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TNA Impact Wrestling Results – February 9th

They start off with the most surreal opening video I think I’ve ever seen on a wrestling show, as they mix in the events of the last few weeks of Impact with footage of Star Wars, and of course Eric Bischoff is Darth Vader and Garett is Luke, while Hulk Hogan has somehow become Qui Gon Jinn. Okay.

Bully Ray kicks off the show and says he doesn’t want to talk to James Storm, Sting, or anyone else besides his “good close personal friend” Bobby Roode and tells his “pal” to come out here now. Bubba doesn’t have to wait long before the champion makes his way out, but Bubba gets out of the ring and tells the sound guy to cut his music so he can ask Roode some questions. He’s been watching Roode’s back and he helped Roode out against Storm, but Roode was nowhere to be found when Bubba needed him. Bubba says Roode has held onto the title for two months because Bubba’s been saving his butt, and Roode says he’s had Bubba’s back, but Bubba says that Roode put a knife in it. Roode says Bubba’s problem isn’t with him, it’s with the same guy Roode has a problem with, and that’s Sting. Of course Sting’s music hits, and he comes out with his cricket bat and his gloves to tell them that to make sure everything stays on the level at Against All Odds, he’ll be the special referee. Oh, by the way, Bubba and Roode had better get on the same page because they’re facing James Storm and…the insane icon himself, Sting, in tonight’s main event.

Hulk Hogan and Garett Bischoff are backstage, and they’re…WALKING!

We see a video package lookin back at what’s happened so far between AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, and Frankie Kazarian leading up to last week when Daniels decided that Kazarian will face Styles at Against All Odds. This leads us right into our opening match…

Christopher Daniels vs AJ styles

Daniels jumps AJ before the bell, but AJ fires back and they go back and forth until Danielscatches AJ unawares with a right hand to the jaw and knocks him on his butt. AJ quickly recovers and dropkicks Daniels out to the floor, then follows after him with a somersault dive over the top rope. AJ sends Daniels into the ring and goes for the Styles Clash, but Daniels blocks and pulls a foreign object out of his boot. The referee sees him and tries to grab whatever it is, so Daniels tosses the object to Kazarian and out of the view of the referee. Daniels backdrops AJ to the apron and hits a clothesline, sending AJ crashing down onto the apron and to the floor. Daniels rolls AJ back into the ring and hits a slingshot legdrop followed by a running clothesline for 2. Daniels locks in a neck vice on AJ, and AJ starts to squirm free so Daniels gets a kneedrop for 2 and then goes back to the neck vice. Crowd is split 50/50 as AJ fights his way out of the neck vice and comes off the ropes right into a leaping enziguiri from Daniels. Daniels covers for 2 and then goes for Angel’s Wings, but AJ escapes and hits an enziguiri, and both men are down. Daniels crawls over to the ropes and tells Kazarian to give him the knucks, but Kazarian holds his ground and AJ starts his comeback, hitting the moonsault/deathdrop and then a springboard forearm. AJ goes for the Styles Clash but Daniels counters to the uranage and then goes for the BME, AJ moves and hits the Pelle Kick to send Daniels out to the apron. AJ tries to drag Daniels back inside, but Daniels holds the ropes so AJ stomps at him until the referee backs him up and Daniels again yells at Kazarian to give him the knucks. This time Kazarian obliges and Daniels takes a swing, but AJ ducks and goes for a back suplex, accidentally ramming Daniels’ foot into the referee’s face on the way up, and the referee is stunned just long enough for Daniels to hit AJ with the knucks and get the win.

Winner: Christopher Daniels

Eric Bischoff is backstage telling Gunner that since Hulk Hogan’s here to stand by Garett’s side, Eric wants Gunner to watch his back tonight…one kneecap at a time.

Samoa Joe and Brutus Magnus come out to share their thoughts with the fans, and Magnus talks about how people say it’s so great to come here and perform in the UK, but Magnus has to make a correction: he has nothing against the Scots, the Welsh, or even the Irish…well, mostly. But tonight, they’re not in the United Kingdom, they’re in England and tonight, even though he’s not everyone’s favorite, he gets to say that he’s come home…oh, and he brought his tag team partner with him. He talks about the Wild Card Tournament and how they got put together by the luck of the draw, and nobody thought it was going to work, but they feel like they proved that theory wrong because they have chemistry and teamwork, they’re a well-oiled machine. The fact is that Morgan and Crimson are a team because they’re afraid to fight each other, but Magnus and Joe aren’t afraid to fight anyone, so at Against All Odds, they’re going to defeat them to become the World Tag Team Champions.

