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TNA Impact Wrestling Results – November 10th

by Staff - Nov 11, 2011

PAIGE and AJ LEE Ass Pics *Must-See*

We then go to the arena as the new champion comes to the ring to address the fans for the first time as the World Champion. He is annoyed at the fans for booing him, but then reasons that they were actually chanting Roode, which is what those morons were doing last week when they cheered him in his match with James Storm. This is a generation of selfishness, and he is the leader of the New Generation. Come on, don’t call it that! We’ll turn around and see TL Hopper and Kwang come running out. He says doing the right thing gets you nowhere, and last week he ate James Storm for lunch and the stupid son of a bitch (Roode’s words) never saw it coming. We see Storm watching backstage on a monitor and being held back by security as the crowd chants Cowboy, but Roode continues and says that after 13 hard years, opportunities like Bound For Glory and last week only come along every so often, so he made the most of it. Storm knocks out a security guard and comes out from the back, but is stopped on the ramp by security, who quickly tears through all of them and rushes the ring as Roode heads for the hills. Sting comes out of the back and cuts off Roode on his way to the back, telling him that if he needs to look out for himself, Sting would rather take the high road, so he’s going to make a rematch tonight and Roode will have to defend against Storm, and as Storm would say, Sting is sorry about his damn luck. Roode is livid as Storm death stares him from the ring.

Speaking of former Fortune members fighting each other, AJ Styles wrestles Christopher Daniels, Ronnie from the Jersey Shore teams with Eric Young against Robbie E and Rob Terry, and Gail Kim & Madison Rayne defend the Knockouts Tag Team Title against Velvet Sky & Mickie James.

Speaking of Young and Ronnie, they’re backstage, and they’re…WALKING!

Speaking of backstage, Dixie Carter is walking around talking with the CEO of Bellator Fighting Championships, the newest addition to the SpikeTV family, then we go to a video package hyping the upcoming Crimson vs Matt Morgan match at Turning Point.

Time to head to the ring for our opening match!

The Pope vs Crimson

They tie up and Pope chain wrestles his way around Crimson, but Crimson takes him down with a shoulderblock. Pope responds with a kick to the gut and a DDT for 1, then comes off the second rope with a fistdrop for 2. Crimson catches Pope in a three quarter nelson and rams knees to his skull, but Pope reverses out and knocks Crimson on his back with an uppercut. Pope comes off the ropes, but Crimson counters to the Red Sky for 3.

Winner: Crimson

Gunner is backstage saying that he was raised to respect your father, and he’s always lived by a chain of command, and tonight, he’s going to teach Garrett Bischoff about that chain of command and teach him some respect.

Time for the match we’ve all been waiting for!

Gunner vs Garett Bischoff

Gunner tells Garett that he’s messed with the wrong group of guys, but Garett doesn’t look intimidated. His old man, by the way, is smiling ear to ear until Garett catches Gunner with a pretty nice armdrag. Gunner takes a charge, so Garett gets another armdrag, a hiptoss, and a backdrop. Gunner bails out to the floor to take a break as Flair jumps into the ring and shoves the referee out of the way, and Garett bails out to the floor as the bell rings.

Winner: Garett Bischoff by DQ

Eric Bischoff is pissed, and now Sting has the ability to rewrite his contract.

Robbie E and Rob Terry are trying to get into Ronnie’s locker room, but security blocks them as Young and Ronnie open the door and start a shoving match.

Someone I don’t recognize walks into James Storm’s locker room,and he’s out on the floor and covered with blood. The guy who came in calls for a trainer and wakes up Storm, who has a pool of blood forming under his head, as the trainer comes in to attend to him.

Zima Ion vs Jesse Sorensen

Sorensen comes out with a football and signs it and then hands it to a kid at ringside on his way to the ring. Hey, if Bret Hart can gladhand by handing out sunglasses, nothing wrong with a football! Sorensen hits a series of armdrags and baseball slides between Ion’s legs and hits a dropkick. Ion rolls out to the floor, but Sorensen is relentless and hits a crossbody over the top rope. They head back into the ring where Ion catches him with a twisting crossbody out of the corner and a belly to back suplex into a facebuster, but Ion misses an attempted 450 splash and Sorensen rolls the dice for the win.

Winner: Jesse Sorensen

Kid Kash comes out putting Sorensen over and says he’s so impressive, but he’s been in the business 10 days and walks around his ring thinking he owns the place. Kash has 20 years in the business and he’s done it all, and took everything he ever got because nobody gave him anything. But now, he’ll give him something: at Turning Point, Sorensen gets a shot at the X Division Title…in a three way that includes both Kash and Austin Aries. The contract is only missing one signature, so he shoves the contract into Sorensen’s hands and tells him to sign it. Sorensen signs the contract, and Kash tells him he made the biggest mistake of his life, and also says that his mother is very proud of him and to tell her he said thank you. Sorensen decks Kash and goes to town on him, but Austin Aries runs in and nails Sorensen with the belt, then throws him to Kash, who DRILLS him with Money Maker.

