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TNA Impact Wrestling Scores Lowest Rating in Six Years

Thursday’s Thanksgiving episode of TNA Impact Wrestling garnered a 0.77 rating with 1.187 million viewers. The numbers were down from the prior week’s episode, which scored a 1.07 rating with 1.353 million viewers.

Impact Wrestling usually holds up well on the holiday in previous years. According to PWTorch, this is the lowest rating for a Thursday night episode in nearly six years, and was down 22% from last year’s Thanksgiving show.

  • Shay R.

    I agree with @muh boy, @Little Jimmy, @lee, and @zach. I’m always more apt to watch TNA, than wwe. The interest just needs to pick up, with TNA. But yea, the Pats were on, so I had to forgo watching it that night. :/

  • muh boy

    this is depressing news because tna is the only wrestling i watch these days. if they go belly up i am just going to quit watching. wwe puts me to sleep

  • lee

    it was the football game that hurt = rating

  • SYM

    Funny fake SYM because the real one likes TNA regardless of quality or rating on THANKSGIVING…..I repeat THANKSGIVING!

  • Little Jimmy

    I’ve said it many of times but all TNA need’s is a creative mind and not WCW Scrapbook & WWF Attitude scrapbook material.

  • SYM

    Always an excuse with the TNA Fag boys.
    Main Event > Impact all day every day. #suckit

  • Omar

    Aces&8s were on…that is all 😛

  • zach

    Patriots were on…. that is all