Morgan and Crimson hit the ring to confront Joe and Magnus, and all Morgan has to say is that the talking is done. Morgan and Crimson go after Magnus and Joe, dumping Joe to the floor before plowing over Magnus with a double shoulderblock. They go to nail him again, but Joe pulls Magnus out to the floor and then says something that gets bleeped while flipping Morgan and Crimson the bird. Terrific promo segment.

X Division Champion Austin Aries vs Alex Shelley vs Doug Williams

Aries tries to fight both of them at once, but backs off when they close in on him. Williams gets a snapmare on Aries followed by a dropkick to the back of the head by Shelley, then Williams clotheslines Aries to the floor. Shelley goes for Sliced Bread #2 on Williams, but Williams blocks and hits a short clothesline that sends Shelley out to the floor. Aries trips Williams from the floor, but Shelley catches him with a missile dropkick and Aries again goes out to the floor. Shelley goes out after him and Williams hits a dive through the ropes onto Shelley, and Aries quickly slides back inside and hits a dive of his own, then rolls Williams back in and gets a slingshot senton on Williams for 2. Williams responds by unloading with a series of European uppercuts, Aries nails Williams and sits him on the top rope for a superplex, but Shelley grabs Aries and they go at it until Aries sends Shelley crashing into Williams and hits an STO. Aries goes for the pendulum elbow, but Shelley moves out of the way and Aries hits the mat. Williams hits Chaos Theory on Shelley, but Aries runs in and punts Williams in the nads. Aries goes for a brainbuster, but Shelley counters to Sliced Bread #2 and pins the champion.

Winner: Alex Shelley

Shelley builds some momentum going into Against All Odds, but I would have liked to see Williams play a bigger part here.

Hulk Hogan is backstage giving Garett Bischoff a pep talk when Sting walks in and shares a big hug with Hogan. Hogan says it’s good to be himself again and he owes Sting for helping him get there, then asks Garett for a moment alone with Sting. Hogan tells Sting that he’s doing a great job here and he’s gotten the company on track, and he has to kick some people in the butt, but he’s getting it done. The only thing Hogan thinks he doesn’t understand is what a huge target he’s got on his back and how everyone’s going to try and cut his legs out from underneath him. After what Sting and the business have done for him, and how they’re the only things that have stuck with him all this time…well, wedon’t hear the end of that thought because Hogan suddenly notices the cameraman and gets all pissed off as he kicks him out and slams the door.

We go to interviews with the fans as they entered the building earlier tonight, and then we see a clips of Tara and Gail Kim fighting outside the building.

We go to interviews with the fans as they entered the building earlier tonight, and then we see a clips of Tara outside the building taking a video of herself seeing the sights, but then Gail Kim comes up and starts beating the crap out of her. Not literally, since that would be a kind of strange thing to show on Impact. Gail finishes by skee balling Tara through a swinging double door and knocking her out.

Hulk Hogan and Garett Bischoff come out to the ring, and Hogan panders to the crowd for a bit, then says he didn’t know what to expect last week since it had been 18 years since he’d been there, but it was just what he thought would happen: the greatest fans in the world and showed him respect and made him realize that Hulkamania was going to live forever. He knows what happens when people dedicate their lives to something and give everything to get ahead and he appreciates everything, but he wants one favor: he wants the fans to take everything they gave him and give it to Garett Bischoff instead because he’s known him since he wasa little Hulkamaniac and he’s on our side of the coin. All Garett’s wanted all his life is to get in the business and prove he can make it as a wrestler, but his father- oh wait, here comes Eric with Gunner. He wants to know who Hulk thinks he is, and what gives him the right to interfere in Eric’s family business. Hogan says it’s not about Eric anymore, it’s about Garett and his future. Eric says that Hogan doesn’t have the right,but Hogan says that Bischoff doesn’t understand the businessas wellas Hogan thought he did because there’s something called the Hulkamania Stroke, and he talked to the Stinger, brother, and Sting gave him the right to book a match at Against All Odds between Garett Bischoff and Gunner, and- again Hogan gets cut off when Gunner attacks Garett as Eric low blows Hogan. Hogan’snot down for long, and he Hulks up, knocks Bischoff out, then grabs Gunner by the ponytail and tosses him out to the floor. Hogan and Garett stalk Eric and Hogan holds Eric so Garett can knock him out with a big right hand.

We see a preview of Star Wars Episode I in 3D, then we go backstage where Bully Ray says Roode has no idea how pissed off he is at him, but they need to put things behind them and work as a team tonight because, as Bubba says, Roode’s a good tag team wrestler and Bubba is a great tag team wrestler. Bubba sticks his hand out, but Roode says that they don’t shake, they hug. Bubba and Roode share a hug, then Bubba says “three days” and walks out.

