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TNA Impact Wrestling Report – Team 3D vs. The Hardy Boys

Bully Ray comes out to start the show and say that he finally fulfilled his promise, and he couldn’t have done it without the help of the fans, but there’s one man he wants to thank more than anyone else. The crowd chants for Devon, and Bubba talks about how Rick had Scott, Hawk had Animal, but he has the best partner in the whole world: his brother Devon. Devon comes out and saqys it feels good to be home in New York City, in front of the best fans in the world. Now that Dixie is gone, it’s time for them to get to business at hand. Before Devon can continue, the Hardys come out and applaud their longtime rivals. Matt says it’s been 12 years since the four of them have been in the same ring, and they personally wanted to come out and congratulate Team 3D on getting inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame. They changed the business when they had the first tag team table match across the street, then they went to Anaheim to do ladders, then they did TLC, then they did it again in that little building, the Astrodome. The fans chant “one more time” as Matt talks, and Matt says that if the fans want one more historic match between the Hardys and Team 3D, then Jeff didn’t paint his face for nothing. Devon tells us to testify, and it’s ON!

We go to a video package looking at last week when Samoa Joe won the three way to win the X Division Title, then we go to Joe talking about how he wants to reinvigorate that title, and that he will need to be the best in the world to do so.

Spud, Ethan Carter III, and Rhino are backstage, and they’re…really looking beat up! We’ll hear what they have to say later on!

We look back at last week when Bully Ray put Dixie Carter through the table, and then we go backstage to Austin Aries, Bobby Roode, and Eric Young backstage watching the replays over and over on their phones. Aries says now that they got rid of one piece of trash, they want to take three more: MVP, Bobby Lashley, and Kenny King out.

Six Man Elimination Match: Low Ki vs Crazzy Steve vs Tigre Uno vs Manik vs Homicide vs DJ Z

Okay, so this is elimination rules and the winner (ie Low Ki) will face Samoa Joe for the title on next week’s Hardcore Justice show. Steve and Tigre Uno go at it, DJ Z tries a cheapshot on Steve, and Tigre hits some kind of lucha move and hits a Phoenix splash to eliminate Steve. Manik is in and does lucha stuff with Tigre, and Manik gets the advantage with a missile dropkick. Manik hits a double flying kneedrop on Tigre to eliminate him, and then both Low Ki and Homicide come in andstare Manik down. DJ Z comes in out of nowhere with a double dropkick to the Rottweilers, then uses the ropes to roll Manik up and eliminate him. DJ Z gets up and finds himself face to face with Homicide and Ki, and they beat the ever loving crap out of him. Homicide flattens DJ Z with the Cop Killa and eliminates him, and it’s down to the Rottweilers facing each other! Low Ki throws a quick flurry at Homicide, but Homicide dumps Ki to the floor and nails him with the crazy somersault dive. They come back in and Homicide dodges a charge in the corner and goes for the Cop Killa, but Ki blocks, nails Homicide with the shotgun dropkick, then puts him away with the Ki Krusher.

Winner: Low Ki

The beginning was flippy dippy crap, but it got real good once it came down to Lo Ki and Homicide. They could have used another ten minutes to make it real good.

EC3 and his crew walk up to some backstage crew guys watching replays of the Dixie table video, and he yells at them that “it’s real funny, right?” and then stalks off while Spud goes “That’s the queen!”

Ethan Carter III comes out to the ring with Spud and Rhino, and Spud (complete with bruised up face and blood plug up both nostrils) says that we’re here for a moment of silence for their queen, Dixie Carter, who was put through a table. He demands a moment of respect, but the fans just boo him, so he loses his mind and says he hates them all and wants one of them to get in the ring so he can knock them out. EC3 says his aunt got driven through a table and all they can do is cheer, so he’s here to demand the immediate termination of Bully Ray from Impact Wrestling. Well, wouldn’t his aunt be in charge of that? Oh wait, Kurt Angle comes out and I forgot that he’s in charge because he hasn’t been on the show for a few weeks. Got it now, we’re good. He says this isn’t Nashville, it’s New York City where the fans can say whatever they want and cheer for whoever they want, and it’s his job to provide the best show he possibly can. EC3 is wasting everyone’s time, so he’s either wrestling tonight or getting the hell out of his ring. EC3 says he spilled blood in this ring last week, so not only is he not wrestling this week, they’re going to have a problem if he doesn’t terminate Bully Ray right now. Angle says they’re going to have a problem because they gave him a choice to either wrestle or get out of his ring. EC3 says he isn’t getting out of the ring, so Angle calls New York’s Finest to come out and eject these gentlemen from his ring. A group of officers come out and Spud tries to resist arrest, so they take him down and slap the cuffs on him and Rhino as well. EC3 says he knows all the money people in this town, he is Wall Street, and he tries buying the cop off, but they cuff him too and drag the three of them out as Angle waves goodbye to them. I would piss myself if they wind up in the same cell as the guys the Mountie got thrown in with back in the day.

