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TNA Impact Wrestling Results – September 15th

by Staff - Sep 16, 2011

PAIGE and AJ LEE Ass Pics *Must-See*

We kick off the show with a video looking back at this past weekend’s No Surrender PPV, featuring Bobby Roode’s victory in the Bound For Glory Series and Kurt Angle retaining the World Title thanks to the help of Hulk Hogan. We then head to the ring in the Impact Zone for our opening promo hyping a match that will happen for the first time in over a decade.

Ric Flair comes out to the ring and demands Sting come down to the ring to talk to him one last time before their match tonight. Sting comes out and Flair says he wants back in the limelight like before, he promised Hogan he’d beat him and Sting will only get to Hogan over his dead body. Sting says if that’s the way it is, then Flair’s going to die tonight. He tells Flair to take his robe off and go right now, but Flair is hesitant. Security runs out to separate them and Sting’s music hits as Flair tells Sting he lucked out again. Flair heads to the back as security continues to hold Sting back.

Jeff Hardy is arriving at the Impact Zone and we’ll find out what he wants…NEXT!

Jeff Hardy is backstage saying he’s glad to be back and have the chance to apologize to everyone. The first step toward getting there was last week in Huntsville, and tonight is the second step when he starts to prove himself to the wrestlers and fans.

Time to head to the ring for our opening match…

Mexican America vs Devon, The Pope, Brooke Tessmacher & Tara

Pope makes sure to say hello to Devon’s kids on the way to the ring as Tessmacher tears her shirt off and does a little mini-strip show. Devon and Hernandez start us off and start there blabbing at each other until Devon comes off the ropes and takes Hernandez out with a flying shoulderblock. Anarquia and Pope come in next and Pope hits a bunch of atomic drops and a flying shoulderblock of his own. Sarita comes in and grabs Pope from the outside, allowing Anarquia and Hernandez to suckerpunch him and take the advantage. It only lasts a moment before Pope makes the tag to Devon, who comes in and cleans house. Devon with a spinebuster and the girls wind up in a track meet before the Mexicanas decide to stop and hit on Devon’s sons. Devon’s kids get all into it, but all hell breaks loose with Devon and Pope knocking Hernandez and Anarquia to the floor while Brooke and Tara hit simultaneous rollups and pin Sarita and Rosita.

Winners: Devon, The Pope, Brooke Tessmacher & Tara

Karen is backstage admiring a giant poster of herself, and Traci Brooks comes in to get a tongue lashing from Karen, who took a whole six minutes to get there. Karen tells her to cover up her boobs, and Traci asks her if she’s jealous, and Karen says no because she doesn’t show her stuff off like a five and dime ho. Karen tells Traci to get the Knockouts in there and she has five minutes.

Okay, we’re back from commercial and all the Knockouts are in the dressing room with Karen. Karen says Mickie’s not getting her rematch and she’s done, and as for the rest of them, they’re going to have three matches in the Queen’s Challenge. She asks if they know who the queen is, and Madison says it’s HER!!!! Madison puts her tiara on Karen’s head, then says it’s going to be Mickie James vs Miss Tessmacher, Tara vs Madison Rayne, and Velvet Sky vs Angelina Love, with the winner challenging Winter at Bound For Glory.

We head out to the ring where Fortune is in the ring (hey, Kazarian does still work here!), and AJ introduces the winner of the Bound For Glory Series and the new #1 contender for the World Title, Bobby Roode! Roode comes out to the ring and AJ acknowledges what Roode accomplished by winning the series, and the crowd started chanting “next World Champ” at Roode,and AJ says to listen to the fans because he earned it and it’s going to happen. Daniels says the way Roode won the series was as inspirational as when he beat AJ in Huntsville. They all believe in him and he needs to believe in himself the way he did when he beat AJ. Kazarian says they’ve watched each other’s back and made this place, but they have individual goals as well. Kazarian doesn’t blow smoke, but nobody deserves to be champion more than Roode. Storm says Bobby Roode, future World Champion has a nice ring to it, and all the nights they rode the roads together and Roode’s been missing his family, it all comes down to the World Title match with Kurt Angle. He wishes it was him, but since it isn’t, he’s damn glad it’s Roode and he’s sorry about Roode’s damn luck.

Kurt Angle comes out with a big smile on his face and he tells Roode he’s right about what he accomplished, but he knows the rest of them are jealous of Roode because they all want that shot at the title. Since none of the rest of them want to tell Roode themselves, he’ll tell him. Because he has the power of the Hogan-Bischoff Regime, he’s booked Roode to face all the other members of Fortune in the weeks leading up to Bound For Glory. They can lie down for Roode if they want, but if they beat him then they’ll be at the top of the totem pole. Kazarian’s a lucky man because he’s up first tonight.