We go to the Knockouts locker room where Karen tells Gail and Madison how awesome they are and how Gail will take the belt from Velvet at Turning Point, then verbally abuses Traci Brooks for kicks.

Back to the ring…

Knockouts Tag Team Title Match: Gail Kim & Madison Rayne vs Velvet Sky & Mickie James

Velvet spears Madison Rayne right off the bat and beats her senseless, but Gail sneaks in and blindsides Velvet with a right hand. Mickie makes a blind tag and takes Madison out with a baseball slides and punches Gail off the apron for good measure. Mickie goes up top, but Gail shoves her off the corner and then tags in to hit a double team on Mickie. Gail with a HUGE leaping clothesline in the corner and then mouths off to Velvet before flattening Mickie with a short clothesline. Mickie tries to fight free, but Gail takes her down with a hair yank and goes for another short clothesline, but Mickie ducks and gets a neckbreaker and makes the hot tag to Velvet, who comes in and cleans house on Gail. Velvet with a running bulldog and a weird twisty neckbreaker for 2, then Mickie comes in and takes Madison out with a top rope Thesz Press. Velvet gets a double underhook and hits the Pedigree, but Karen Jarrett distracts her just long enough for Gail to come in and hit Sole Food for the win.

Winners: Gail Kim & Madison Rayne

James Storm is backstage getting checked out by the trainer, who doesn’t want to let him wrestle tonight. Storm insists he’s fine, but Sting won’t let him go so Storm tries to get up and falls right back down. Storm still insists he’s fine, but Sting asks him if he knows what city he’s in, and Storm is unable to answer.

One short video package detailing the history of what we’re forced to watch next, we’re back to the ring for…

Robbie E & Robbie T vs Eric Young & Ronnie

Ronnie comes out in a t-shirt and jeans (aka the New Jersey tuxedo), and actually starts the match with Robbie E, who tags out to Robbie T before even making contact. Young tags himself in and bounces off Rob Terry, so he ties up with the referee instead, taking him to the corner and breaking clean. Young dropkicks Terry into the corner and goes for the ten punches, then bites Terry on the forehead before coming off the ropes and getting backdropped so far into the air that he lands in a sitting position. Now Robbie E comes in and goes to work on Eric Young while mocking Ronnie out on the apron, and the Robbie Twins double team Young until Young dodges a corner charge and give Robbie E a belly to belly suplex and makes the hot tag to Ronnie, who comes in and hits a clothesline and a bodyslam. Ronnie tears his shirt off as Young takes his pants off to reveal leopard print underwear and hits a top rope elbow. Ronnie follows with a big splash and pins Robbie E to become the second non-wrestler to win a match tonight.

Winners: Eric Young & Ronnie

This was TOTALLY worth money and TV time. We go backstage to Jeff Jarrett, who says that Hardy’s not going to make it to Turning Point, Bully Ray says he’s taking Anderson out, and then Scott Steiner heads into the bathroom and says he’s going to take a Hardy and an Anderson.

Ink Inc is eating in the catering area when Mexican America walks in and starts a fight with them. Mexican America runs off, and Ink Inc says they’ll see them Sunday.

The Bellator guy joins Mike Tenay and Taz for the next match…

Christopher Daniels vs AJ Styles

Tie up and Daniels takes Styles to the corner and puts the boots to him, but AJ fires back with right hands and now stomps Daniels down in the corner. AJ continues just unloading on Daniels, but Daniels dodges a leapfrog and lays AJ out with a palmstrike to the face. Daniels comes off the ropes and AJ tries a dropkick, but Daniels holds the ropes and AJ hits the mat. Daniels points to his head to inform us of how smart he is, but comes off the ropes and AJ hits the dropkick the second try. AJ with a stiff kick and leaping kneedrop for 2, then goes to the apron and tries a springboard move, but Daniels shakes the ropes to knock AJ into the ring and he cradles him again like the last time, but this time AJ gets out at 2. Daniels with the Arabian moonsault for a pair of 2 counts, so he locks AJ in a bodyscissors. AJ elbows his way out, but Daniels rolls him up with his feet on the ropes for 2. AJ backdrops out of an Angel’s Wings attempt and hits the moonsault/Deathdrop combo. AJ rocks Daniels with clotheslines and a leaping enziguiri, then goes out to the apron and hits the springboard forearm.AJ ducks a clothesline and hits the Pelle kick for 2, Daniels escapes to the floor and AJ dives off the apron at him, but Daniels catches him and gives him a uranage into the guardrail and another one on the floor. Daniels rolls AJ into the ring and gets the screwdriver from under the ring again, but Rob Van Dam runs out and grabs it out of his hand,allowing AJ to get a fireman’s carry neckbreaker and the Styles Clash for the win.

