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TNA Impact Wrestling Report – July 5th, 2012

Bully Ray kicks off the show by coming out to the ring to announce that he is officially going live on Twitter. The crowd chants that he sucks, but he says they’ll change his mind with he’s trending worldwide, and plugs his Twitter at @RealBully5150. Joseph Park grew a backbone and slapped him in the face, but he wants Joseph Park to get his ass out there right now. Park comes out with a determined look on his face, and Bubba says that Park slapped him in the face and challenged him to a match, so if he wants a piece of Bubba, he’s got it because Bubba accepts his match. Park wants to give Bubba some free legal advice: in law, they have a thing called a precedent, and the precedent was set when he beat Bubba at Slammiversary. Bubba pushes Bubba and says that he can take his precedent and shove it up his-wait a minute, Park’s done listening, he’s sick of Bubba pushing his will on everyone, and he’s going to continue the precedent next week and beat Bubba again. Bubba makes sure that it’s the same as Slammiversary and it’s Anything Goes, and Bubba says that if he was Park, he’d be worried about…a restraining order Bubba got against his brother Abyss. If Abyss sets foot anywhere near Bubba, he’s going to have Abyss sent to jail to rot for the rest of his life. Park looks moderately caught off guard by that, and looks even more caught off guard when Bubba cheapshots him from behind and lays him out.

Hulk Hogan and Austin Aries are backstage and Hogan says Aries is three days away from the biggest night of his life, and he’ll need that X Division Title back. Aries says he’ll do it as long as there’s no shenanigans, and Hogan says that he wants Aries to go get the other one because he needs to make a statement.

We look back at last week’s Impact Wresting when Christopher Daniels dropped the bomb that AJ Styles is the father of Claire’s bastard child, and then we learn that AJ is going to respond to these allegations later tonight. We then go to footage shot earlier tonight where Dixie was sitting around with her agents and talking about new X Division talent they’re very high on. The Mystery Cameraman asks Dixie Carter if she’s spoken to Claire, and she says she hasn’t. The Mystery Cameraman continues to show that nobody in the company has any respect for Dixie by continuing to press her while she does everything but tell him to get lost before he needs to start looking for work.

TV Title Match: Devon vs Crimson

Crimson attacks Devon before the bell and tries a quick rollup with a handful of tights, then another, but only gets 2. Crimson with a back elbow and cradles Devon with his feet on the ropes, but still only gets 2. Crimson with a snapmare and a diving lariat for 2 as we find out that Bully Ray is in fact trending on Twitter, but Devon nearly breaks Crimson in half with a spear. Now Devon is on the offensive, hitting a series of clotheslines and running back elbows, a running splash in the corner, but he comes off the ropes right into a hard clothesline from Crimson. Crimson again tries to pin Devon with a handful of tights, but he hits the ropes and walks into the spinebuster to give Devon the win.

Winner: Devon

Madison Rayne comes out looking super horny and stares at Devon, then goes over and crawls onto referee Earl Hebner, making out with him in the corner and then walking off as Taz makes jokes about Hebner being scared stiff by Madison.

Chris Sabin is backstage, and he’s…HOBBLING!

We’re back, and Chris Sabin is in the ring on crutches and looking really pissed off. He says that he’s had a lot on his mind the last few weeks because he always dreamed about becoming a professional wrestler, and his dream has turned into a nightmare. It wasn’t until he got home and talked with his friends and loved ones that they told him he shouldn’t do this anymore and he ought to consider retiring and doing something else with his life. Sabin says it didn’t stop there, because a few days ago, the doctor looked him right in the eyes and told him that he came back from one ACL reconstruction, but two is too much and he should consider retiring and finding something else to do with his life. Bobby Roode’s music hits, and the World Champion comes out wiping faux tears from his eyes. Roode says this is such a sad story and after all the years they’ve known each other, to see him come out here on crutches, with a knee brace, and wearing sunglasses, he thinks it’s pathetic. Just like every other X Division wrestler in the company, he’s pathetic. He pisses and moans about his injuries, Jesse Sorensen’s walking around with a broken neck, and all the X Division wrestlers are the same because they risk it all every day and get nothing in return. Speaking of risks, the poster child of their division is going to risk it all when he gives up the X Division Title and gets in the ring to challenge the It Factor for the World Title. When it’s all said and done, A Double will be just like Chris Sabin: Taking all the risk, getting no reward, and having his career ended just like that…or just like this. Roode kicks Sabin’s leg out from under him. Roode taunts Sabin and tells him to go ahead and fight back, but Roode stomps on Sabin’s knee again and runs off when Aries runs out to make the save.

