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TNA Interested in Shelton Benjamin or Wang?, Karen Angle Update, More

Partial source:

– As noted before, Hulk Hogan will be on ABC’s The View this Thursday. Hogan will also be appearing on Howard Stern’s radio that day and NBC’s The Today Show on Friday.

– TNA will be bringing back their online TNA Today program with a daily schedule soon. New shows will be every day at 4pm EST.

– Karen Angle is now taking independent bookings again through Bill Behrens at

– TNA is not interested in bringing in Jimmy Wang Yang.

– TNA is interested in signing Shelton Benjamin, especially since Charlie Haas was recently released from WWE also. Believe it or not, there was talk over the weekend of re-forming Team Angle with Kurt Angle, Shelton and Haas, something that was done in WWE almost a decade ago.

  • wtf??

    btw..karen angle in playboy wouldnt be a bad deal either.

  • wtf??

    i see nothing wrong with repeating storylines in wrestling. they do it all the time in the movies.

  • flusteredpie

    I dunno about TNA, but I’ve heard Pat Patterson is interested in Wang (sorry)

  • scooter

    popes gimmick, the ultimate x, OJs gimmick (like it or not it’s unique), the HOF ring storylinge (same as OJ)

  • darryl

    Okay You need 3 Original Tna Gimmicks. Okay no Problem, Jay Letal, SharkBoy, and Abyss hahahahahahaha I’m really not Trying to Bury tna I like both Companies

  • Jon-Jon

    1) The X-Division in itself is original.
    2) Sting trying to turn Abyss to the good side from Father James Mitchell’s control was original.
    3) Kurt Angle vs Mr. Anderson was original.
    4) Matt Morgan and his current “we” as tag champs storyline is oeiginal
    5) Aj Styles vs Basically Anyone is original.

    I decided to give 5 just to show there’s more than only 3. So take take your pick there. Those are all original.

  • Rich

    to burt,
    the main event mafia storyline was pretty good.

  • Big Saw

    Get in team Angle were awesome!

  • Burt

    I want a TNA homer to name me 3 unique storylines or characters TNA has ever created (I’d say just one, but you could probably scrounge and find one that somewhat resembles originality…. so I say 3.

  • sean

    wrestling guru#1 nathan jones quit the wwe cuz he could not handle the traveling

  • AKD

    Shelton could go to a whole new level at tna, benjamin vs styles!

  • powerbombin midgets

    who the f@#k cares about the story lines or if shelton gets signed……..WHY THE HELL IS KAREN ANGLE ACCEPTING BOOKINGS? what the hell does she do?

  • Jon

    Spike will give TNA the money to sign Benjamin to TNA, they did the same to get Hardy and RVD. I wouldnt mind seeing the WGTT back in action but I think Benjamin strong point would be in singles. Starting with the X divison I think he could be a contender for the World Title over there.

    WWE loss is TNA gain, I guess I would say.

  • dan

    TNA won’t sign benjamin thet can’t afford because of their poor financial situation

  • Craig

    To kind of add on to what Guess who said, rehashing storylines is nothing new in wrestling. Hell it’s been going on since the 80’s and probably further back. I really do hope they sign Benjamin and Hass and bring back Team Angle. TWGTT 4TW!

  • The Gold Standard

    They better sign Benjamin, and Hass wouldent be a bad edition as well.

  • Nobody

    rko….what are you reading that mentions interest in Mickie or lack thereof? Don’t read into things that aren’t there. Only morons do that. You’re not a moron, are you? Of course you’re not.

  • rko

    No interest in Mickie? I’m sure she can give the knockouts division a year or two until her music career really takes off, if it goes her way.

  • soup

    Shelton Benjamin would make a great TNA X-division champ or world possibly

  • Guess Who

    To fucktard spazz

    Who the fuckk cares if they copy storylines. WWE not only copies storylines from old ECW and WCW but they repeat old storylines they’ve already done (edge/orton)

    So to say you don’t watch TNA because of this and still watch WWE makes you the biggest hypocrite on this site!

  • Wrestling Guru#1

    I will never understand why? Oh why did Vince not want Morgan?? I mean how many years did Test and A-Train work there? Let us not forget Nathan Jones either! (or maybe we should)..

  • Scooter

    using storylines I’ll give you but established talent how was charlie hass established? shelton maybe but most of tnas talent from wwe are guys who got shat on why not use the talent if its there its quicker to get over a guy the audience is familiar with look at pope he completely recreated himself even though everyone was already saying he had the talent and his new gimmick has gotten way over and is doing much better in his wwe stint same goes with matt morgan

  • Mr. Spadez

    Again, another valid point that TNA is failing to create their own ideas and is just building their brand by using storylines and names that were already established in WWE..

    That’s why when I don’t watch WWE, I go to ROH or overseas.

  • Symbiote

    They would be stupid not to sign Benjamin!