Winner: AJ Styles

Good match, but I would have preferred a clean finish. Then again, those don’t happen in this company so whatcha gonna do?

Time for our next match, and we get a commercial break and everything before we reveal Hardy & Anderson’s mystery partner…

Jeff Jarrett, Bully Ray & Scott Steiner vs Ken Anderson, Jeff Hardy & Abyss

Jarrett starts with Abyss, but ducks away and shoves Hardy, so Abyss tags Hardy in and Jarrett immediately tags out to Steiner and bails to the floor. Steiner takes Hardy to the corner and pummels him with forearms and chops as he yells out to someone in the crowd “YOUR MOTHER SUCKS!” Steiner is the greatest. Steiner catches Hardy on a leapfrog attempt, but Hardy slips out and tags out to Anderson, who comes in still wearing his t-shirt and gets gouged in the eyes. Jarrett tags in and Anderson gets a neckbreaker for 2, but Bubba nails him from the apron and Jarrett clotheslines him and tags out to Bubba, who comes in with a series of elbowdrops for 2. Steiner tags in and hits the clothesline/elbowdrop/pushups combo, but Anderson recovers and wipes Steiner out with a clothesline and makes the hot tag to Hardy, who comes in and goes to work on Bubba and knocks the other members of Immortal off the apron. Hardy with the howling legdrop and then he goes up top, but Jarrett crotches him in the corner and Steiner hits the top rope milkshake. Bubba takes too much time showboating before going for the cover and only gets 2, then locks Hardy in a bodyscissors and cradles him to his shoulders for 2. Hardy elbows out again, but gets cut off with another elbowdrop and dragged back to the Immortal corner. Now Jarrett tags in and goes after Hardy, but catches an elbow in the face and Hardy hits the Whisper In The Wind and makes the tag to Abyss, who tears through the entire Immortal team singlehandedly. Jarrett goes for the Stroke, but Abyss just shoves him off and hits the Shock Treatment. Bubba clotheslines him to the floor, but Hardy gives Bubba the Twist of Fate and Swanton, Jarrett comes in and gives Hardy the Stroke, Anderson gives Jarrett the Mic Check, Steiner gives Anderson the overhead release suplexand then locks him in the Recliner, but drops it to go after Abyss as he gets back in the ring. Abyss gives Steiner the Black Hold Slam and gets the win.

Winners: Jeff Hardy, Ken Anderson & Abyss

Really good match, and a hot finish. I liked it! The babyfaces celebrate in the ring and get a nice pop from the crowd as Mike Tenay and Taz debate whether Bobby Roode was behind the attack on James Storm earlier tonight.

Okay, it’s main event time, but since it’s 10:57 now as Storm’s making his entrance, I don’t think we’re going to get much of anything here. It really takes a lot of the suspense out of it when the main event starts after 10:50 every single week. Storm’s music stops and Roode looks all pleased with himself, but then starts again and a still bloody Storm comes staggering down the ramp looking awful. Shouldn’t everyone be worried if he’s still bleeding like that after over an hour?

World Title Match: Robert Roode vs James Storm

Storm rushes the ring and takes Roode down with a double leg and hits a backdrop, but then just collapses to the mat and the referee checks on the guy with the head injury who’s been bleeding for over an hour and, rather than stopping the match, simply calls the trainer down to the ring so they can chit chat about what to do next. They kneel over Storm and look concerned instead of doing anything, and even Roode comes over with a concerned look on his face and tries to help Storm up, and if you don’t know where this is going, you really have never watched this company ever. Roode lifts Storm out of the pool of blood that formed under his head and asks the referee “The match is over, right?” and the referee says “No, I never rung the bell.” Roode replies “So the match isn’t over yet?” The referee says no, so Roode goes okay, and rolls Storm up and the referee counts 3.

Winner: Bobby Roode

Sting, AJ Styles and Frankie Kazarian come out to check on Storm, and AJ is so mad that he challenges Roode to put the title on the line against him in three days at Turning Point. Nothing like booking your PPV main event THREE DAYS BEFOREHAND. And there’s some real compassion from AJ. “Is he alive? Okay, good. I want a title shot!” With friends like these, James Storm doesn’t need any enemies.

Source: PWInsider.com

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