X Division Tournament Qualifier: Dakota Darsow vs Flip Cassanova

Darsow and Cassanova go toe to toe until Darsow hits a big clothesline to make Cassanova SMASH INTO SMITHEREENS. Cassanova drop toeholds Darsow onto the bottom rope and then slingshots over the ropes into a baseball slide, then hits a leaping forearm SMASH in the corner. Cassanova with a standing moonsault into a vertical splash for 2. That didn’t look like it felt good, nor did the textbook dropkick Darsow drilled Cassanova with before sitting on top of him and repeatedly drilling him in the face with right hands. Cassanova does more springboard flippy stuff and uses a headscissors to send Darsow out to the floor. Cassanova kicks Darsow square in the mouth and comes off the rope with a twisting dive. They go back in where Cassanova comes off the top rope with a crossbody, but Darsow rolls through and hits a series of stomps and an elbowdrop for 2. Darsow goes for a moonsault and misses, and we see that his face is covered with blood from that kick as Cassanova goes up top for a shooting star press into another vertical splash square onto Darsow’s chest for the win.

Winner: Flip Cassanova

If I were Dakota Darsow, I would seriously kick the shit out of Flip Kendrick when I got back to the locker room for the sloppy ass way he wrestled that match. Seriously, Cassanova potatoed Darsow like three or four times, and I realized on the replay of the finish that he kicked Darsow in the face again on the way down before his ass landed on Darsow’s sternum.

Brooke Tessmacher is backstage saying that she’ll beat Gail Kim next week like he would have if Gail were here tonight, but instead, she’ll now get to team with her BFF Tara. Tara tells her Boo that Brooke makes her and everyone else who ever held that title proud.

We look back at last week when Taeler Hendrix earned her TNA contract, and then we go back to the ring!

Gail Kim & Madison Rayne vs Tara & Boo

Madison blindsides Brooke before the bell and knocks her out to the floor, then goes after her and rams her right into the guardrail. Back into the ring, Madison covers Brooke and gets 2, then tags in Gail Kim, who unloads on Brooke with some martial arts kicks and hard forearms. Gail comes off the ropes with a high impact clothesline, then hits a kneestrike to the sternum. Brooke fires back with right hands and seems to catch Gail with a good one to the breadbasket, but Gail quickly regains control with a back elbow. She comes off the second rope with a crossbody, but Brooke moves out of the way and brawls over to the corner to tag in Tara, who goes to work on Madison Rayne. Tara with a series of clotheslines and a snap suplex, then a cyclone side suplex gets 2. Tara goes for the Widow’s Peak, Gail tries to come in but Tara boots her in the face and rams Madison into Gail to send her to the outside before hitting the Widow’s Peak on Madison. Instead of going for the cover, she tags in Boo so she can hit the Pepsi Twist, and that’s all she wrote.

Winners: Tara & Boo

AJ Styles is backstage, and he’s…WALKING!

We go to a video package with James Storm talking about how he let himself down when he lost at Lockdown, and he watched the match over and over wondering what he could have done, but now the Bound For Glory Series is coming up and it’s his chance to prove that he belongs at the top. He knows where Jeff Hardy has been, but friendship doesn’t pay his bills and he’s going to bring it because he knows Hardy will. We then go backstage to James Storm as he’s warming up for tonight’s match.

We go out to the ring where AJ Styles (who, by the way, is also on Twitter) comes out to the ring to respond to the allegations of Christopher Daniels. AJ says that he was accused of an affair with Dixie Carter, and Daniels had all kinds of evidence because a picture is worth a thousand words, but those words were wrong. Now he wants to accuse him of being the father of Claire’s child, and he doesn’t know what Daniels is after, but…oh wait, here come Daniels and Frankie Kazarian. Kazarian can’t believe that AJ just said he doesn’t get it, but what he does get is he gets junkie whores pregnant, and even after last week when he tries to knock some sense into AJ’s thick, redneck skull, AJ doesn’t grasp the severity of the situation. AJ says he’s going to get his redneck hands around Kazarian’s neck and tear his throat out, but Daniels says he has proof that AJ is the father of Claire’s baby. AJ tells him to shut up because it’s not about Dixie or Claire, it’s about Daniels and AJ because Daniels wanted the match with AJ last year at Destination X, and Daniels proved what a jealous prick he is when AJ got his hand raised. The difference between last year and this year is that AJ wanted to match, and it’s a Last Man Standing match. Daniels is no man, and AJ is going to prove it by shutting Daniels up once and for all at Destination X.