Eric Bischoff is backstage telling Kurt Angle what a great idea it was to book Fortune against Robert Roode and tells him it was a gold medal idea.

Back to the ring!

Queen’s Challenge Opening Round Match: Angelina Love vs Velvet Sky

Angelina jumps Velvet during her entrance while she’s shaking her ass, proving thatthere is a Knockout smart enough to figure that out. Angelina beats Velvet up around ringside and then throws her back into the ring, but Velvet hits a bulldog and Angelina rolls out to the floor as we go to commercial.

We’re back and Angelina is still beating Velvet up, putting the boots to her in the corner, but stops to play to the crowd and Velvet gets a quick rollup for 2. Angelina quickly kills her with a clothesline, then goes to a rear chinlock that Velvet escapes with a jawbreaker. Winter trips Velvet from the outside, and Angelina quickly pounces, choking her on the second rope and then distracting the referee so Winter can choke her as well. Back to the chinlock, then Angelina hits a nasty kneelift. Angelina tries to whip Angelina into Winter (who is on the apron), and Angelina stops short but Velvet dropkicks her and starts to rally. Winter goes to hit Velvet with the belt, but Velvet ducks and Winter knocks Angelina out. Velvet hits the Beauty-T (it’s like a DDT with a different name) and gets the win to advance.

Winner: Velvet Sky

Jeff Hardy comes to AJ in the locker room to apologize, but AJ doesn’t want to hear it because he worked his ass off for nine years and then Jeff comes out on one PPV and nearly destroys the whole thing. AJ says Jeff is risking taking money from his family, and he’s why people talk negative about TNA. He doesn’t think there’s a time or a place for Jeff to be around him, and then AJ turns his back as Jeff walks out with a regretful look on his face.

Hulk Hogan arrives backstage and sees Ric Flair and tells him this is the biggest day of both of their careers. REALLY?? Hogan says he has a plan, but Sting comes from behind, puts his arms around both of them, and says he has a plan too: he’s going to beat Flair and then get to Hogan at Bound For Glory. Sting leaves, so Hogan tells Flair to come with him so he can smarten him up. These promos just get more bizarre every week.

We now go to Crimson, who is with us by satellite from Brooklyn, as he talks about how Samoa Joe took him out and he’s happy for Bobby Roode, but it should have been him. Taz asks what the heat is with him and Joe, but everything you do has consequences and Joe made it personal, and he will pay. Mike Tenay asks when we can expect to see him back on Imapct, and Crimson says he’ll be back in two weeks.

Submission Match: Samoa Joe vs Matt Morgan

Joe attacks Morgan before the bell and unloads on him in the corner, but Morgan grabs him and tosses him into the corner where he destroys him with hard right hands and then the machine gun elbows. Joe goes down in the corner, so Morgan hits a running knee and then annihilates him with more vicious strikes. Joe gets a jawbreaker and sweeps his legs, then starts kicking at Morgan’s knee. Morgan gets in a couple of shots and comes off the ropes, but Joe wipes him out with a back elbow and goes to the Kokina Clutch. Morgan gets to the ropes and Joe breaks for some reason even though he didn’t have to since this is submissions only, and he pays for it when Morgan begins destroying him with more right hands and a discus clothesline. Morgan with a side suplex and a Michinoku Driver, then gets a sort of inverted triangle choke and Joe now goes to the ropes since it worked before even though it shouldn’t. Joe ducks the Carbon Footprint and tries a kick, Morgan catches the foot and goozles Joe, but Joe pulls the referee between them and thumbs Morgan in the eye. Joe with a double kneesmasher and then locks Morgan in the figure four until he taps.

Winner: Samoa Joe

Joe gives Morgan a “that’s right, bitch” look before grabbing his towel and walking off.

Kurt Angle walks into Frankie Kazarian’s locker room asking him if he’s ready because he’s looking for the next top contender after he beats Roode. He wants Kazarian to prove he’s the top guy in Fortune, and he’ll be waiting.

Devon is backstage telling Jeff Hardy that he’s been real with him for 12 years and they’ve been up and down the highway for 12 years, and he doesn’t care what anybody else thinks because he cares about Jeff and won’t turn his back on him, but he’ll be damned if Jeff throws it all away like that. He knows Jeff Hardy can be the showstopper and be the one that comes up like any other, and he needs Jeff to get it straight. He won’t turn his back on Jeff, he’ll grab him by the neck and throw him through the wall to get him on the straight and narrow, and asks Jeff if he knows what he’s saying. Jeff says he does, and Devon says that’s good because if he screws up this time, it’s over. Jeff starts to leave and Devon says that if Jeff needs him, he’s got Jeff’s back.

