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Thursday’s Impact Wrestling garnered a 0.95 rating with 1.237 million viewers, which is down from previous weeks.

Last week’s post-Slammiversary episode drew a 1.02 rating with 1.341 million viewers. The show the previous week did a 0.98 rating with 1.252 million viewers.

  • grizz

    Get rid of the Hogans and watch the ratings climb. I and some of my friends have quit watching because of them.

  • adam

    Ya tna live has been better then taped. Although the one thing i did like about the taped impact same can be said for taped smackdown is if i read it and it reads like a horrible show i wont bother watching it now with live ones you jus kinda have to guess.

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    I want TNA to stay live past the summer, this is certainly not helping. They were up against the NBA Finals, but ratings weren’t too good before the last Impact either.

  • adam

    Ya that explains this week but 2 weeks before it was .9 as well

  • poko

    Yeah, hardly a surprise with the NBA Finals at a potential close-out game.I would have been shocked if it hadn’t been down.

  • Effmenow

    This unknown guy named Lebron James won a championship last night. Probably a reason why it got a below a 1.0…..

  • No Name Required

    You’ve obviously never been to Alabama or you’d know some stuff that’s born ugly stays ugly.

  • SYM

    Its gotta be ugly before it becomes pretty.

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