The Mystery Cameraman is backstage asking Hulk Hogan about his prediction for the main event of Destination X, but some scruffy dude with a beard comes in to toss an envelope on Hogan’s desk and say that they’re not cowards, and they’ve got something for Hogan. Hogan opens the envelope and there’s two aces and two eights with one card face down taped to a piece of paper, with a note saying they’ll see Hogan next week.

Jeff Hardy is backstage getting ready for tonight’s main event, and now we go to a video package with Jeff Hardy talking about what being in the BFG Series means to him.

X Division Tournament Qualifier: Kenny King vs Lars Only

King ties up and backs Only to the corner, breaks clean, and they go back and forth with some chain wrestling until King hits a Japanese whizzer. Only slaps King in the face, then gets an armdrag, drop toeholds King into the middle rope, and comes in with a running crossbody. Only slides out to the floor and hits a sliding enziguiri to King for 2, then dropkicks King out to the floor and he hits the ropes, but King quickly slides back in and nearly takes Only’s head off with a leg lariat for 2. Only with a small package for 2, then King takes Only out with a clothesline and dumps him out to the floor. King smirks at the camera before going out to the floor and comes off the apron with a twisting senton that squishes Only and lands King on the back of his head. Rough night for these X Division guys! They go back inside where King hits the cartwheel kick for 2, but misses the slingshot legdrop off the bottom rope. Only with a fiery clothesline/back elbow comeback, and a flying headscissors just barely sends King awkwardly out to the floor. Only swings around the ringpost to hit another flying headscissors, then goes inside and rolls King up with a schoolboy for 2. Only goes to the second rope for a tornado DDT, King blocks, and I don’t know what they were trying to do but they blew the spot and Only covered for an unimpressive 2. Only and King go to the second rope, Only shoves King off backward and King cartwheels backward and lands on his feet, then he leaps up with an enziguiri and DRILLS Only with the Royal Flush for the win.

Winner: Kenny King

Christy Hemme catches up with King after the match and asks how it feels to be going to Destination X, and he says he came here to make an impact, and this Sunday at Destination X, a King will be crowned.

James Storm and Jeff Hardy are backstage, and their match is up NEXT!

We go to a video package of Austin Aries talking about how he was 150 pounds when he got into the business and was never going to get a job because he was 6’4″, but he’s done what he needed to do to get ahead. While Bobby Roode’s been winning with beer bottles, he’s been winning with brainbusters, and he wants to use his current accomplishments to move on to greater accomplishments. Until he reaches that goal, he can’t rest on any laurels. We then go backstage to Aries and King sharing a big hug, and King says he wants to follow in Aries’ footsteps. Aries says if he keeps wrestling like that, he’ll be a champion before too long. I assume he means in TNA. The Mystery Cameraman (who has been a real pain in the ass tonight) asks Aries if he’s still planning to hand over the belt to Hogan tonight, and Aries says that Hogan will have the belt in his hand by 10pm.

We look at the Bound For Glory Series scoreboard, and James Storm (also on Twitter) is still in first place, with Samoa Joe in second and Brutus Magnus in third. Let’s go to the ring for more action in the Bound For Glory Series!

Bound For Glory Series: James Storm vs Jeff Hardy

They tie up and Storm quickly goes to the arm, Hardy reverses to an arm wringer of his own and tries for the Twist of Fate right away, but Storm twists away and goes for the Last Call. Hardy dodges that, then sends Storm to the ropes but gets taken down with a shoulderblock. Now Hardy comes off the ropes and takes Storm down with a shoulderblock, Storm snapmares Hardy for 2, Hardy sweeps Storm’s leg and covers for 2 as we’re informed that Kenny King is trending on Twitter. Storm and Hardy fight over a top wristlock, Hardy slips out and hits the ropes and again dodges Storm’s superkick and dumps Storm to the floor. Hardy lets Storm take a long 9 to clear his head and break the momentum. Storm slowly makes his way back to the ring apron, Hardy tries to charge Storm but Storm drops back to the floor as the crowd is going nuts for both men. The crowd is definitely a lot more audible tonight that usual. They tie up and are at a stalemate as we go to commercial.