Hogan and Garett are out back cutting a promo on Eric Bischoff, then it’s back to the ring for Knockouts action…

Mickie James vs Velvet Sky

They tie up and Velvet goes to a wristlock, Mickie cartwheels out and sweeps the legs Johnny for 2. Velvet goes to a side headlock, Mickie shoots her into the ropes, and Velvet takes her down with a shoulderblock. Mickie goes for a monkey flip but Velvet blocks and rolls her up for 2. Mickie bridges out and gets a rollup of her own for another 2. Velvet goes for a handshake and Mickie takes it, then pulls Velvet into a series of shoulderblocks and whips her into the corner. Mickie charges into Velvet’s boot and then Velvet gets a flying headscissors, but Mickie dropkicks Velvet in the face for 2. Mickie with kicks and shoulderblocks in the corner, then hits a snapmare into a seated abdominal stretch. Mickie rolls it backward into a guillotine for 2, but Velvet gets a chinbreaker and then a series of running clotheslines. Velvet is hurt and can’t follow up, but still manages to hit a inverted bulldog for 2. Velvet with a couple offacebreakersbut Mickie takes her out with a clothesline, she goes for the leaping DDT, Velvet escapes and goes for a sunset flip, Mickie tries to squirm out into a seated cradle, but Velvet catches her in a small package for 3.

Winner: Velvet Sky

Well, that was a bit unexpected. Mickie looked shocked that she was beaten by Velvet, and then we go to some scary fans talking about how much they really do love TNA.

We see a video package again showing the fanfare and excitement surrounding TNA’s tour of England, and then we go to a video package where Bobby Roode, James Storm, Bully Ray, and Jeff Hardy talk about the main event of Against All Odds and what’s motivating them going into the match.

Sting and James Storm are backstage and Sting says it’s showtime, then Storm says that Sting once had a dream to become an icon, and that’s what Storm wants to do tonight.

It’s main event time!

World Champion Bobby Roode & Bully Ray vs James Storm & Sting

Roode and Sting start off and Roode stalls a bunch, then they tie up and Roode takes Sting to the corner and lays in a series of chops and punches that Sting no-sells. Sting whips Roode to the ropes and gets a backdrop, misses a Stinger Splash, but again no-sells the impact and lays Roode out with a clothesline. Sting gets the Scorpion Deathlock and Bubba comes in to try and boot Sting in the face, but Sting catches the boot and he and Storm double team Bubba and send him out to the floor with Roode to take a breather as we go to commercial.

We’re backand Storm and Bully Ray tag in. Bubba takes Storm to the corner and slowly breaks clean before cheapshotting at him anyway, Storm dodges out of the way and Storm gets a series of armdrags and then unloads with right hands in the corner. Sting tags in and gets a wristlock on Bubba, cranking on the arm until Bubba goes down and Sting stomps on his hand. Storm tags in and gets nailed from the outside by Roode, and then Roode tags in and puts the boots to Storm in the corner before choking him with his boot. Bubba comes in and drills Storm with a big chop to the chest, then pulls the bandages off of his ribs before slamming Storm and hitting a big elbowdrop for 2. Bubba just drills right hands into Storm’s ribs, then Roode comes in and works over Storm’s ribs some more before getting a rear bearhug. Storm fights his way out but Roode takes him back down and tags out to Bubba, who comes in with a bearhug of his own. Storm boxes Bubba’s ears to escape,but comes off the ropes right into Bubba’s boot. Bubba picks up the chain and goes to hit Storm with it, but Storm ducks the shot and gets a Russian legsweep. Storm makes the hot tag and Sting comes in like a house of fire, Stinger Splashes for both men, Roode tries to go up top and Sting slams him off. Bubba tries to break up a pinfall attempt but Sting moves and Bubba elbowdrops Roode, then whips Bubba into Roode in the corner, follows up with a Stinger Splash, then Bubba falls backward and Storm gets a leaping enziguiri from the floor so Roode falls headfirst into Bubba’s groin. Roode with a spinebuster for 2 on Sting and then tries for the Perfectplex, but Sting blocks and hits the Scorpion Deathdrop. He foregoes the cover and instead gets the Scorpion Deathlock, Bubba comes in with the title belt and gets ready to hit Sting, but then stops and tells Roode “see you in three days, champ” before bailing out to the floor and heading up the aisle. Roode has no way out and taps.

Winners: Sting & James Storm

Bubba shoots a dirty look at Roode as he rolls out to the floor and cradles his precious title in his hands, and Sting and Storm celebrate in the ring as we call it a night.


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