Sam Shaw is backstage with Gunner and he says this is all his fault, and he doesn’t think Ken is ever going to see things their way. Gunner says not to worry about it because Ken and he are going to settle things themselves tonight. Sam wishes him good luck and pats him on the shoulder on his way out.

We go outside the building as EC3, Spud, and Rhino are being hauled out by our Finest while surrounded by jeering fans.

EC3 and company are still trying (unsuccessfully) to talk their way out of being arrested as we come back from commercial, then we’re off to the ring!

Ken Anderson vs Gunner

The bell rings and they stand there arguing with each other, then it turns into a shoving match, then they trade shoulderblocks. Anderson takes Gunner to the mat with a hammerlock, but Gunner gains his feet and back suplexes Anderson for 1. They trade blows in the middle of the ring and Sam Shaw runs out to try and calm them down. Anderson nails him, so Shaw takes Anderson down and starts hammering him in the head.

Winner: Ken Anderson by DQ

Gunner pulls Shaw off of Anderson as Shaw tells Gunner how Anderson just socked him like that.

Angelina Love comes over to Velvet Sky in the locker room and wants to make sure they’re good after Gail tried to twist her words last week. Velvet says they’re good, and after tonight, one of them is going to walk out with the Knockotus title. Angelina doesn’t like the sound of “one of us” and chases after Velvet when she leaves.

We look at what people were tweeting last week about Dixie going through the table, then we take another look at the magic moment, then we see exclusive footage from after last week’s show when Bully Ray led the fans in a rendition of Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead. We see Dixie getting hauled out as Mike informs us that she got L2 and L3 fractures and also a rib injury. Mike will have an exclusive interview with Dixie next week.

Knockouts Title Match: Gail Kim vs Velvet Sky vs Angelina Love vs Taryn Terrell

the BPs pair off with Gail and Terrell, take Gail out with a double team, and then work Terrell over 2-on-1. Gail pulls Velvet out to the floor and Terrell dumps Angelina to the floor, and the fight continues out there. Gail takes out both BPs with a running crossbody off the ring apron, then Terrell tops that with a dive of her own from the top rope. Terrell and Angelina go inside and Terrell nails Angelina with a rolling neckbreaker, but Gail breaks that up and gets taken out by Angelina who covers for 2. Velvet sneaks in and tries a cover for 2, and the BPs get into it. They start actively breaking up each other’s pin attempts, leading to a shoving match between the two, which Terrell breaks up with a double clothesline. Gail hits Velvet with Eat DaFeet and gets the win.

Winner: Gail Kim

Good match, and I didn’t get to touch on this last week, but I’m glad to see Velvet start to be treated like more than Angelina’s sidekick for a change.

MVP is backstage saying he doesn’t care about Dixie Carter, Kenny King says she can go back to Dallas because the three of them are about to make headlines out of Aries, Roode, and Young.

Bobby Lashley, MVP & Kenny King vs Austin Aries, Bobby Roode & Eric Young

King jumps the gun and goes right after Roode as Lashley and MVP stand there staring at him. Roode turns it around and starts tearing into King with clotheslines, but King manages to evade the crossface. Aries comes in with a slingshot senton and he and Roode double team King. Young and MVP come in and go at it, then Lashley comes in and goes nose to nose with his biatch. Lashley pops Young up in a big backdrop, but Young dumps Lashley to the floor, Roode and Aries come in and knock MVP and King off the apron, and Aries takes them out with a dive. Lashley and Young go at it in the ring and Young tries going to the top, but King shoves him off and right into the clutches of Lashley. Young is in trouble and takes a whooping, but he makes the tag to Aries, who comes in and cleans house on Lashley, then tears into King as well. Lashley tags in and goes for the spear, Aries catches him coming in and counters to the LAst Chancery, but King breaks it up. All heck breaks loose, Aries goes to the top for a move on Lashley, MVP knocks him off with his crutch while the ref is distracted by Roode and King, and Lashley spears Aries into next week for the win.