Time for our next match…

Bobby Roode vs Frankie Kazarian

Looks like Roode’s got some newtights. They tie up and do a feeling out process and end in a stalemate. They go again and Roode takes Kazarian down with a waistlock and goes to a front facelock. Kazarian reverses to a wristlock and Roode quickly armdrags him across the ring. Kazarian sweeps Roode’s leg and springboards off the ropes, but misses the legdrop so he tries a springboard DDT instead and Roode catches him and dumps him right into a northern lights suplex for 2. Kazarian takes Roode to the corner and unloads with a series of forearms, but Roode just stares at him beforefiringback with forearms of his own and then clotheslines Kazarian over the top rope to the floor. Roode goes out after Kazarian and tries to help him back to his feet, but Kazarian shoves himandthen decks him in the face. Kazarian rolls Roode into the ring and hits a slingshot legdrop for 2, then a side salto for another 2. Kazarian goes to a three quarter nelson, but Roode fights his way out and starts the babyface comeback. Roode with a Blockbuster for 2, Kazarian tries for the Blackout, but Roode slips out and traps Kazarian in the Crippler Crossface right in the middle of the ring and Kazarian has no choice but to tap.

Winner: Bobby Roode

Kurt Angle is backstage looking unhappy with the result of that match, then Roode tries to help Kazarian back to his feet and Kazarian walks away from him, then cools down and shakes Roode’s hand and tells him that he’s ready.

During the break, Kazarian is backstage telling Roode that it got physical out there because he wants to be in Roode’s spot, but Roode proved himself and they’ll do it again when it’s for the right reasons. Roode says he’s been ready for 13 years and it’s his time. We then go to Austin Aries, who says the X Division will become the A Double Division, and next week, he’ll make his first titme defense.

We run down some matches for next week, and then we go to comments from Jerry Lynn and Bully Ray. Lynn says RVD is gullible for not realizing what Lynn was doing getting him disqualified every week. He’s going to beat RVD’s brains in, and Bully Ray is going to put his chain through Anderson’s head when the two of them face Rob Van Dam and Ken Anderson next week.

It’s main event time!

Ric Flair vs Sting

The bell rings and we’re off. They tie up and Sting powers Flair across the ring, then comes off the ropes and takes Flair down with a shoulderblock. Another tie up and Flair goes to a wristlock and yanks Sting down by the hair. Sting tries a kip up and barely makes it, then takes Flair to the corner and breaks clean. Flair woos, Sting yells, then they trade hammerlocks. Flair with a drop toehold and floats over to a front facelock, but Sting reverses to a hammerlock and Flair goes to the ropes for a break. Flair shoves Sting and Sting knocks him on his butt with a slap to the face as we go to commercial. Because we want to interrupt the first Sting vs Flair match in a decade with a commercial!

We’re back, and Flair catches Sting coming into the corner with a back elbow and then tries to go up top, but we all know how that turns out. Sting tosses Flair, then clotheslines him over the top to ringside. Sting follows him out and Flair whips him into the rail, but Sting comes right back with a clothesline and then rolls Flair into the ring where he beats him down in the corner. Sting stops to argue with the referee and Flair does his trademark uppercut and Sting goes down in a heap. Flair picks him up and lays in some chops, but Sting fires back and goes up top in the corner for the 10 punch count. Sting whips Flair across the ring and goes for the Stinger Splash, but Flair dodges and Sting hits the corner hard, then Flair clips Sting’s knee. Flair gets the figure four, but Sting manages to reverse. Flair breaks, but goes right back after Sting’s knee and dishes out some more chops in the corner. Sting starts no-selling, so Flair pokes him in the eye and goes back up top, but Sting goes up after him and hits a superplex that a 63 year old man just should not be taking and covers for 2, then the rest of Immortal runs in and Sting takes care of them all until Hogan comes to ringside and distracts Sting. Bully Ray comes out of the crowd with a chain and stalks Sting, but Ken Anderson’s music hits and he chases Ray off with a chair as Hogan hands Flair a set of knucks. Flair knocks Sting out and goes for the cover, but Sting gets his shoulder up at 2. Flair goes back to more chops, but Sting no-sells, hits the Stinger Splash, Flair does the Flop, Sting looks out at Hogan and gets the Scorpion Deathlock, and Flair submits.

Winner: Sting

We see a closeup of Hogan at ringside yelling at Sting, we fade to black and that’s all

Source: PWInsider.com

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  • Nick Is Awsome

    That sting flair match was nothing like there last match in wcw it was very slow and off. The hogan/sting match is going to be worse becuse hogan is so slow

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