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TNA Impact Wrestling Report – 7/24/14

After looking back at last week’s show, we go right to the ring where Bobby Roode comes out for his Falls Count Anywhere match with MVP. MVP doesn’t come out, and we go to the back where MVP is telling Angle he refuses to wrestle because he’s still suffering from the torn meniscus. Angle tells MVP to get out to the ring, but Roode decides that since it’s Falls Count Anywhere, he might as well head to the back and beat the crap out of MVP there…

Falls Count Anywhere: MVP vs Bobby Roode

Roode batters MVP all through the backstage area and out into the crowd. MVP low blows Roode and they brawl across the floor where MVP takes a (horribly overpriced, trust me) beer from a fan and throws it in Roode’s face. MVP tries for a bicycle kick while Roode is blinded, but Roode sees it coming and MVP “impales” himself on the guardrail. Roode yanks up and down on the guardrail and sends MVP flying to ringside, groin in hand, but Roode comes after him and MVP hits another shot to the ding ding. He makes a series of covers on the floor and can’t put Roode away, so he goes for a suplex and gets reversed by Roode, who dumps MVP right on the entry ramp. Kenny King comes out to try and distract Roode, but Eric Young comes out and nails King so Roode can concentrate on MVP. MVP shoves Roode into the ring steps, then rolls Roode into the ring and DESTROYS him with a chair. He’s doing an “Austin at Wrestlemania 17” job on Roode with the chair, but Roode comes back with a shot to MVP’s knee and now he has the chair, which he uses to assault MVP’s bad knee and apply the second-worst applied Sharpshooter I’ve ever seen. MVP taps out instantly.

Winner: Bobby Roode

Great opener, this is great action.

We look back at last week when Jeff Hardy failed to defeat Bobby Lashley for the TNA World Title, then we see Hardy backstage, where he’s…LIMPING! We’ll hear what’s on his mind after this commercial!

We look back at last week when Team 3D reunited and nearly put Dixie Carter through a table, then Dixie is backstage saying that Bully has been promising that he’d put her through a table, but she guarantees that she’ll be the one standing over Bully’s dead body tonight.

Jeff Hardy comes out to the ring and says Jeff Hardy is back by popular demand, but we haven’t seen the last of Willow and he may come back out here with a painted face and mask. Last week’s match against Lashley was what it’s all about here in TNA, but he wants to talk about the future. He brought someone with him to be a part of TNA’s future (the crowd chants “we want Matt”), he’s older than Jeff, he’s coldblooded, he has a great mind for professional wrestling, and he introduces his brother Matt Hardy! Matt comes out to a huge reaction and a welcome back chant, and he says he loves the crazy and passionate New York City fans. He thanks Jeff for bringing him here because this isn’t about the Hardy Boyz getting back together, it’s about two brothers getting back together. They grew up with a dream to become tag team champions and they did it multiple times. He had to step away and get healthy over the last couple of years, and he feels like he let Jeff and the fans down by doing that. He could come out and apologize for everything, but he could let his actions speak for him, and it’s time for the two kids from North Carolina to be the World Tag Team Champions one more time. He can’t think of a better place to do that than at Destination X, but for them to be the best, they have to beat the best. The crowd goes WHOOOOO as Matt says the best team in the world are the Wolves, and he wants to invite them down to the ring right now. The Wolves come down to the ring with the belts, and Eddie says that they have nothing but respect for the Hardys and everything they’ve done for tag team wrestling. Davey says they didn’t come here to talk, they came here to fight, and it’s on for the title at Destination X. Okay, I officially can’t wait for that one!

Austin Aries is backstage and says he’s made his decision, but he wants to change the equation and he’ll explain what that means later tonight.

The Bromans are in the ring as we come back from commercial, and Jessie declares that Robbie is no longer afraid of clowns. Robbie was on one of the tightest reality shows around, and they’ve got the best DJ in the world, DJ Z. DJ Z says he’s the best wrestler in the X Division, and at Destination X, he’ll prove that he’s the best thing in the X Division and the King of New York.

DJ Z vs Low Ki

Oh boy, DJ Z is in for it. Low Ki nails several kicks and a charging elbow into the corner, but DJ Z slips out underneath him and yanks him down face first on the top turnbuckle. Zema covers for 2, but Low Ki baseball slides Robbie and Jessie, sunset flips Zema, and double stomps his chest. Low Ki hits repeated elbowstrikes to Zema’s head, a shotgun dropkick, and puts Zema away with the Ki Krusher.

Winner: Low Ki

Geez, talk about a squash! Great to see Low Ki back, he looks great for a guy who was ready to quit a year ago.