Winners: Bobby Lashley, MVP, and Kenny King

Abyss is backstage, and he’s…DEEP IN THOUGHT! We’ll hear from him later tonight.

H*V*K is coming!

The Wolves are backstage, and Davey says they’ve been making their names for six years now, but that time is over. Eddie says they beat the Hardys, and they watched the Hardy-Team 3D matches for years as fans, so while they respect Team 3D, they want to face them. Anytime Team 3D wants a shot at the belts, they will be more than happy to face them. Davey says the hunt…BEGINS.

Abyss comes out to the ring and says that Bram has something that belongs to him, and tells him to get out there. Bram comes out with Janice in hand and Magnus at his side, and Abyss says that possession might be 9/10 of the law, but he wants her back. Bram says Janice is his since he beat Abyss twice with her, and she does it for him because it drives him wild every time he drives her into his chest. Abyss asks Bram if he wants to get extreme, then he proposes one more match: tables, chairs, tacks, glass, barbed wire, and while they’re at it, let’s hang Janice 15 feet above the ring where the first one to get her has truly earned her love. Abyss takes Bram to make no mistke because he’s going to climb the ladder, get his girl back, and shred his ass to bits. Bram accepts the challenge, then Magnus interjects and says it comes as no surprise that a guy like Abyss would take a piece of wood with nails in it and think it’s his girlfriend. Abyss attacks Bram and Magnus, and he briefly gets ahold of Janice, but Bram clips his knee and runs off with Janice again. Abyss says that at Stairway to Janice, he’s going to show Bram what a bitch his girl can be.

We go to James Storm, who has Sanada tied up in his shed, and he tells Sanada that he’s week and he failed him. Storm says he’s Sanada’s light, his strength, and he can make Sanada great. Storm kicks the cameraman out, and we hear Sanada scream as he exits the shed.


Team 3D vs The Hardy Boys

Devon and Matt start us off, then the Hardys double team Devon for a 2 count. Devon catches Jeff with a flying elbowsmash and then tags Bubba in for a double team on Jeff for 2. I just noticed that Team 3D is wearing their old school Dudley Boyz camo gear as we go to commercial.

We’re back and the Hardys have Devon in trouble. They go for Poetry In Motion, but Bubba nails Matt and Devon lays Jeff out. Team 3D hits a couple of double teams on Jeff and they have him in trouble. Jeff tries to fight freem, but falls victim to the double team neckbreaker for 2, then Bubba gets Jeff in a bearhug. Hardy gets free and snaps Bubba over with a top rope Frankensteiner for 2, then tags in Matt, who cleans house on both of Team 3D. He knocks Bubba to the floor and hits the Side Effect on Devon for 2. Matt with a moonsault to Devon for 2, then he picks Devon up on his shoulders so Jeff can hit him with the Whisper In The Wind for 2. It looks like they botched that pretty bad, Devon lucked out with the way Jeff landed on him. Bubba comes in and just flings Jeff across the ring, then Team 3D hits Matt with the Doomsday Device for a REALLY close 2 count. They hit Matt with WHAZZUP (does anyone under 30 even remember where that came from?), then they do GET THE TABLES. Team 3D goes out to the floor, but Jeff hits Poetry In Motion over the top rope onto both of them, then Matt brings Devon inside, hits the Twist of Fate, and Jeff hits the Swanton. Matt covers for 2 as Bubba drags Jeff out to the floor. Matt goes for another Twist of Fate, but Devon shoves Matt to the ropes and Team 3D hits the 3D as he comes back and covers for the win.

Winners: Team 3D

Now THAT is tag team wrestling. Great match, and the HArdys are 0-2 since reuniting in TNA. Team 3D help the Hardys to their feet and hug it out before all four men raise their hands to a cheering crowd.

Source: PWInsider