanada makes it to the ropes. Sanada rolls to the apron and Aries tries to suplex him back in, Sanada blocks it and springboards back in with the Tatanka chop. Sanada gets the natural bridge for 2, wastes a lot of time asking the fans which corner he should climb, and Aries is able to get up and nail him as he goes for the moonsault. Sanada with a tiger suplex for 2, then slams Aries and goes for the moonsault again. Aries dodges it, drills Sanada with a pair of roaring elbows, the IED, and hits the brainbuster to retain.

Winner: Austin Aries

Great match, and Aries looks awesome for going coast to coast and winning. Aries shakes Sanada’s hand, and now he gets to choose whether he’s cashing it in for a title shot at Destination X.

Bobby Roode and Eric Young are backstage saying they’re together again, and it was supposed to be them facing each other for the World Title at Slammiversary, but MVP made both their lives a living hell. The only thing they’re going to fight over tonight is who gets to punch MVP in the face.

James Storm applauds Sanada as he comes to the back and asks him where his title is. He proceeds to beat the crap out of Sanada and tells him to fight back, then crouches over Sanada’s beaten form and says that Muta is a fraud and so is he.

Dixie Carter has arrived at the Manhattan Center! She’s backstage with security, and she’s…WALKING!

Jeff Hardy is backstage saying that he’s back because of Kurt Angle, and a new day has started at TNA.

Kenny King and MVP are in the ring, MVP is on crutches and says he still has a torn meniscus, but he’ll wrestle this match because he’s a bigger man than anyone else in this building. Kenny runs his mouth and says he could beat Roode and Young by himself and Angle knows it, but this is Angle just abusing his power.

MVP & Kenny King vs Team Canada

Kenny King starts off and gets beaten up by both Young and Roode for a couple of minutes, then gets Roode down and MVP asks for the tag in. He hobbles around like his knee is still bad and rolls out to the floor when Roode gets back up, then comes back in and King blind tags himself in and winds up right back in trouble. MVP nails Young from the outside and his team finally gets control as they trap Young in their half of the ring. Young finally catches King with a top rope crossbody and tags in Roode who finally gets MVP in the ring and catches him in the Crippler Crossface. King breaks that up and MVP grabs one of his crutches and nails Roode with it to cause a DQ.

Winners: Team Canada by DQ

King nails Young when he comes in to try and save Roode and King and MVP work them both over with the crutch.

The Great Muta will be here next week!

No DQ/No Countout Match: Madison Rayne vs Brittany

Madison wastes no time going after Brittany, but Brittany manages to survive the onslaught and catch Madison with the hanging cross armbreaker in the ropes. Brittany rolls to the floor, and Madison quickly comes off the apron with a dive that wipes Brittany out. Madison goes for a piledriver in the aisle, but Brittany backdrops that poor sport and she hits hard on the floor. Serves her right. Brittany snap suplexes Madison and covers for 2, then stops to argue with the ref before dumping Madison out to the floor. The crowd chants for Christy Hemme as Madison suplexes Brittany on the floor, then rolls her back inside and unleashes a stiff series of kicks. Madison dodges a andspring elbow and gives Brittany a package DDT for the win.

Winner: Madison Rayne

Hell of a streetfight, they held nothing back in this one.

Bobby Lashley is backstage, and he’s…WALKING!

The Mystery Cameraman catches up with Dixie and asks what she’s doing here tonight. She says that’s a stupid question because she owns the company, so he asks if she’s here for Bully Ray. She says she’s sick of Bubba, calls him a fat St. Bernard, and says that unlike Bubba, she bites when she barks and she’s already put Bubba through two tables.

Kurt Angle finds Austin Aries backstage and says he never doubted that Aries could do it, and Aries says that Angle is the first person in his position to ever say that. Now the choice is in his hands and he has a week to think about how he’s going to change the world again.

It’s main event time!

TNA World Title Match: Bobby Lashley vs Jeff Hardy

Lashley absolutely dominates Hardy early, manhandling him and even leapfrogging Hardy at one point. Hardy manages to use his speed to knock Lashley out to the floor and takes him out with a slingshot crossbody. Hardy tries to use the ring steps, but Lashley sends Hardy crashing through them instead as we go to commercial.

We’re back and Lashley is absolutely pummeling Hardy. Hardy fights his way out of a torture rack and starts coming back with the usual. Hardy hits the Whisper In The Wind, but Lashley pops him up in the air and drops him face first on the top turnbuckle. Hardy escapes the powerslam and hits the Twist of Fate twice, hits the Swanton full on, and Lashley kicks out at 2. Lashley tries going out to the floor, but Hardy goes right after him and repeatedly smashes his face into the steps. Hardy leaves Lashley laying on the steps and goes for a Swanton, but Lashley moved and Hardy hit HARD on the steps. Lashley sends Hardy back into the ring, tears him in half with the spear, and that’s all she wrote.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

Awesome, awesome main event! Lashley is a hell of a monster and proved again why he’s the right guy to hold that title right now. This capped off a terrific night of wrestling and the best episode of Impact I’ve seen all year.

Kurt Angle is backstage to cut a promo about Bobby Lashley, but stops when he sees Dixie Carter and asks her if she’s out of her mind for showing up after Bubba warned her not to. Dixie says she’s sick of listening to Bubba’s mouth and is going out there to talk to her people.

We come back from commercial as Angle comes into Lashley’s locker room and says he’s sick of MVP’s crap and there will be no more nights off. He books MVP to face Bully Ray in a falls count anywhere match next week, says MVP better show up, and tells Lashley and King to stay out of it.

We go to the ring where Spud introduces Dixie Carter, who comes out with EC3 and Rhino. She gets the mic and starts making fun of the New York fans and our accent, says she realizes why everyone says New Yorkers are always so angry and foul mouthed: because they live in this dump of a city. She talks about how everyone tells her she can save wrestling if she only changed, but she says that you can’t change perfection and she showed that to Tommy Dreamer. As for Bully Ray, she is embarrassed that the fans here even cheer him. He’s a low class, lowbrow, hardcore kind of C-rated star. She should be the hardcore star because she’s the one who has but Bubba through a table so many times, and she’s going to keep putting him through table after table. Bubba’s music hits and Dixie immediately hides behind her people. Bubba and Dreamer come out with a table that has Dixie’s name spraypainted on it, and they rush the ring, clear out EC3 and Rhino, then Dreamer sets the table up as Dixie hides behind Spud. Bubba tosses Spud, and Dixie is trapped! Ethan comes in and nails Dreamer to save his Aunt Dee, and they start to head for the hills when the Team 3D music hits…and here comes Devon! He brings EC3 back to the ring and they hit WHAZZUP on EC3. Devon gets the table, and they give EC3 the 3D through the table. Team 3D hits the corners and fires up the crowd as we call it a week.

Source: PWInsider

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