Gunner and Sam Shaw are backstage and Shaw says he’s probably one of the most normal guys in New York, but then Anderson comes in and tells Shaw that he and Gunner have a match tonight and that he better not try and get involved. Shaw tells Anderson that he doesn’t have a reason to trust him, but one day he will. Anderson says “no” and walks out.

Dixie’s crew is backstage as EC3 says he is street because he grew up on the streets of Boca Raton, Florida. Dixie comes in with King Mo and says that she made a mistake in not taking Rampage out in his hometown, and that EC3, Spud, and Rhino need to take Dreamer and Team 3D out in New York City.

Magnus & Bram vs Gunner & Ken Anderson

Magnus briefly dukes it out with Gunner before tagging Bram in to brutalie Gunner. Gunner gets fired up and hammers back on Bram, and if it weren’t for the tattoos, I’d have trouble telling these guys apart. Gunner nails Bram with a high knee, but Bram flattens Gunner with a clothesline. Magnus and Anderson are in and Anderson takes control with a rolling neckbreaker and a BAAAAAAAAAAAAACK bodydrop, then hits the Finlay roll. Magnus blocks the Mic Check and they go out to the floor where Bram rams Anderson into the ringpost. Magnus brings Anderson back inside and hits a nice uranage and pins Anderson.

Winners: Magnus & Bram

Magnus and Bram continue to attack Anderson while Gunner is out on the floor. Bram rolls Gunner back inside and prepares to hit him with a spare turnbuckle from under the ring when Samuel Shaw runs out and stands in Bram’s way. He willingly takes the bullet as Bram hammers him with the turnbuckle, then they go back to beating on Gunner until Abyss comes out and destroys Bram with a couple of clotheslines and goozles him over the top rope to the floor. Let’s see, Gunner, Samuel Shaw, Abyss, and Ken Anderson. There’s some crew.

Austin Aries is backstage, and he’s…WALKING! We’ll find out if he wants to cash in the X Division Title for a TNA World Title shot after this commercial!

Bully Ray is backstage and says he’s losing sleep because he wants to put Dixie Carter through a table SO bad. He wants to rid the wrestling business of this woman, and tonight, the three of them will ride together one more time. Tommy Dreamer says to relax because it’s going to happen because there’s no two men he’d rather do this with tonight, and Devon says testify.

We look back at the history of Austin Aries and Option C, then Kurt Angle comes out to the ring and says that Destination X is next week and it’s a chance for the X Division to show their skills. He invites Aries out to the ring and says that every wrestler who has cashed in on Option C has won the World Title, and Aries has a winning lottery ticket. All Aries has to do right now is hand the title over and he has a shot at Bobby Lashley next week. Aries says it seems like a foregone conclusion, but before he can announce his decision, Bobby Lashley and MVP come out to the ring. MVP puts over Lashley’s physical prowess and advantages over Aries and says he’s what a champion looks like. MVP says Aries is a pretty good wrestler and isn’t a dumb guy, and he knows the fans love his brand, but it’s not gonna happen. A lot of time went into giving the X Division equity, so he suggests Aries keep the title and stick to what he knows instead of jumping into water too deep for him. Option C worked once, but he won’t catch lightning in a bottle. Aries says he knows about making things great, what it takes to be World Champion unlike MVP, and he knows what Aries can do in the ring and that’s why he held him back. He created Option C because he believes in the X Division, and he wanted to leave a legacy for that title because it sets TNA apart. It means you’re willing to leave it all in the ring, and he does things in the ring MVP couldn’t do with four good legs. He’s come too far to turn back now and he has unfinished business with the TNA World Title. Lashley’s ibgger and stronger than he is, but he’s not tougher than Aries, and there isn’t a man he’s stepped in the ring with who he didn’t know he could beat. He hands the title over to Angle and says next week when he beats Lashley, he’s going to change the game again and will create Option D and allow the X Division Champion to challenge for the World Title anytime he wants instead of once a year. Angle says it’s official for next week: Austin Aries vs Bobby Lashley for the TNA World Title.

We look back at the first two Gail Kim-Taryn Terrell mathes from last year, and they’ll have the tiebreaker match…NEXT!

Knockouts Title Match: Gail Kim vs Taryn Terrell

They do a bit of mat wrestling before a back and forth ends with Gail nailing Taryn with a clothesline. Terrell gets a couple of near falls off of rollups, then comes off the second rope with a clothesline of her own for 2. Taryn tries going to the top rope, but Gail counters with a Kurt Angle superplex for 2. Gail hits the crossbody in the corner, but then a double crossbody wipes both ladies out. The New York crowd shows how clever they are by starting a “you screwed Bret” chant at Gail Kim. Ha. Taryn is in control with a nice series of moves and goes back to the top. Velvet Sky suddenly comes out and shoves Terrell off the top rope as Angelina Love comes in and hits Gail with the Botox Injection.


