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This week’s episode of TNA Impact Wrestling did 1,578,000 viewers, up from last week’s 1,316,000 viewers. The exact household rating is not available yet but it should be around a 1.1 cable rating.

TNA Impact Wrestling’s final rating should be out by Monday.

  • eric

    yeah will tna ever be competion for wwe? they typical get over million viewers. they are alterative. but no competion yet. pro wrestling at whole. Is alot better when everone does good. competion alot of it.that when pro wrestling fans become ultimate winner. in 90’s there was hardcore wrestling ecw. wcw nwo wwf. 3 wrestling companies for wrestling fan. wwe needs competion. atm there is no competion. hope tna could pull 2millon mark. so tna can one day be competion for wwe.

  • TomC

    @d … nice try. Fact of the matter is that WWE programming, as of late, has been WORSE than cartoonish – save for the HHH v Lesner storyline.

    VERY glad to see TNA continue to rise in popularity – they deserve it.

  • SYM

    Its because of the DirecTV/Viacom settlement. Just like I said last week.

  • d

    well yeah their ratings went up direct tv/viacom came to an agreement and carries spike tv again

  • Myers

    Yeah….I had nothing better to watch until 9:30, so I watched the first 90 minutes. That Claire chick needs to go, that was some brutal…brutal stuff to watch.


    i have to say impact wrestling has been better since they went live

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