We’re back, and Hardy has Storm down in a rear chinlock. Storm backs Hardy to the corner and rams shoulderblocks to the breadbasket, but Hardy leapfrogs Storm into a flying headscissors and drops a leg for 2. Storm turns it around with a series of clotheslines, but Hardy with clotheslines of his own. Hardy with a double leg takedown, legdrop splits the uprights, and a diving dropkick gets 2. Hardy looks frustrated as he comes after Storm in the corner, but Storm gets his elbow up and comes off thesecond rope with a tornado deathdrop. That gets 2 for Storm, and he charges Hardy but gets backdropped out to the floor. Hardy with a baseball slide that sends Storm crashing into the guardrail, but he slingshots himself over the top rope right into a Codebreaker from Storm. Storm and Hardy both just beat the count, and Storm is first to his feet. Storm hits a hard running clothesline and slowly sets up again, but Hardy dodges a charge into the corner and knocks Storm on his butt with an inverted enziguiri. Hardy with a slingshot dropkick in the corner and then he comes off the top with a Swanton…and Storm moves out of the way. Storm drags himself up and now he goes to the top and hits a leaping elbowdrop for 2. Storm sets up for the superkick, but Hardy can’t get to his feet. Storm pulls him up and goes for the Last Call again, but Hardy ducks and hits the Twist of Fate for the win.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

Great match, and the crowd heat really added a lot to this. They shake hands and hug after the match as we go to the leader board to see that Storm remains in first, but Hardy is now tied for third with Brutus Magnus.

We run down the card for this weekend’s Destination X PPV, then we go backstage to see Hulk Hogan as he’s…WALKING!

Mike Tenay and Taz reveal that this year’s Bound For Glory PPV will take place in Phoenix, Arizona, then we go to Kurt Angle as he discusses how much he respects Ken Anderson and how beating him means he can be a World Champion. Ken Anderson says that the BFG Series means everything for him, and like his father told him, he needs to do it right the first time or not do it at all. We run through some matches for next week on Impact, and then we go back to the ring for our closing promo segment.

Hulk hogan comes out to a great reaction from the crowd, and he calls Austin Aries out to the ring. Instead, Bobby Roode’s music hits and he comes out to the ring with a look or purpose on his face. Roode tells Hogan to shut up, and says that he is no Austin Aries, he is a REAL World Champion, and the only reason Aries has an opportuinty against the It Factor is because of Hogan. Hogan drank his Kool Aid and bought into his Option C, but this Sunday, Option C will be a failure. Hogan has given nothing but false hope and false promises to the fans, Austin Aries, and the entire X Division. This Sunday at Destination X when Roode ends the career of Austin ARies, the failure of the entire X Division and the blood of Austin Aries will all be on Hogan’s hands. Aries’ music hits and how he comes out to tell Bobby that this is a reoccuring theme where he thinks he can come out here and dictate things whenever he wants. Maybe he can since he’s the World Champion, but Roode better bask in that while he has that privilege because this Sunday, Aries is going to be the World Champion. Aries says that Option A is to let Roode keep flapping his mouth, keep his belt, and hand it off to Hogan another time. Option B is to forget everything that’s happened over the last few weeks and hang onto the belt until Sunday. Then there’s Option C, where they don’t have to wait until Sunday and they can do this right now because Aries isn’t scared of Roode. He says they go for Option C so they can do this right now, and Roode tears off his jacket and gets in Aries’ face, then says he’s not worth it and walks off. Roode tries to cheapshot Aries with the belt, but Aries ducks and knocks Roode out with the X Division belt, then parades around the ring with both belts before handing the X Division Title back to Hogan as Roode backpedals up the entrance ramp.


  • DuffmanLovesHimSomeWrestling

    That Flip Cassanova looked dangerous to be in the ring with. Especially that finisher, gave the guy a kick to the face coming down. All and all it was a pretty decent show though.

  • JWaller91

    Lars Only and Dakota Darsow were terrible. I want to see Flip Cassanova vs. Kenny king.

  • Ricardo

    @Steve: finally someone says it all! And by the way, the “he’s backstage and he’s… WALKING” joke may have been funny the first time it was made, some twenty years ago – but writing it on every report is a little too much guys.

  • Aaron

    that Lars Only really botched that side Russian Leg Sweep, even taz saw it.
    I would be so scared with some of these high fliers, yes it seams fun but you but a lot of trust in your opponit and if that split second moment when you making your move they cant always help you out and its scary.

  • Steve

    Just post the fucking results. No one needs to or wants to read your retarded commentary.