The Great Muta is backstage, and he’s…WALKING! He’ll be in the ring after this commercial!

Dixie Carter is backstage and tells someone on the phone to have her car ready for her. Sounds like she’s planning a quick getaway! We’ll see how that goes.

Jeremy Borash introduces the Great Muta, who comes out in full Muta gear. Robbie E comes out and asks if this is a joke because first Low Ki gets a grand entrance, and now the Not-So-Great Muta gets a grand entrance. Robbie asks what about the biggest star in this company and where his grand entrance is. Robbie challenges Muta to a match right now, so looks like we have an impromptu one!

The Great Muta vs Robbie E

Robbie sneak attacks Muta and pounds on him with forearms, but he throws the referee across the ring and turns around into a face full of green mist. Muta takes robbie down and hits the twisting elbow, hits the Dragon screw legwhip, and hits the Shining Wizard for 3.

Winner: The Great Muta

Now James Storm comes out to the ring with a microphone and says that he must be the legend all the boys in the back are talking about. All he sees is a great fraud, a joke, and a hasbeen. He may have Sanada fooled, but all he sees is another man coming into a company that his body built since day one and trying to relive the glory years. He’s the legend in this company, and where he comes from in the great state of Tennessee, they don’t spit mist. Storm spits his beer in Muta’s face and proceeds to beat the crap out of him, then lays out another Japanese wrestler who tries to come to his mentor’s aid. Sanada runs in with a chair and Storm bails and starts to walk up the ramp. Muta stands up and sprays the red mist in the air as a warning to Storm, but Sanada suddenly nails Muta with the chair and then sprays his own red mist in the face of the other Japanese guy. He goes to the top rope and moonsaults onto Muta, then goes out to ringside and bows to Storm. Storm goes back down to the ring, grabs his beer, and motions Sanada to the back before doing one more beer spew to mock Muta.

The participants in tonight’s main event are backstage, and they’re…WALKING!

Mike and Taz run down the card for next week’s Destination X show, then we go to JEremy Borash in the balcony with Dixie Carter and King Mo. Dixie says Mo has her back tonight, and he’s genuinely one of the biggest badasses around. They’re here to watch Bully Ray go down for good, and says this is her fault for allowing Tommy Dreamer to have his reunion with his group of hasbeens. Tommy thinks he’s somebody again, but if somebody wants to chant “those letters” then she’ll give them a reason to.

It’s main event time!

New York City Streetfight: Tommy Dreamer & Team 3D vs Ethan Carter III, Rhino & Rockstar Spud

They start brawling as soon as the bell rings, and Dreamer takes Spud out to ringside and throws him a beating while Team 3D works over EC3 in the ring. Bubba press slams Spud over the top rope onto EC3, then Team 3D double tackles Rhino before Dreamer comes in and nails him with a pair of cookie sheets. They go out to the floor to continue working over Dixie’s troops as we go to commercial. We’re back and Bully is unloading on EC3 in the ring as Dreamer throws a trash can full of weapons into the ring. Bubba uses a cheese grater on EC3’s chest, and the crowd chants that they want blood as Bubba puts a trash can lid over EC3’s ding ding, then Devon smashes another lid and Dreamer smashes a Singapore cane on it. Rhino is in and quickly takes out all three opponents, but Devon blocks the Gore with a big boot and rams Rhino into a trash can wedged in the corner. Spud is all by himself now, and he quickly finds himself on the receiving end of a Doomsday Device from Team 3D. 3D with a double flapjack on EC3, then Dreamer hangs EC3 in the Tree of Woe, puts a trash can in front of his face, and baseball slides it into EC3’s mug. Bubba slams Rhino and he and Dreamer hold Rhino’s legs for WHAZZUP from Devon. Team 3D gets the tables, but some guy in a hoodie nails Devon from the crowd. Bubba drags him over the rail and attacks him as Dreamer piledrives Spud, then hits a White Russian legsweep on EC3 before giving him another good shot from the Singapore cane. Dreamer goes for a piledriver onto the chair, but another hooded guy comes out of the crowd and clotheslines Dreamer into next week. He pulls the hood off and it’s the former Ezekiel Jackson. EC3 hits the front bulldog onto the chair and pins Dreamer.

Winners: Ethan Carter III, Rhino & Rockstar Spud

Dixie and King Mo come down to ringside and we see that the other hooded guy was Gene Snitsky as they walk past him, and she gets in just as Rhino gores Devon. Bubba comes into the ring and gets the CRAP kicked out of him by Dixie’s gang. You know, Dixie might not have been bluffing when she said she had even bigger, tougher guys on her side than MVP. Zeke gives Dreamer a Rock Bottom and Snitsky chokeslams Bubba. Dixie stands over the fallen ECW originals and raises EC3’s hand as her music plays and we call it a week.

Source: PWInsider